Aoshi and misao relationship quizzes

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aoshi and misao relationship quizzes

Knowledge Quiz based upon Which Rurouni Kenshin Charcter are you?, the Anime selector quiz by Aoshi. Test your knowledge of: Misao Makimatchi. NO TITLE YET - A Misao/Aoshi fic I think that this will be the background of the Saito/Tokio relation we see in Tempestuous Emotions, but I'm Take this quiz!. It's kind of the reason why I don't read fanfiction where said couple is Let's all HC that Aoshi is aromantic asexual and Misao just sticks.

Himura had kept his promise. He had brought Aoshi back to the Oniwabanshuu in Kyoto. But had Aoshi really been restored? He had suffered defeat at Himura's hands and still carried the scar of the Ougi on his chest as a reminder. During the failed vengeance of Yukishiro, Aoshi had seemed more of himself.

aoshi and misao relationship quizzes

It had been Aoshi who had discovered the truth behind Kaoru's "death", giving them all hope of her rescue. He had defeated Gein. He had defeated Heisen's henchman Suzaku on Yukishiro's island.

He had even fulfilled his promise to have tea with Himura. But once they had left Tokyo and retrieved the remains of their fallen comrades, Aoshi had retreated within. Once they had been re-interred, they returned to Kyoto and he retreated further, behind his wall of meditation. He withdrew into himself and away from the remaining Oniwabanshuu, away from her. Even Okina seemed unable to reach him anymore. Misao was certain that it had been Okina who had convinced Aoshi to accompany her to the picnic at Mount Ueno.

He had probably used some sad excuse about Misao needing protection on such a journey to guilt him into it. Upon reflection, maybe Aoshi's decision had not been as abrupt or as unexpected as she had originally thought. Had she just been too blind to read the telltale signs of his disaffection before their journey back to Kyoto? What's up with you? Your noisy breathing is scaring the birds out of the trees and you look like you just lost your best friend. Are you up to chasing down these bandits?

I can do it myself, you know. She was scowling so much he figured she might produce her kunai and nail him with them if she was as angry as she looked. But her response was mild and detached. My mind was far away from here. We're almost to the village.

How do you want to handle things? Together or shall we split up? You'll give 'em something to look at while I quiz 'em. Had he really just paid her a compliment? She must have misunderstood him. He probably thought she would distract them with her "weasel" face. God, she hated that name. But then, Sagara hadn't called her that since he'd arrived in Kyoto.


Again, she was dwelling on the past. They reached the village and began their trek to each building in town. They spoke to every soul who had the fortune to be in town today, and found out absolutely nothing that Hiko had not already told them. There had been many robberies, but always when the storekeepers or farmers had been away. No one had seen anyone or anything to indicate who the culprits were or where they were encamped.

No one who had been robbed on the road or the footpaths leading to the village had lived to tell anyone anything. It didn't take long to exhaust all avenues in the village. The proprietor of the village store had been most forthcoming in seeking their assistance. He was desperate to be able to get supplies to restock his store without endangering any of his long time suppliers in Kyoto.

He was clearly anxious about the bandits and had lost several friends who were attempting to bring him goods when they had been attacked. Sano quizzed him closely about any supplies he had sold to strangers. But the man had been insistent that no stranger had been to the store to purchase staples in months.

When pressed, he had even pulled out his records and compared them with the calculations on his abacus. Nothing had been sold to anyone unknown to him in at least six months. When Misao asked him who his regular customers were, he laughed derisively and said, "Everyone who lives around here. All of 'em shop here, miss. There's no where else to go unless they are making the trip to Kyoto.

Did someone feel cheated? Did you try to collect an outstanding debt? It's your suppliers being hit the hardest. Sagara was asking a shopkeeper about collecting debts? She had thought him the most expert man at avoiding payment in all of Japan. But she just shrugged and shook her head.

Who would know more about it than him? At least he had thought to raise the issue. Unfortunately, the shopkeeper was adamant that there had been no new argument. There had been no debt collection issue. There was little dissension in the small community except for the usual neighborly disagreements, which were bound to occur wherever there were more than two people.

None of these were more than minor and none had arisen within the last six months. Sano and Misao sat on the front porch of the village store. It was mid-afternoon and they had learned nothing new. No one was on any of the paths or the road that led into town, most of which were visible from their vantage point. Sano was starting to feel frustrated at their lack of progress. Misao got out the map that Himura and Hiko had given them.

She looked it over and made a suggestion for their next course of action. We knew that before we came into town. All we can do is make sure we ask everyone. Let's go visit each of the farms that surround the village. It's not progress, but at least we will have ruled out the village and farms for more information and we'll be able to start on the forest grids Himura laid out for us tomorrow.

That sounds like a plan. I don't want to listen to these folks telling me how scared they are and how they don't know anything for more than one day. Sano was walking much faster now, and Misao had to practically run to keep pace with him. He was taking his frustration out on the road. I don't want to run to all of these farms. Getting there faster won't make the answers any different. Somebody has to know where they are hiding.

