Back to the future outatime ending relationship

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back to the future outatime ending relationship

OUTATIME tells the incredible comeback story of the world's most famous movie car - the DeLorean Time Machine from Back to the Future. Plagued by. The original Back to the Future DID NOT have To Be Continued at the end. The first movie was intended to be self contained, Zemeckis and Gale had no plans to . Back to The Future Outatime Dice Game: Game: Toys & Games. My family and I had so much fun playing it I ended up giving it to my sister and.

It can be seen for the first time at the end of Back to the Future when "Doc" Emmett Brown pulls into the McFly's driveway after a trip to the year It is a parody of Mr. Coffee machines, which were very popular at the time of filming. Fusion Home Energy Reactor converts household waste to power for the time machine's flux capacitor and time circuits using nuclear fusionpresumably cold fusion. In the film, Mr. Fusion allows the DeLorean time machine to generate the required 1.

The energy produced by Mr. Fusion replaces plutonium as the primary power source of the DeLorean's time travel, allowing the characters to bypass the arduous power-generation requirements upon which the plot of the first film hinges. The plutonium fission reactor was most likely left installed underneath Mr.

Fusion as a backup power source. The vehicle's hover system is powered by Mr. However, the flight systems were destroyed as a result of a lightning strike, leaving Marty to rely on the original combustion engine, which in turn was disabled. Fictional timeline[ edit ] For most of the first film, the 1.

Fusion Home Energy Reactor " generator possibly acquired in Fusion" device apparently converts household waste into electrical power; the name suggests nuclear fusion. Due to a "hover conversion" made inthe car also becomes capable of hovering and flightthough it lost this ability at the end of the second film.

While there, the DeLorean is stolen by Biff who then travels back to November 12,the same day as the climax of the first film, to give his past self a sports almanac to be used for gambling. Once Biff returns to without Doc's knowledge, the duo return tobut find themselves in an alternate timeline where Hill Valley is ruled by Biff that Doc described as A alternate The DeLorean then travels back to to restore the timeline, [4] but in the aftermath, it is struck by lightning again in the very same electrical storm, this time by accident.

According to writers Bob Gale and Robert Zemeckis, the lightning causes the DeLorean to spin at 88 miles per hour, [11] and Doc later states in a letter to Marty that the bolt caused a "gigawatt overload" which "shorted out the time circuits and destroyed the flying circuits".

Doc and Marty recover the DeLorean from the mine inand Doc builds a vacuum tube circuit assembly to replace the destroyed microchip circuitry and restore the vehicle's time travel capabilities.

The tires have disintegrated in storage, so Doc replaces them with whitewalls. The gasoline engine is still functional, but the flying circuits are not.

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In a letter Doc wrote to Marty inDoc states he is happy in his new life there and requests that Marty not attempt to retrieve him, but instead to return to and destroy the DeLorean, believing that it has brought them and the world nothing but disaster. However, Marty and the Doc of learn of tragedy to come Doc's way when he is murdered by Biff's grandfather, Buford "Mad Dog" Tannen, on September 7, ; therefore, Doc agrees to send Marty back to the Old West to rescue himself.

When Marty arrives inthe DeLorean's fuel line is pierced by an arrow during an Indian attack. He and Doc patch it and attempt to use whiskey as a replacement fuel, since commercial gasoline is not yet available; the test fails, destroying the fuel injection and ignition systems and leaving the car unable to travel under its own power.

Fusion unit provides the power required to activate the flux capacitor and make the jump through time. He uses the old tires and a wooden support to cushion the locomotive's "cow catcher" and the car's rear end. Since each of the three "Presto Logs" fire at different intervals with increasing power, Doc installs a boiler temperature gauge on the DeLorean's dashboard to indicate when the car will experience a sudden burst of acceleration.

Once the DeLorean makes its final trip fromit arrives back in and is immediately destroyed by an oncoming freight train running in the opposite direction.

Marty is able to bail out of the car seconds before the train strikes. Later the Time Train, which is Doc's second time machine, appeared in the same spot where the DeLorean was destroyed. Other elements[ edit ] The time circuits in a replica time machine In the films, the DeLorean time machine is a licensed, registered vehicle in the state of California, where the films take place.

Fusion and the hover conversion Doc either rebuilds the one destroyed at the end of Part III or he simply builds a new one. He also seemingly adds the capability to travel through space in addition to time i. The cartoon DeLorean time machine has many add-ons, including a back seat in normal two-door mode, the ability to transform into a four-door, a pop-out covered wagon top, a blimp, a rear video screen, and a voice activated time input.

Back to the Future: The Game features a chronal duplicate of the original DeLorean, which Doc Brown recovered from the timestream after the destruction of the original. He later traveled to and sent the DeLorean to to get Marty to rescue him from before he can be killed. This duplicate DeLorean is effectively the same as the Part II car, including the occasional glitches in the time controls mostly affecting the last time departed time displaybut with a new automatic retrieval feature that automatically brings the DeLorean to a set time and location of Doc's choosing every time Doc Brown doesn't return to the car in a fixed amount of time.

