Ahsoka and lux relationship

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ahsoka and lux relationship

The relationships of Ahsoka Tano from the Star Wars universe. Ahsoka met Lux when Padme journeyed to Raxus Prime to meet his mother Senator Mina. ( years after Onderon) In a less than discrete turn of events, Lux and Ahsoka discover Anakin and Padme's relationship. The best friends. P.S. I always thought Anakin would be a better match than Lux. It's heavily implied that Ahsoka knows about Anakin & Padme's relationship.

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I found him intriguing. And he has not disappointed me in his performance in TCW. Contrary to Lux, I was not so taken by Ahsoka in the beginning but warmed to her over time. In many ways, she reminds me of the slightly unorthodox but powerful, ambitious, virtuous Jedi who has more than a few of Anakin's traits. I have heard various speculations about Luxsoka as the pair is being called but the cons are mainly: As a supporter of Luxsoka, I would like to give my take on these reasons.

Lux doesn't match her: While I would say that they are alike in quite a few ways, they are overall different, yes.

ahsoka and lux relationship

But to say that that should stop a relationship is not at all moving. And, as they both have the same ambition, drive, and sense of justice, I think Lux and Ahsoka will get along just fine. To this, I will have to call bs. Ahsoka has shown herself to be troubled by her emotions and is brash and at times plain childish.

While training, the camp was ambushed by droids. The Jedi hid while fighting for they can't join a battle that wasn't made for them. After defeating the droids, the rebels smuggled themselves in the capital, Iziz. After figuring out the citizens were scared, they decided to attack the power point that keeps the droids working. They soon got a tank and destroyed it, giving the citizens hope and the courage to act.

Because of this, the citizens no longer feared them. Later, with Steela as their new leader, the rebels come up with a plan to save the real king on the day of his execution, which Saw disagree and wants to save him the day before.

ahsoka and lux relationship

He goes anyways and gets captured. Steela sticks to saving the king even though Saw's her brother. They managed to save both with a new ally, the general of the Onderon royal guards.

Ahsoka ended up revealing herself as a Jedi in order to save the general. After saving the king, the rebels go into hiding in the jungle. Steela was made general and asks Lux to talk and she led him to a quiet room and before he could speak the door was locked and her lips touched his though shocked at first he closed his eyes putting his arms around her when she finally stopped she claimed it was just in case before she began removing his uniform and her own eventually his underwear was removed and the two laid naked kissing passionately.

They go into battle but goes against shielded ships. Anakin gets Hondo to smuggle rocket launchers to the rebels. While winning the battle, the separatists found their way around the rebels and to their base. And killed the guards but Steela managed to get there and saves the king but Saw shot down a ship that crashes onto the cliff where Steela and the king's at.

Steela pushes the king out of the way but Steela finds herself hanging on the cliff. Lux tries to save her and almost falls but is saves by Ahsoka. Ahsoka tries to save Steela but gets shot in the shoulder by a tank and Steela falls to her death. Onderon is free but at the cost of Steela's life. During her funeral, Lux tells Ahsoka that he's joining the Republic as the Senator of Onderon, following his mother's footsteps.

The Clone Wars that Ahsoka Tano, one of the protagonists, developed feelings for. However, during their first meeting, Ahsoka didn't trust Lux due to him being a separatist.

Lux got attracted by the young togruta's beauty but felt unsure about having a Jedi being in his home.

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During their first conversation, when Ahsoka asked Lux if she looked so bad, Lux flirted with her but turns out, Ahsoka tricked him to see if he's like other guys by saying 'Seems boys are the same, either they're Republic or Separatists' which confirmed that Ahsoka had several guys flirting with her. Lux does get back at her by asking her if he looked so bad. They soon discovered that they are not so different and developed small feelings for each other.

After the death of Lux's mother, Ahsoka was the only one who tried to comfort him but he shrugged off, getting a lust of vengeance for his mother's death. Lux electrocuted her and used her ship to go to Carlac, where he met with Death Watch. Ahsoka lies that she's his betrothed, which Lux acted surprised and talked in a high-pitched voice at first.

Lux then tells Ahsoka his plan and seemed hurt when she tries to convince him about Death Watch.

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Seeing Death Watch and not wanting Ahsoka to get caught, he silences her by kissing her although it seemed he caught carried away, possibly enjoying it and started really kissing, which Ahsoka realized and pushed him away. Lux then shows concern for Ahsoka and seems guilty about his mistake. He begs Death Watch to let her go, which they refused. After they escaped, Lux goes into the escape pod and shares a romantic moment with Ahsoka before taking off.

Lux, who's now a member of the rebellion, is happy to see Ahsoka but developed feelings for Steela Gerrera. However, Lux would flirt with and share more moments with Ahsoka whenever he sees a chance, showing he stills has feelings for her. Lux is then shown to hate how the council is controlling Ahsoka, keeping her from helping them and always put the purpose before her own feelings.

Lux was heartbroken that Steela died, yet, didn't blame Ahsoka for it. Lux then becomes member of the Senate and Ahsoka leaves Onderon, still friends with feelings for each other. Romantic signs between the two Lux's eyes widen and giving her a flirtatious look while reaching for her bag.

Ahsoka tricking Lux to see if he would flirt with her but gets caught off guard when Lux gets back at her. Ahsoka and Lux giving each other glances before leaving Lux looking at Ahsoka when he said 'a friend' where Ahsoka smokes at him before realizing something is wrong.

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Ahsoka tries to stop the Commando Droids from taking Lux but is stopped by Padme. Ahsoka later saves Lux. Ahsoka attempts to comfort Lux for his mother's death but got shrugged off. Lux feels guilty for pulling a gun on Ahsoka and then electrocuting her. Lux was surprised when Ahsoka claims to be his betrothed and spoke in a high-pitched voice before clearing his throat. Lux kisses Ahsoka to silent her but got carried away, seemingly enjoying kissing Ahsoka.

Lux tries to save Ahsoka from death. Ahsoka tries to convince Lux to go with her to Coruscant. They gave each other lovingly looks while placing their hands on the window. Ahsoka and Lux are happy to see each other on Onderon. Lux tells Steela that Ahsoka is the reason that he's not with Death Watch. Lux and Ahsoka giving each other glances.

Ahsoka complimenting on Lux's skills. Ahsoka is hurt and confused by Lux's feelings when she sees Lux and Steela together.