Somebody must be helping them. They don't know how to fight or who to fight. He knows how to fight. Misao had never heard him mention his family before. She was about to pursue it, but she decided against it when she saw how his eyes blazed with hidden fury. Maybe she wasn't the only one with the past on her mind today. She decided to ask Sagara about his family another time, when his mood was milder.

The first farm they reached was deserted.

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The house was closed up and no one seemed to be around. They didn't see anyone in the fields, either. Maybe they had spoken to this family in town. Now they regretted not asking everyone where they lived and keeping track of their conversations better. There was nothing for it but to continue. Perhaps Hiko would be able to tell them more about the individual farmers.

He had to be more familiar with his neighbors than they would have expected. He had known all of the boundary lines for the maps, and also had indicated which farmers had new outbuildings, children, or visiting family.

They had been amazed at how much this "hermit" had known about the village and its inhabitants when Kenshin had added his specific information to the map. The neighboring four farms were all inhabited by families and most of the farmers were easily found in their fields.

Misao kept careful notes of the names and members of the households as Sano quizzed them on their losses or knowledge of the robberies or the travelers who had been killed. Nearly all of the families had been robbed, but none of them had been at home at the time. Only one of the families had lost a visitor from Kyoto to the killers.

An unfortunate brother had come bearing goods from a neighboring village when he had been attacked. Sano and Misao left the last farm in relief. They were tired of the lack of progress. They were tired of the fear and apprehension they saw in the local faces. And they were tired. At least they had accomplished the first phase of the search. They believed they had spoken to everyone who lived in or surrounding the village.

Tomorrow they would start on the first of the forest areas targeted by Kenshin and Hiko. Searching for the bandits themselves and seeking to uncover their hiding place sounded like a better plan than interviewing local people with no knowledge and only fear to offer them.

aoshi and misao relationship quizzes

I've never seen him without Himura or Kaoru. She was a little apprehensive about spending time with the 13th Master of the Hiten Mitsurugi style of swordsmanship. If he treated Himura so badly, how might he treat them? I never met the guy before today. And he has the nerve to call me a gangster like he knows all about me.

aoshi and misao relationship quizzes

If I didn't know he was Kenshin's master, I wouldn't have believed Kenshin would put up with such a conceited guy. He must be really something. We told you how he defended the Aoiya and fought with Fuji. The man is the most powerful swordsman in Japan. And that includes Himura. And do you know how his health is?

Jo-chan insisted we take the train. She wants him back in Tokyo as soon as possible. You haven't seen them together since their marriage, Sagara. It's so sweet it makes your teeth hurt. She was backlit with a blaze of red, pink and orange sunset colors as she turned to face Sano, taking his arm to turn him towards her.

I have seen no evidence that he is weaker at all. I think we can assume that the Hiten Mitsurugi Ryuu is mostly unusable by now. But remember, Megumi told him he would continue to be a formidable swordsman.

They resumed walking to Hiko's and Misao continued. Himura deserves to be at home with his family — even if little Kenji does try to make his life as miserable as possible. Do you have any idea why? Kenshin has always been so good with kids. It's unbelievable that his own son doesn't take to him.

The two have a brother-sister relationship during the early years but Misao has fallen deeply in love with him that leads her to travel the entire Japan in search for him.

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During that time, he was lost at anger and madness for the death of his four loyal comrades that result from nearly killing Okina. Misao witnessed the scene and her love for Aoshi turns into hatred. She severed ties with him and declared herself as the new Okashira of the Oniwabanshuu. Kenshin helped Aoshi regained his senses at their final battle and convinced him to come home at Aoiya. Kenshin also told him that the members of Oniwabanshu was still eager to see him and the woman who really loves him is still waiting for his return, which is Misao.

While his exact feelings for Misao have never been stated, he obviously cares for her and the two had been usually seen together during the Jinchuu arc. Aoshi and Misao married after the events of the Rurouni Kenshin series as stated by the author, Nobuhiro Watsuki in his appearance at Comic Con After a long duel, Kenshin manages to defeat Aoshi. Soon after, Kanryu appears with a Gatling gun with the intention to kill everyone in the room.

Aoshi's life is saved through the self-sacrifice of his comrades, becoming human shields to protect Aoshi. In the aftermath of the battle, Aoshi, now psychologically scarred, vows to defeat Kenshin so that he may adorn the graves of his loyal followers with the title "strongest".

He even betrays his comrades in Kyoto and joins the evil Shishio Makoto in order to achieve this goal. Eventually, Kenshin defeats Aoshi again and helps Aoshi realize that his actions are dishonoring his fallen men and they would never have wanted him to pursue such a quest.

Afterwards, after much soul searching, via meditation, Aoshi becomes Kenshin's comrade and friend, later helping him liberate Kamiya Kaoru, after she is kidnapped by Yukishiro Enishi. After his strongest men are defeated by Kenshin and then killed by Kanryu. Aoshi believes their reputation is tarnished. Aoshi becomes obsessed with killing Kenshin in order to redeem their reputation as the strongest.