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As such, the chronal circuits of the duplicate DeLorean become even more glitchy, accumulating errors as severe as the interval of time traveled, with increasing damage with every attempt: This DeLorean is then stolen by Edna Strickland, one of the game's main villains. The more adept Doc Brown returns in another duplicate DeLorean due to earlier events in the game, although it is unknown where it came from. After they explain to him that there is more than one DeLorean, Marty explains that the other DeLorean had malfunctioning time circuits.

To make matters worse, the entire town of Hill Valley disappears around them. They go to "Mary Pickford's" house and see that the other DeLorean had been destroyed. After they get information from Mary, who was really Edna, they go to After they stop the fire that would've burned down Hill Valley, they chase down Edna, who is trying to get away in the first DeLorean.

The son of Kid Tannen. He has a brief appearance during the ending scenes of the game. Three different versions of Future Marty appear during the ending scenes of the game. Then you'll want to check out this video walkthrough: You can also press the escape button to adjust the game settings, quit playing, or save and load games.

The game has an automatic save feature. The game asks if you want automatic goals. You can click on it to learn what Marty's current goal is. If you select "automatic goals", the goal will automatically be shown onscreen anytime Marty gets a new goal. You can change these at any time in the game settings menu.

You can also right-click to skip a line of dialogue. Emmett is ready to begin his scientific career with a big demonstration at the Hill Valley Expo. Marty is going to help Emmett with the demonstration because Emmett is his friend, and because if the demonstration is a failure, Emmett might not grow up to become the crazy scientist we all know and love.

Emmett needs one thing to make his hovercar demonstration work: Marty grabs it and heads to the expo. Marty runs into Alternate Doc at the Expo. Talk with him, using any of the conversation options that you want. As the conversation goes on, Alternate Doc declares that science is the root of all the problems in his life. He thinks it will be best for everyone is Emmett's demonstration at the Expo is a failure. So now it seems that Marty has to help Emmett with the expo demonstration, despite interference from Doc.

Doc tries to steal the hovercar part that Marty has, but he fails. Marty now has to chase the hovering static accumulator. Walk to the left and either click on it, or walk towards it. Follow it left again, then towards the school. The part will then float high, out of reach.

Click on the lamp post to climb it, so Marty is close to the part. Then click on it, and Marty will grab it. Marty gets thrown around by the part for a bit, then the scene ends. Kind of random, if you ask me. After that, Marty enters the expo.

It looks pretty exciting, and Emmett's demonstration is in the corner. Head towards that area to meet up with Detective Parker and Edna Strickland. Edna thinks that Marty is a secret agent named Yakov Smirnoff. She has ordered Officer Parker to shut down Emmett's demonstration.

Parker tells Marty in private that he thinks Edna is crazy, but Parker has to do whatever Edna says. Unless Marty can find a way to destroy Edna's credibility with the police captain, Parker will have to do whatever Edna says.

So that's going to be our first goal: That way, Parker won't have to follow her orders, and Emmett's booth can be reopened. At the police booth, examine the flowers. Parker reveals that these are actually a recording device. Marty wants to take the recording device, but whenever he tries to do so, he gets caught. There are flowers inside the glass room, but Marty doesn't have any tickets.

Talk to Trixie Trotter, and ask her about the attractions. Ask her about tickets next, and she gives you the tickets you need to get inside them. Use them to go inside the Future Furnishings exhibit and take the flowers there. Return to the police area. Use the glass room's flowers on the flower recording device. Marty switches the two of them. Then, go to the phone booth near Trixie and use the flowers on the phone booth.

That way, it will record whatever gets said by the person using the phone. Return to the future furnishings exhibit. Use the green button on the control panel to start the phone. Call the phone at the expo, which is "the phone booth of the future".

Say that you are Carl Sagan Doc's alias in this timeline. Ask to speak to Edna Strickland. Talk to Edna about her dark secret, and she confesses that she is the Speakeasy Arsonist. Return to the phone booth and take the recorder with Edna's confession on it.

Use the recorder on Danny Parker. When Danny hears the recording, he decides that Edna deserves to be questioned at the police station, about her criminal activities.

Edna runs for it, and Danny chases after her. The two of them leave the expo, and Marty decides that this means the police barricades in front of Emmett's booth can now be taken down.

back to the future outatime ending relationship

That's great news, but where is Emmett? Go to the Enlightenment Under the Sea booth and talk with the diver about Emmett. He has seen Emmett, in the House of Glass exhibit, with Doc.

Go to the House of Glass Exhibit, using a ticket to get through the turnstyle. This is a maze, and of course, Doc and Emmett are at the heart of the maze, where it's hard to reach them.

