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Masha wants Konstantin but ends up in a bad marriage with Semyon. For consolation, she turns to .. Study Questions and Writing Topics. Who is the most . Konstantine anton - Madame Arkadina s behavior at her son play is typical of attitude toward Konstantin every aspect their relationship. Homework Help Ask Question The Seagull Questions What was Anton Chekhov attempting achieve with. Konstantin, Masha, Polina, Dorn and Arkadina form the emotional and physical Chekhov examines one of the most complex human questions, .. I believe one of the most significant relationships in the entire play is that of.

Yes, my vanity was stung, but you know it was not a bolt from the blue; I was expecting a failure, and was prepared for it, as I warned you with perfect sincerity beforehand. And a month later: I thought that if I had written and put on the stage a play so obviously brimming over with monstrous defects, I had lost all instinct and that, therefore, my machinery must have gone wrong for good.

The eventual success of the play, both in the remainder of its first run and in the subsequent staging by the Moscow Art Theatre under Stanislavskiwould encourage Chekhov to remain a playwright and lead to the overwhelming success of his next endeavor Uncle Vanyaand indeed to the rest of his dramatic oeuvre. Chekhov reads centreon Chekhov's right, Konstantin Stanislavski is seated, and next to him, Olga Knipper.

Stanislavski's wife, Maria Liliana, is seated to Chekhov's left.

On the far right side of the photograph, Vsevolod Meyerhold is seated. Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko stands in the far left side of the photograph.

Irina Nikolayevna Arkadina — an actress Konstantin Gavrilovich Treplyov — Irina's son, a playwright Boris Alexeyevich Trigorin — a well-known writer Nina Mikhailovna Zarechnaya — the daughter of a rich landowner Pjotr Nikolayevich Sorin — Irina's brother Ilya Afanasyevich Shamrayev — a retired lieutenant and the manager of Sorin's estate Polina Andryevna — Ilya's wife Masha — Ilya and Polina's daughter Yevgeny Sergeyevich Dorn — a doctor Semyon Semyonovich Medvedenko — a teacher Yakov — a hired workman Cook — a worker on Sorin's estate Maid — a worker on Sorin's estate Watchman — a worker on Sorin's estate; he carries a warning stick at night Act I[ edit ] The play takes place on a country estate owned by Pjotr Sorin, a retired senior civil servant in failing health.

He is the brother of the famous actress Irina Arkadina, who has just arrived at the estate for a brief vacation with her lover, the writer Boris Trigorin. Pjotr Sorin and his guests gather at an outdoor stage to see an unconventional play that Irina's son, Konstantin Treplyov, has written and directed. The play-within-a-play features Nina Zarechnaya, a young woman who lives on a neighboring estate, as the "soul of the world" in a time far in the future. The play is Konstantin's latest attempt at creating a new theatrical formand is a dense symbolist work.

Irina laughs at the play, finding it ridiculous and incomprehensible; the performance ends prematurely after audience interruption and Konstantin storms off in humiliation. Irina does not seem concerned about her son, who has not found his way in the world. Although others ridicule Konstantin's drama, the physician Yevgeny Dorn praises him.

Act I also sets up the play's various romantic triangles. Masha, in turn, is in love with Konstantin, who is in love with Nina, but Nina falls for the writer, Boris. Polina, married to Ilya, is in an affair with the doctor, Yevgeny. When Masha tells Yevgeny about her longing for Konstantin, Yevgeny helplessly blames the lake for making everybody feel romantic. After reminiscing about happier times, Arkadina becomes engaged in a heated argument with the house steward Shamrayev and decides to leave immediately.

Nina lingers behind after the group leaves, and Konstantin shows up to give her a seagull that he has shot. Nina is confused and horrified at the gift. Konstantin sees Trigorin approaching, and leaves in a jealous fit. Nina asks Trigorin to tell her about the writer's life; he replies that it is not an easy one.

Nina says that she knows the life of an actress is not easy either, but she wants more than anything to be one. Trigorin sees the seagull that Konstantin has shot and muses on how he could use it as a subject for a short story: She loves the lake, like a seagull, and she's happy and free, like a seagull.

But a man arrives by chance, and when he sees her, he destroys her, out of sheer boredom. Nina lingers behind, enthralled with Trigorin's celebrity and modesty, and gushes, "My dream! Between acts Konstantin attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head, but the bullet only grazed his skull. He spends the majority of Act III with his scalp heavily bandaged. Nina finds Trigorin eating breakfast and presents him with a medallion that proclaims her devotion to him using a line from one of Trigorin's own books: Arkadina appears, followed by Sorin, whose health has continued to deteriorate.

