Amitabh bachchan and dharmendra relationship poems

A look at the love story of Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan

amitabh bachchan and dharmendra relationship poems

Actor Dharmendra has undoubtedly several popular and successful Amitabh Bachchan who gained huge admiration in the early s as. At Agenda Aaj Tak , Dharmendra spilled the beans on his journey in his inspiration Dilip Kumar and his equation with Amitabh Bachchan. Amitabh Bachchan and Dilip Kumar 'I was sitting in a I had a good relationship with actors, directors, music composers and singers. There was no one in the industry Dharmendra never came on my show. I think I did not.

It was Dharmendra who helped Amitabh Bachchan bag the role of ‘Jai’ in Sholay

Neither too old for movie-goers to forget its memories so easily nor too recent to have it taken for granted, the Seventies is monumental in Indian consciousness as it epitomised masala Bollywood at its imaginative best.

Look at that epic line-up and one name towers over them all.

amitabh bachchan and dharmendra relationship poems

The decade had such stalwarts like Vinod Khanna, Shatrughan Sinha, Manoj Kumar and Shashi Kapoor operating at their peak while Rishi Kapoor and Amol Palekar were busy running their own little cottage industries in young-puppy love stories and middle-of-the-road underdog comedies respectively but fortunately, or unfortunately, it was Amitabh Bachchan who single-handedly bulldozed his way to the top. Driving the Amitabh Bachchan phenomenon was another star of the s.

Directed by Prakash Mehra, Zanjeer gave birth to the angry young man, the screen persona that Amitabh Bachchan invoked in film after film in the s. Though Salim-Javed designed Vijay as a character beset by unfulfilled desires, poverty and a victim of social inequality thus justifying his diatribe against the system, over the years he was quickly appropriated to reflect a larger political reality.

In the aftermath of the Emergency, declared by Indira GandhiVijay ironically, off-screen, the Bachchan family were close Gandhi aides became a political and social creation and subsequently, a voice of the angry and unemployed youth who would take the route of crime to make it big. But not always did the game end well for Vijay.

amitabh bachchan and dharmendra relationship poems

It is against this backdrop that the s can be seen and appreciated. Meanwhile, there were other hits, too, that make the s a landmark. With his famous shirtless number in Phool Aur Pattharperhaps the very first instance where a male in Hindi cinema who wasn't an action or stunt or B-film hero appeared comfortable being bare chested, Dharmendra found himself unshackled and started to create a unique place for himself.

He was on his way to becoming the first star whose persona didn't pay the customary obeisance to the holy Dilip-Raj-Dev trinity and it was around this time that Dharmendra showed signs of coming into his own with a performance that ironically ranks as one of the greatest ever witnessed in popular Hindi cinema and at the same is also one of the most overlooked ones.

In, Satyakam Dharmendra played an idealist torn between his ideals and the changing world and in many ways redefined the definition of hero for the transitory world between Nehruvian socialism and Indira Gandhian absolutism. What's interesting is that Dharmendra produced Satyakam himself, which could be seen as a sign how much he believed this to be a role that he wouldn't have been given otherwise by the powers be.

The fact that both National Film Awards as well as Filmfare ignored his performance only validates it. Professor Parimal Tripathi is one of the most endearing characters of all times. The year Satyakam released also saw the emergence of Rajesh Khanna who went on to break the old order unlike anyone before him and with Aradhana became the first of the true superstars.

A look at the love story of Jaya and Amitabh Bachchan

In the period that Khanna went from strength to strength the only two actors who managed to hold their own were Dharmendra and Manoj Kumar. Unlike the s, Manoj Kumar had become extremely selectively about projects and also concentrated on directing while Dharmendra enjoyed one of the best phases of his career.

Betweenthe year of Sholay, Dharmendra, it seemed stopped caring and decided to have fun. Even in where he played Veeru, his most memorable role, in Sholay Dharmendra also played the innocent trucker posing as a cop in Pratigya and Dr Parimal Tripathi in Chupke Chupke where his comic timing practically anchored the entire film.

I recommended Amitabh for Sholay but he acknowledges that only now: Dharmendra - Movies News

For almost a decade till the late s Dharmendra was relegated to second-rung in spite of being one of the most popular stars and in had seven hits in a single year including HukumatLohaAag Hi AagWatan Ke Rakhwale and Khatron Ke Khiladi Throughout his career Dharmendra collaborated with many directors on multiple occasions and in the s some of his best outings were with JP Dutta - GhulamiBatwaraand the highly underrated urban crime thriller Hathyar But beyond the hits, and god knows that Dharmendra has a ton of those, and the critical acclaim, which has always been showered upon him albeit silently, and the awards, that came too little too late, the actor's greatest achievement is that he enabled Hindi cinema to look beyond the usual.

For a man who was once voted amongst the seven most good-looking men in the world, he was never truly thought of as a heartbreaker and as action star he was usually sidelined to don the mantle of the angry young man Dharmendra, incidentally refused Zanjeerthe film that created the template and yet prepared the audiences to brace for the new kind of star. It's Dharmendra who made it possible for someone like Govinda, who could do everything and yet never got the call, to enjoy a great run and it's this legacy that had now been inherited by Salman Khan.

Like Dharmendra, Salman Khan, too, enjoys great fan following, huge box office hits and like Dharmendra is also ignored by critics and awards.