Pull the handle on the green wall, near Marty. Go through the opening, and pull the handle on the indigo wall. Go downstairs and pull the handle on the red wall. Go upstairs, and push the green wall shut again.

back to the future outatime ending relationship

Go downstairs and follow the path. Pull the yellow wall open, then pull the green wall. Marty will then see Doc use some sort of knockout fluid on Emmett. Emmett falls unconscious, and Doc pulls his body away. From inside the room Marty is in, push the red wall to the side.

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Leave this area, and push open the indigo wall, which will take to the area where Doc and Emmett were. Go to Jacques, the famous sea explorer. He saw Emmett the first time around, so maybe he saw Emmett this time, too. As soon as Marty talks to him, he realizes that Doc is inside the diving suit, pretending to be Jacques. Marty assaults Doc, trying to rip off his helmet and expose him. A crowd quickly appears, so Marty is forced to stop. Ask Doc where Emmett is, and he indirectly says that Emmett is inside the bathysphere.

Click on the turnstyle. Marty tries to use his ticket to get inside, but Doc doesn't honor the ticket. Go to Arthur McFly and tell him about this situation.

Arty comes with Marty, and Doc is forced to let Marty up to the bathysphere. Once Marty goes up the stairs, though, Doc pretends that the controls are broken. Click on the bathysphere hose. Marty will step on it, cutting off oxygen to the bathysphere. Since Emmett is inside, he will eventually die from lack of oxygen. Stand in place for a while, and Doc eventually gives in. He raises the bathysphere so Marty can take Emmett out of it. Doc then ditches the diver suit and runs out of the expo.

The Judge demands that the exhibition stop at once. Talk to him, and Marty reveals that Emmett is up on the platform. The Judge comes up closer. Talk to Emmett and say, "He's got to give you a fair trial! Emmett will insist that his father won't listen. Talk to the Judge and tell him that Emmett says he won't listen. Judge Brown agrees to listen this time. Return to Emmett and tell him that his father will listen. Emmett and the Judge yell at each other for a while, which doesn't resolve the situation.

Talk to the Judge again, and this time, talk to him about everything, using up all the conversation topics. Eventually, the Judge remembers what it was like when he first moved to America, despite the fact that his father was very upset about the whole matter.

Talk to Emmett and mention his mother. Emmett will disagree, because the parent he most resembles is his father. Ask Emmett what he just said, and eventually, Emmett and his father make amends. Emmett's demonstration then takes place. It looks pretty successful to me! Marty looks out a window and sees Edna with Old Doc. Edna pushes Doc aside forcefully. Marty runs outside, just in time to see a car chase between Officer Parker and Edna Strickland. Edna is riding the DeLorean.

Marty talks with Old Doc, who has now realized that, perhaps, trying to change Edna is a hopeless task. Old Doc begins to fade out of existence, because Marty just changed Young Doc's timeline. Edna comes barreling nearby in the time machine, and Old Doc saves Marty's life by pushing him out of the way.

While Doc is lying on the ground, he asks to see the newspaper from It has a story about Doc Brown receiving the key to the city. Doc is happy that his timeline has changed for the better, and then he fades out of existence for good. Young Emmett then comes outside and talks to Marty. It seems that Emmmett crashed his hovercar during the demonstration.

Ask Emmett what will happen next, and Emmett is excited to keep experimenting. Emmett notices that Marty is quite upset. He asks what's wrong, and Marty gives him the newspaper clipping fromand he makes Emmett promise not to read it until he gets the key to the city.

Emmett promises, then leaves. Shortly after this, the Old Doc from the newly-established timeline appears. He just received the key to the city, and read the newspaper clipping, and he has come back to to investigate.

back to the future outatime ending relationship

Marty is upset, because if Arthur has married the wrong woman, Marty will soon disappear from existence! Officer Danny Parker reappears. He is surprised to see the DeLorean here. He explains that he was chasing Edna Strickland, when the DeLorean she was driving suddenly disappeared. This is definitely bad news, because if Edna was sent to the past, she would most likely mess up the timestream. And once our heroes realize this That probably means that Edna DID go into the past, and she did something to prevent Hill Valley from becoming a town.

William McFly then appears and talks to our heroes. Talk to William about everything, and he says that Hill Valley disappeared before he was born.

The only person who lives in this area is Scary Mary Pickford, who sounds an awful lot like Edna Strickland Marty and Doc go to see Scary Mary. Try to go through her front door, and Marty will set off a trip wire. The woman leans out the window and yells at them.

Yep, that's Old Edna all right. She's acting just like she did back in Episode One: Trip the wire again. Choose whatever responses you like, because no matter what you say, she will declare that she never thinks about the past.

Tell her "we spent the day together". Marty and Doc mention that today is October 13, Tell Edna that you brought something for her, because the other conversation topics lead to dead ends.

Edna wants to know what Marty brought her. Edna doesn't recognize him at first, so tell her that he is Emmett Brown.