Trigorin leaves to continue packing. There is a brief argument between Arkadina and Sorin, after which Sorin collapses in grief. He is helped off by Medvedenko. Konstantin enters and asks his mother to change his bandage. As she is doing this, Konstantin disparages Trigorin and there is another argument.

When Trigorin reenters, Konstantin leaves in tears. Trigorin asks Arkadina if they can stay at the estate. She flatters and cajoles him until he agrees to return with her to Moscow.

After she has left the room, Nina comes to say her final goodbye to Trigorin and to inform him that she is running away to become an actress, against her parents' wishes. They kiss passionately and make plans to meet again in Moscow. Act IV[ edit ] Act IV takes place during the winter two years later, in the drawing room that has been converted to Konstantin's study.

Masha has finally accepted Medvedenko's marriage proposal, and they have a child together, though Masha still nurses an unrequited love for Konstantin. Various characters discuss what has happened in the two years that have passed: Nina and Trigorin lived together in Moscow for a time until he abandoned her and went back to Arkadina.

Nina never achieved any real success as an actress, and is currently on a tour of the provinces with a small theatre group.

Despite what Konstantin says, she is a fantastic actress; charismatic, sensitive and wildly articulate. She also understands the industry. She toured all over the country when she was younger, taking Konstantin with her. These days she is pragmatic. She looks after her wardrobe, her looks and is conscious of the need to be at the right parties and be seen amongst the right company. Her relationship with Boris is a complicated mixutre of all of these things. Konstantin Konstantin Trepylev wants "to do something, be heard, be someone".

He is 24 and the son of leading lady Irina Arkadina. Not only has he grown up in her shadow, but his relationship with her has become a slave to her professional life; she's an actress, not a mother. As he has grown up in and around the theatre he has artistic bones and a great mind but he doesn't know where or how to channel them.

He has come to loath the superficial, glitz and glamour, money and power structures of the theatre. He views mainstream theatre as soulless and predictable. Ultimately he hates it because it robbed him of his mother. He was kicked out of university and so his talent and intelligence feel lost in the world. Like a devil on his shoulder, he watches and judges himself through his mother's eyes and thus is forever stuck in a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure.

Frustrated and lonely, the only light in the black hole he has fallen into is his childhood friend Nina. Nina Zarachneya is the love of Konstantin's life. Masha Masha is 20 years old.

She is an anomaly on the estate. As a child she played games with Konstantin. Her relationship with Semyon has reached a crisis point. She is unhappy and has been for years. She has a fierce and brilliant sense of humour but she is trapped — by the estate, by the weather, by her own fierce intellect — so her humour is a protection against the outside world. She is trying to snap out of how she feels. Masha spends her time smoking, drinking vodka and thinking about her place in the Russia of the past, present and future.

She feels like she was born in the wrong century, always two steps behind. Nina Nina Zarechnaya is 20 years old and lives on the other side of the lake. She has lived by the lake her whole life.

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Her mother died when Nina was young and she now lives with her father and stepmother who try to keep her locked away as much as possible. When Nina can escape for an hour or two she sees Konstantin in secret and they work on his play.

She loves reading books and plays and dreams of one day being an actress. Over the weekend Nina and Boris end up talking. They find that they can talk honestly to one another and, through these conversations, they form an intimate bond.

This bond eventually leads Nina to Moscow, to fulfil her dream of being on stage, but Moscow is a cold and hard city where Nina has to grow up fast and learn about the reality of the world.

Petr Petr has been in the civil service for 28 years. He was once a city man, enjoying its rhythm and life. The estate used to be somewhere he dreamed of; his an annual escape, somewhere to relax by the lake away from the city, smoke and drink. Now it is a place of boredom. He dreams of being back in the city and reminisces about his life to whoever will listen. His joints are getting worse and he has been suffering with high blood pressure, but he is still asked to perform civil duties in the nearby town.

He is supportive of his sister Irina and even more so of the young artist Konstantin. When the Doctor Dorn comes to stay, they spar like two grumpy old men, but there is much love there. He is not the best manager of Ilya, who seems to be understaffed and under resourced. Who knows what will happen to the Estate in the coming years.

Polina Polina Andreyevna Shamrayeva is 42 years. Her father, Andrei, was a merchant, mostly trading in cotton, who was often absent on business. When she was 19, she married Ilya Afanasyevich Shamrayev, also a local man.