A model for the supervision doctoral student relationship

Ten types of PhD supervisor relationships – which is yours?

a model for the supervision doctoral student relationship

“It's complicated” relationship: Research students' perspective on Hence effective doctoral supervision is required to train students how to investigate, .. A dynamic model for aligning supervisory style with research student development. The supervisor-doctoral student interpersonal relationship is important for the success of a PhD-project. Therefore, information about doctoral students'. This paper discusses the needs of effective supervision to resolve problem arise within the PhD student-supervisor relationship by using supervisory styles and.

PhD supervisor-student relationship

Socioeconomic problems are known to be an issue for PhD students 5. Footnotes Conflict of interests: Goold SD, Lipkin M.

a model for the supervision doctoral student relationship

Journal of general internal medicine. Gill P, Burnard P. British Journal of Nursing. A model for the supervisor—doctoral student relationship. The health care manager. Ha JF, Longnecker N. Yarwood-Ross L, Haigh C. As others see us: A randomized controlled trial of positive-affect intervention and medication adherence in hypertensive African Americans. Collateral damage When the supervisor is a high-powered researcher, the relationship can be based on minimal contact, because of frequent significant appearances around the world.

a model for the supervision doctoral student relationship

The student may find themselves taking on teaching, marking and administrative functions for the supervisor at the cost of their own learning and research. Combatant The practice of supervision becomes a method of intellectual torment, denigrating everything presented by the student.

Each piece of research is interrogated rigorously, every meeting is an inquisition and every piece of writing is edited into oblivion. The student is given to believe that they are worthless and stupid.

PhD supervisor-student relationship

Creepy crawlers Some supervisors prefer to stalk their students, sometimes students stalk their supervisors, each with an unhealthy and unrequited sexual obsession with the other. Most Australian universities have moved actively to address this relationship, making it less common than in previous decades.

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Captivate and con Occasionally, supervisor and student enter into a sexual relationship. This can be for a number of reasons, ranging from a desire to please to a need for power over youth.

a model for the supervision doctoral student relationship

These affairs can sometimes lead to permanent relationships. However, what remains from the supervisor-student relationship is the asymmetric set of power balances.

The Student-Supervisor Relationship - Graduate Research School Edith Cowan University

Counsellor Almost all supervision relationships contain some aspect of the counsellor or mentor, but there is often little training or desire to develop the role and it is often dismissed as pastoral care. Although the life experiences of students become obvious, few supervisors are skilled in dealing with the emotional or affective issues.

Colleague in training When a PhD candidate is treated as a colleague in training, the relationship is always on a professional basis, where the individual and their work is held in respect.