Adam and echo relationship

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adam and echo relationship

The following is a list of episodes for the Canadian television series Mr. Young, which airs on . When Tater finds out, he places Adam, Echo, Derby, Slab, and Ivy under .. Then, Sawquawk gets jealous of Adam's relationship with Echo. Adam Young and Echo Zizzleswift are the main couple on Mr. Young. Kind of Pairing. Romantic Relationship/Friendship. Many of the plots involve Adam's attempts to win Echo over (they usually revolve around him either trying to get her interested in him or needing to find a means.

It happened over a course of time. Follow us through our ups, down, break-ups, and turmoil as a couple. From our first meeting to our first kiss. Young gang in a way you have never seen them before. He swears it was magic, despite being a young man of logic and reason. But Echo will only ever know Adam as Mr.

Young, and nothing else. Can Adam succeed in finding the complicated scientific formula to Echo's heart? New girl to Finnigan High school. Dresses like a bad girl.

adam and echo relationship

Who catches her eye? Story is hopefully better then summary Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: But when she turned around it was already too late. Plus in the rain. I hope we all know what that means K - English - Romance - Chapters: Hope you like and please review!

S I own nothing, except the plots I use for my one-shots Rated: Dang, however, wants to protect him from the "zombie apocalypse. Elderman's help in wooing Adam. Adam is often willing to do anything to impress Echo, such as in Mr. He has also been known to have numerously gone through Echo's file and imagine her in the shower. Whenever Echo has a date with someone other than Adam, he always attempts to sabotage the date, and ruining their friendship. Also, when Echo and Adam are about to kiss, it is always interrupted, all the time unintentionally.

First Impression, they finally had their first kiss and became a couple, until Preston Pickles used Adam's mind erasing device on Echo. Kidd, Adam accidentally kisses Echo and she suddenly remembers everything, same goes for everybody else. Later on, they are seen with arms around each other while they watched Principal Tater fire Mr.

Echo Zizzleswift

Kidd and Adam's mom dragging the fired student-teacher out of the classroom for chores. Ivy Ivy is Adam's very dim-witted older sister, but Ivy is really embarrassed about it. Ivy often doesn't listen to Adam, and he doesn't listen to her either. They have been known to pull pranks on each other. Ivy never reveals Adam to be her brother to anyone, when she drives him to school; she makes him get off several blocks away from school.

She also occasionally has him put a bag over his head when he talks to her. Ivy finds Adam a very weird person, as Adam knows already. Ivy is quite girly like most 16 year old girls and loves clothes and looking her best.

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Slab Adam is often shown to be afraid of Slab, as he may be a teacher, but he is still 15, which makes him vulnerable. Adam often tries to help Slab, but sometimes tries to humiliate him.

Slab and Adam have sort of a tortoise and the hare relationship. Slab seems to bully Adam through the episodes but they seem to be close friends, such as in Mr. Principal Tater Adam often gets along well with Principal Tater, but along with everyone else, continuously calls him bald. On the first day, Adam didn't really make a good impression on Tater. Principal Tater doesn't give Adam all the privileges of being a teacher, as he doesn't think he is going to last long.

Principal Tater, thinks that he is immature and not fit to be a science teacher, when it is evident he is the more immature one. It should also be noted that Tater is possibly his father. Alternative Adam's In Mr. However he proceeds to create many other alternative versions, as he keeps changing history, to try and stop them breaking up.

This is all undone after he goes back and prevents the orginal him messing with the timelines in the first place.

adam and echo relationship

Trivia Adam graduated from High school at the age of nine and graduated from University at 14 years old. Adam keeps pictures of Echo in his locker. Adam is allergic to dust and many other things. Adam knows morse code. It is shown in one episode that Adam has an iPhone. Adam is scared of one of his students, Slab. He speaks Swahili and French. Adam is best friends with Derby, even though Derby is countlessly putting him down.

His boss is Mr. Tater, the annoying principal of Finnegan High. He has a huge crush on Echo, a perky and bubbly student at Finnegan High. He shares the same name as Owl City's lead singer.