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Posts about alden richards written by ladyquill. Being the creative bunch, memes started popping everywhere. . They now have a connection, a secret language if you will. . Alden being linked to other women like Patricia and Julie Ann San Jose – People are forgetting that show business is still a job, and people need. Here's a music video of Alden Richards and Yaya Dub aka "AlDub" created by .. Funny Comics, Funny Images, Funny Pictures, Dankest Memes, Jokes, The Force Is Strong, Fork, Fails, Funny Julie Anne Once Held Maine Mendoza's Place in Alden Richard's Life? Eat BulagaFirst DatesDatingQuotes Relationships. Posts about alden richards written by whatsupinstagram. Jake Vargas – July 9, and Julie Anne San Jose – May 17, 10 Read the whole result here.

Everyone was having fun teasing and tagging Alden for being too slow with courting Yaya Dub and even Maine… ehem… ahahaha. Being the creative bunch, memes started popping everywhere. Looks like we finally found a third-party for AlDub that no one will bash. Cracks on the Surface Change is a test of character, and most of the time, people are resistant to it.

With the growth of the fandom also comes different sets of minds, beliefs and opinions. As expected, the changes in the format of Kalyeserye garnered different reactions from the crowd.

Some loved it, especially now that Maine has proven that she is indeed a star on her own. Others say that Kalyeserye should altogether be removed and go back to the time when they only featured JoWaPao.

Quite ironic because the fandom recently got an award from the same award giving body that recognized the show and its artists for spreading good values and being examples of traditional Filipino beliefs and traditions.

And some of the pages wanting to make profit out of the fame and status of the fandom. Despite the call of other admins to ignore the bashers and encourage good vibes among the fans, these issues still arise and cause some rifts between fans.

Plus the fact that, unlike other television shows, Kalyeserye presents a unique experience to the viewers because its novelty keeps the audience at the edge of their seats.

Frankly speaking, the problem lies with the audience and our expectations of the show. To the fans of AlDub, take a chill pill. Please stop bashing anyone opposing your opinion because just like you, they are entitled to theirs.

To the EB staff and management, you must be having one hell of a ride with all this activity going on in the net.

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As they say, good or bad, publicity is still publicity. I applaud you and your effort for keeping us entertained. Detractors said that AlDub is only a fad, but look where we are now. What you do is difficult, but still you do it. Applause to you, a pat on the back for a job well done. But sometimes my patience gets too thin, and I might say some things I will later regret.

So I tried several pairs, and these were the results: Not bad for a young pair. Wow, 90 out of Looks like we have a perfect couple in the making. I bet the AlDub nation will like this. Bad news, JaDine fans. It seems like two Roosters are unlikely to be in one cage, for the most part. Does it mean, no chance for hubby and wifey? Unlike two Roosters, a pair born both in the year of Pig is a different story. Ooooh, looks like the funny man, Andre, is suited for Barbie too.

Alden Richards wins big at PMPC Star Awards for Music

Maybe his humor plays a big part. Everyone loves the funny one. Is it too soon to think that they will be a great couple in the future? Because I think they will be. Chinese believe it too. Having their six years age gap, they are said to be incompatible. The King and Queen is definitely a match-made in heaven.

Somehow, they share similar interest in music.