Alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

Why and how women are manipulating you and how to deal with it? - The Alpha Next Door

alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

I think the words you are looking for are manipulation and abuse. From answer to Why do some people think the term alpha male refers to someone who's a jerk? The guy who came up with the Alpha, Beta, etc thing later recanted his own study. Now, if you want control, as part of a healthy relationship, that means it's up. I believe that Alpha women can learn to envision themselves as the Alpha in a relationship with a Beta man, who just might make the best fit. The antidote, she says, is for Alpha women to "envision and accept themselves as the Alpha in a relationship with a Beta man, who might just.

If she loses her grip on him, either, she will leave or she will play the victim card, accusing him of something in order to extract even more resources while on her way out. Killing the golden goose would be stupid, right! However, if you are still Beta, damn, she will hold you by the balls and have your cock on a leash.

She will progressively starve you sexually until you are ready to do anything she wants in order to get some. She will use your sex drive has a tool to control you like a little puppet.

Make no mistake, when women lie and manipulate us, they totally rationalize it and justify their actions. Even, if ever she gets caught, she will continue to lie, and wrap her failed attempt into another deception and then will continue to justify her actions. Notice how extremely rare it is for a woman to take responsibility when she gets caught lying. If sex does not work anymore, then they play the victim card or become emotionally abusive.

alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

A man can sacrifice his own life for a woman. Men, abandon their dreams, give up their friends, leave their families, for a woman. All that genuinely without ulterior motive because they truly, deeply love her. When is the last time you have seen a woman act like that? She loves how you make her feel. She loves the resources you provide. She loves how you elevate her social status.

Why and how women are manipulating you and how to deal with it?

Yeah, let that sink in, because if there is only one thing you remember from this post, it should certainly be that: Common tactics, a few examples… Shaming. I need a REAL man! You act like a girl. At least Joe is a real man. Promises of eventual sex This is the favorite tool of young and beautiful women, and can also be done in a very subtle way, like for example, at school or at work, she just physically gets very close to you or even touch you in a flirty way and then proceed to ask you to help her… to do all of her work.

Being the victims The older and less attractive one will use the victim card instead. They are always the victim of some sort of injustice and deserve compensation for it. Also frequently use when she wants to move in with you. She will pretend, her father, ex-boyfriend, ex-husband or any random guy is abusing her in some sort of way, and she needs a safe place to stay, letting you believe that you will have a lot more sex with her once she will live with you.

Also, blaming men for their discomfort or for their own emotion. When it comes to playing the victims, watch out, they are pure genius. Women and men are the same Using this to camouflage the fact that she manipulates and lies to you about times more than you do to her, is the new trend.

Notice how women even as a collective put great effort to hide their true nature and put a lot of energy to make men believe that they are the same as us. Yeah, they use deception to hide their deceptive nature. What could you expect? False sense of confidence When you approach a hot girl, have you noticed how she always project this incredible level of confidence that is almost scary? You will see… What to do about it? They talk about their illnesses, mistreatments or sufferings.

Aggressiveness, being loud, insulting. The intention here is to get some kind of control back, to dominate and to reel you in. Negativity dumping place drama. They just go on talking, transmitting pride, anger, sadness and judgementalism.

Waiting — They let you wait. Or they tell you or ask you for a specific time to meet or have dinner ready and then do not comply to this time. Disqualification — She implies that she has more value than you directly or indirectly by putting you down. Talking bad about you and putting you down. Even if there are no man in their lives right now, they make one up. They tell you various stories. They are also increasing their value by being aloof and pushing you away.

Negative Compliance Tests — They try to let you do things you would normally not do, but would do especially for women to gain their sympathy. Do you have any? She starts holding your hands and takes notice if you let go or not. Jealousy — She goes out dancing, and talks a lot about how other man are interested in her implying it indirectly. She hides details of things and she is vague, especially when you are pushing for an answer. She is flirtatious with other men in your presence.

