A little peace and quiet ending relationship

Postcards from the Zone: A Little Peace and Quiet

a little peace and quiet ending relationship

be a shy or withdrawn person who appreciates a bit of peace and quiet most of the time, us to another set of related thoughts about personality and relationships. Many people would like to end up with a partner who is at least as socially. When her marriage ended, Sara Maitland found herself enjoying the lack of noise . . a while and to taste the peace and quiet and solitude long enough to The more and the longer you are silent, the more you hear the tiny. Most relationships has moments of silence. There are types of silence that can predict the end of a relationship or contribute to its failure. It takes two seconds to say “Hey, I'm going to be unavailable for a bit, but I'll be.

a little peace and quiet ending relationship

Only one noteworthy thing was done with it at the end I can see why they switched the show to hold half-hours later! Anyway, I was grateful this episode wasn't a complete waste of time I've yet to read Harlan Ellison's short story, though now I'm eager to - the TV adaptation was great!

a little peace and quiet ending relationship

A pre-fame Bruce Willis plays a bit of a Russ Duritz-type character from The Kid - but we only figure that out after he accidentally dials his own number in a bar and is answered by someone claiming to be him, Peter Jay Novins.

Whoever answers tells him he can't return home since they both can't occupy the same space, so the ringer Peter Novins cancels his bank account and insults most public companies so the guy at home can't order anything The only problem is, the one in his home, who we believe is his alter ego, has the money and phone numbers of estranged relatives and dates at home, and is determined that he will change his other self's life for the better.

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As one continues to press for change, the other sickens. This is an interesting concept as we only gradually saw who was good and who was evil, and it kept me wanting to know who would win. The ending was amusing and the score, with a South American flute, had to be one of the best I've ever heard on TV. She tells her family to start talking and time restarts. She is happy as she realizes that she will finally have a little peace and quiet. The words "shut up" stop time and "start talking" restarts time.

a little peace and quiet ending relationship

Later that night, Penny watches a news program about recent arms talks between the United States and the Soviet Union. She becomes annoyed and briefly freezes time then expresses her happiness and goes to sleep.

A Little Peace and Quiet

The next day, Penny uses her time-stopping power to enjoy a peaceful breakfast with her family, to shop at the grocery store without incident, and to avoid being pestered by two anti-nuclear weapons activists; she drags their frozen bodies into the yard, lays them down, then restarts time.

The shocked activists decide to skip her house. Later that evening, Penny enjoys a relaxing bath when air raid sirens start. She hears her husband calling loudly from the bedroom and when she goes to investigate, the TV is showing the Emergency Broadcast System and the radio announces that nuclear missiles are heading for the United States.

Just as an explosion is heard in the distance, the terrified Penny freezes time, then leaves her house and walks through the frozen town. As she reaches a street which houses the local movie theater, she notices terrified people looking skyward and is horrified to see a Soviet nuclear missile frozen a few hundred feet in the air, nose down and presumably moments from impact.

The episode ends with Penny facing an impossible dilemma: Themes[ edit ] This section possibly contains original research.

Twilight Zone Peace And Quiet - THE BEST ONE

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. June Learn how and when to remove this template message This episode is similar in theme to two episodes of the original series; " Time Enough at Last " which involves a man who seeks a refuge from life while reading when the world ends through a nuclear war, and " A Kind of a Stopwatch " which involves a man who gains the power to stop time using a stopwatch.

The ending is also similar to a short story by Arthur C.

a little peace and quiet ending relationship