Through Kenshin he realizes that he must let the past go and should not continue doing evil in the name of his followers. After Aoshi belittles Kanryu as a greedy and insignificant insect who only cares for materialistic things and has no honor, Kanryu uses a Gatling gun to kill everyone. He's eventually stopped by one of Beshimi's darts in the anime and Kenshin. However, all of the Oniwaban were killed protecting Aoshi.

Keeps a watch of her, as she produces opium for Kanryu. While searching for Kenshin afterwards, Aoshi finds Megumi in the Kamiya Dojo and threatens to kill her if she doesn't reveal where Kenshin is. By the end of the series, however, Aoshi is allies and on good terms with Megumi and the rest of the Kenshin-gumi.

Enemy, Former Ally, who offers him the chance to fight Kenshin and defeat him, in order to prove the worth of the Oniwabanshu. Later on, after realizing the error of his ways and realizing that his battle with Kenshin resulted in the latter being weakened and at a disadvantage against Shishio, he makes amends by fighting Shishio in order to give Kenshin time to recover. The two of them help in the battle against Shishio and Enishi, at one point even fighting together and annihilating Enishi's soldiers in his base in Tokyo, while the latter is on his island.

Abilities With nearly unrivaled intellect and analytical skills, Aoshi's senses are so acute that he can deduce even the most minute of distances to the tenths of a meter, and has acute enough hearing to be affected by noise dozens of feet away. Aoshi's weapon of choice is a kodachi, a short-sword where he uses primarily for defense while using Kenpo as his offense, with the exception of his ultimate technique, Kaiten Kenbu. After being defeated by Kenshin, he adopts a second kodachi, a technique the previous Oniwaban Commander used as well.

When in their scabbard, they appear to be part of a single sheathed sword, one blade appearing to be the hilt, while the second blade is stationed opposite the first and blends in with the saya itself, giving it the impression of being a nodachi.

Shinomori Aoshi

A dangerous opponent, he uses his speed together with a mix of sword and hand-to-hand combat moves. His physical strength is extremely high, having once knocked Sanosuke out with one blow to the back of the neck in the anime, and later snapping Suzaku's sword with only his hand in the manga.

After meditation, his combative skills increase even further, far beyond what they were when he faced Shishio Makoto, as noted by Gein. It can slice even the toughest of shields, including steel tonfa that are supposed to repel any sword attack. Aoshi will then strike from various points, slashing them with his kodachi, then ending it with "Kaiten Kenbu". Before deciding to use a two kodachi style of fighting, this was Aoshi's final attack. Though he is nearly impossible to hit during the Jissen Kenbu, he is vulnerable for an instant when he switches from a defensive to an offensive stance, a weakness exploited by Kenshin, and later Shishio.

It involves Aoshi rapidly spinning around three times, while holding the kodachi backhand, to slash the opponent thrice in an instant. Only by using his scabbard as a buffer was Kenshin able to survive this attack. The attack involves Aoshi gripping his kodachi backhand, then slashing the opponent six times in rapid succession, from both sides it relies on confusing the opponent on the direction from which each subsequent strike is going to come. It's basically Kaiten Kenbu but done with two kodachi, the key difference being that the unpredictability of where it strikes first puts the opponent at a disadvantage.

Only Kenshin and Shishio, Aoshi's strongest enemies, have beaten this attack. The second kodachi is hidden directly behind the first, so the opponent would only see one kodachi heading for them in their line of sight. If such swift opponents as Kenshin are able to avoid both the swords, Aoshi usually uses this opening to kick them while they are vulnerable. It can be beaten by watching for the moment the user attempts to strike.

Even though Aoshi's skills rarely fail him in the midst of combat, he's still able to adjust and adapt to the direst of situations, even to the point that he hides himself in a recently dug grave to escape Gein's burning end.

History Though rarely showing mercy to his enemies, as well as being almost harsh to his subordinates when they fail in their missions, Aoshi values their well-being and sees more honor in living a lowly life as Kanryu's bodyguard than taking up the highest of glory in the military because he cannot bring himself to abandon his last four men. Their deaths tremendously affect Aoshi, plunging the leader into an insufferable depression with his need to defeat Kenshin as the strongest of the Bakumatsu and kill himself as payment to his four men who lived and died to be of use to their dear leader.

To this end he almost even kills his former boss Okina for being in his way, but subconsciously his sense of right and wrong forbids him from losing yet another comrade and he reconciles with him and Misao both once his long-standing path of battle with Kenshin was over.

He does not seem to harbor romantic feelings for Misao, but even at his worst he deeply cared for her well-being, which is why he would not let her join his last four men on their journeys. Walking the path of chaos, Aoshi trains for months at the interstice between life and death in the hopes of defeating Kenshin as the Battosai and returns to Kyoto, where Shishio welcomes him as an ally in the hopes of using him to help him defeat Kenshin.