Responsibilities — They own your responsibilities and make them their own. This is a subtle enslavement. My secretary for example has to do some paperwork and some organizing for me. So occasionally she comes and I have to fill in some additional information on those paper sheets. And right in our conversation she manages it to turn it around and give me instructions what to do and when it should be finished.

Role Adaptation — They take on a certain role. Being your parent for example. By expressively playing this role they are able to enforce the effects of the role. Agreeing — After an argument you will see that they start argreeing on various things to end the argument. They are in control of starting and ending it.

Often it is to deprive you of your power. She gets some feeling of superiority from knowing how you will respond.

Rejection — This is also often just a way to get a hold on you. Ironically women reject even men they are interest in. The information gap — This word was termed by psychologist George Loewenstein. It states that there is a painful gap within our minds that we desire to close in order to relieve us from this pain.

This gap is supposed to steer curiosity. This gap is created by questions and puzzles, unknown decisions, false expectations, access of information from others, remembering things you forgot. Women seem to know this even before it was discovered! Panic Reactions — Once in a while they go for what can be called a panic reaction, when your brain gets short-circuited and you usually just blow. If the man gets physical, she turns it against the man and emphasizes how she really did nothing.

How Women Manipulate Men and the Female Ego | CCRT Blog

And this works pretty well because her intention to short-circuit is well hidden. It happens that she has bad breath and talks to you. You allude that she has bad breath and that she should please keep a distance while talking to you. You do that twice. She backs off walks around in the room a little bit then comes back close in order to relocate some things and then again to blow her breath into your nose.

alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

She walks towards one side of a double door holding the thought in mind to enter there and you step aside in expectation she will now cross that path, but instead she now changes to enter through the second door. Secondly, the man expects her to behave mean in a certain situation but she is suddenly nice. Or you might know that she is attracted to you and expect her to touch her hair, but as you notice and pay attention to it she suppresses the movement and waits until you look away may also be hiding in other situations.

alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

Aloofness and Push — Pull — This was introduced at the beginning and though aloofness is something fundamental and innate to the female psyche it may be contextualized as a manipulation as well. Many techniques are supplemented by push — pull. They are preceded by a pull and finished with a push. But when you make some propositions for activities she denies your suggestions without further ado.

She is not interested in a constructive resolution of the conflict. In a gender debate a man argues that men are often insecure in talking and approaching women because they are often not sure what is ok to do and what not. The woman responded laughingly questioning what women he means and that she often makes the first step and speaks to men.

Caught Unprepared — One pattern is also that women strike when the man least expects it or is most vulnerable. Examples are when you come back home from work and are exhausted. Hiding and Enforcement Lying — They lie from trivia to major things. Also to hide manipulation and aloofness. She does not respond. Disguising — Disguising the process of aloofness and manipulative behaviour. Basically all manipulation has to be disguised, otherwise it looses its function and purpose.

Women almost have a super power here at their disposal. They are able to express their emotions and themselves unimpeded. They are at ease with it and do not fall into doubtful self-reflection. This is also why they enjoy dancing so much in constrast to many men. By being expressive and having a strong frame, it allows them to steer opinions and behavior.

alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

Women can even make an entire room consent to a certain preconceived belief just by holding a thought in mind. Utilizing Needs and Positionalities — They know when a man likes something and use this knowledge to satisfy their own needs. Basically this is the foundation a woman works on: All that is necessary to fully understand women and solve many relationship issues is to understand that women oppose and resist every ego weakness about a man and that they mistake power for love Should men condemn this behavior?

No, instead it is better to have compassion and forgive, especially ourselves in order to heal these aspects within our own psyche. It has to be understood that women had much less power than man in the past and that it is mostly the source of all their power.

How do you protect yourself from this manipulation and respond? A usual way to deal with these issues would be to point out that you do not tolerate this behaviour and align with this attitude cal. However, women will not comply to this request, will use the various tools mentioned above and keep on going.

alpha male and beta female relationship manipulation

Women are so good at these tests, that they know that you will suffer from it and that you cannot really protect yourself from it. Because whatever you say your inner state will be known and to be kind in anger is pretense. The only way to really master these tests is to become loving.