24 jack and audrey relationship advice

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24 jack and audrey relationship advice

Jack Bauer is forced to interrogate Audrey Raines when he learns from Collette Stenger He comes over to her and they embrace and kiss. ' Live Another Day'- Jack and Audrey Reunite This is the first real relationship Jack's had since the death of his wife Teri (Leslie Hope). Jack & Jill (). 2 Seasons. Soapy, romantic drama And Jack & Jill Came Down the Hill. Season 2, Episode 13 . January 24, Jill's mother and Jack's.

Setting aside his feelings, Paul is pulled into the plot when he has to accompany Jack to the Rockland Building, where terrorist Habib Marwan Arnold Vosloo is accessing the Dobson Override to take control of nuclear plants.

However, those trying to cover up their involvement corner Jack and Paul at a sporting goods store. However, things go from bad to worse when an important witness at the Chinese Consulate is shot during a covert operation.

24 jack and audrey relationship advice

Jack rushes back to CTU Medical and demands the doctor stop his operation on Paul to revive the wit ness! Audrey is devastated, unable to process what happened.

Jack And Audrey 24

It all seems moot when she hears Jack is killed trying to escape transfer to the Chinese government. Why is he being transferred?

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

The Chinese demands Jack be turned over to them to answer for the invasion at the consulate. Audrey is not in on the ruse and truly believes her love has died! Because they helped Jack fake his death!

24 jack and audrey relationship advice

Audrey is shocked to learn her lost love is really alive and in a touching moment they reunite at CTU. The season ends with the two anxious to spend time together after another harrowing, but successful day thwarting a terrorist attack. Jack is a formidable hand-to-hand combatant from his years in the United States Army. He appears to be a daring and seemingly indestructible agent. Jack Bauer wants to have a normal life and to be happy, but is continually denied this by the events of While the government acknowledges his service, Bauer and his superiors clash over his more rogue and extreme actions he takes without explicit authorization.

Jack has lost his wife Teri, murdered by a traitor who had infiltrated CTU. His relationship with his daughter Kim is at times tumultuous Season 2, Season 5 while at other times accepting of who he is and what he must do Season 7, Season 8. In his goal to find peace, he gets involved with Audrey Raines, the daughter of Secretary of Defense Heller, whom Jack works for. The relationship with the Secretary's daughter is all but severed when Jack makes the decision to save a material witness over Audrey's ex-husband.

He lost his best friend, Tony Almeida, and former boss, Michelle, to a car bomb. He lost his friend, former President Palmer, to the same assassin who killed his friends. His girlfriend Renee Walker was killed by an assassin's bullet. His own government that he has sworn to protect has turned on him former President Logan, President Taylorand at the beginning of Season 7 he is on trial for his interrogation tactics.

Audrey Tang: A hacker-turned-minister in Taiwan

Finally, the friend he thought was dead Tony Almeidabetrays him when he turns to terrorism in order to seek revenge against the person who killed his wife, Michelle. Jack's final dialogue with Renee Walker in Season 7 [15] offers insight into his perspective on torture and its ramifications: I've been wrestling with this one my whole life.

24 jack and audrey relationship advice

I see 15 people held hostage on a bus, and everything else goes out the window. I will do whatever it takes to save them- and I mean whatever it takes. I guess maybe I thought if I save them I could save myself.

24 jack and audrey relationship advice

But then again, I don't work for the F. You took an oath. You made a promise to uphold the law. When you cross that line, it always starts off with a small step. Before you know it, you're running as fast as you can in the wrong direction just to justify what you started in the first place.

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These laws were written by much smarter men than me. And in the end, I know that these laws have to be more important than the 15 people on the bus. I know that's right.

24 jack and audrey relationship advice

In my mind I know that's right. I-I just don't think my heart could ever have lived with that. I guess the only advice I can give you is try to make choices that you can live with. Jack is the lead protagonist of the 24 series and the books, and has appeared in every episode to date. Kiefer Sutherland has portrayed Jack Bauer in these episodes, including the prequels and the webisodes.

Additionally, he voiced the same character in Day Zero and These prequels are designed to bridge the gap between seasons. They provide backstory into story arcs for upcoming seasons, namely insight into what Jack's actions have been leading up to the next season.

Prequels have been made for Seasons 4, 5, 6, and 7. Day 6 Debrief takes place 35 hours after the nuclear device exploded in Valencia, California. The series consists of 5 segments, no longer than three minutes in length each. Two agents, Agent Ramirez and Agent Moss, track Jack down to a hotel room and ask him to come to District for debriefing about the recovery of the tactical nukes.

Jack Bauer

The Debrief consists of Agent Ramirez and other agents attempting to discover more about the supposed-death of an undercover agent, Marcus Holt, who disappeared shortly after Jack's imprisonment in China at the hands of Cheng Zhi. Since Holt was involved with the Chinese government, it is believed that Jack leaked information that led to his identity being discovered and execution.

At the end of the series, the agents announce that they have no conclusive evidence about his involvement, but Ramirez promises to keep a close eye on him until he is certain.