Balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

Final Fantasy XII: A Travelog of Ivalice, by a Raving Madman

balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

I think Ashe might have had some feelings for Balthier, but he didn't previous Final Fantasies so the character relationships are really up to. Fran, Balthier, Ashe, Vaan, Penelo, Basch and Larsa Final Fantasy Artwork black hair blonde hair blue eyes boots couple dress final fantasy final fantasy xv. This quiz gathers virtually every playable female character in the series between . 17What Alias Was Ashe Using When She Met Vaan? One of the sequel's big revelations was that the couple had a son shortly after the.

Once idolized by Cloud, he fell from grace, and attempted to conquer the Planet. He represents the darker side of Cloud's history and, if given a push, could tempt the hero into evil temptations.

That said, they both use their external personalities to mask their deeper conflicts within, so it's only natural that the two would be naturally drawn together. This beautiful sketch art creates a tender scene between the two, a brief moment of peace between the chaos that could make way for a passionate kiss.

An orphaned street thief who, like Luke Skywalker, dreams of destroying the Empire and eventually owning an airship of his own, Vaan would be much better suited in the arms of a bona fide sky pirate like Balthier.

This art makes that dream a reality, because, let's face it, there's not much in the way of romance going on between Balthier and his 'life partner' Fran, anyway. As one of the game's few royal protagonists, the prince Noctis seems a little reluctant to take part in the practise of commoners, but if anyone can convince him, it's Prompto.

balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

Their paparazzo companion is a little jealous of his friend's nobility, but, as this fan art proves, class can't stand in the way of friendship, or even romance. If Noctis thinks being a prince comes with responsibilities, wait until he realises the full weight of Lightning's burden.

If anyone deserves to settle down with a good-looking and heroic prince, it's Lightning. Once Rydia leaves the Feymarch, she has grown into a young woman and, therefore, at the mercy of Edge's persistent flirting. Maybe if Edge hadn't tried to leave Rydia and her friend Rosa behind during their adventure, which he describes as "grown-up work," he would have stood more of a chance.

This piece thankfully puts the pair on equal footing, and depicts a tender kiss rather than Rydia giving in to his relentless pursuing. They've decided to ditch the gloomy fantasy aesthetic and grab a milkshake with two straws in a classic American diner, complete with a juke box and a leather jacket. It almost makes you forget about her romance with Zack.

What actually happens is that Vaan and Balthier get into a scuffle with three Seeq, a race of pig people. These Seeq can only speak in horrible guttural roars, despite every other Seeq in the game being fully articulate. After the pigs are beaten up, the pair take cover as a group of Imperials come out onto the balcony. With them are the Bangaa lizard-man bounty hunters led by Ba'Gamnan, apparently come looking for Balthier, whom the Imperials intend to, uh, let Ba'Gamnan walk out with?

Because Balthier has a bounty on him, apparently? Even if it isn't them, why would they give him their prisoner?

The soldier in charge rightly tells Ba'gamnan to go fuck himself, but before the lizard can carve him up, a man clad all in armor- Judge Gabranth, in fact- enters and gets everyone back to official business.

The Judges are essentially this game's Foxhound, and Gabranth is chief among them. While Boba Fett and Darth Vader are chatting up on the balcony, Chewbacca sneaks up and says she's found a way out for Han and Who the fuck is Vaan in the Star Wars analogy, again? Does that make Penelo R2-D2?

Makes sense, given she could never walk right in those fucking boots AAAAAaaaaanyway, Fran says they can get out through the oubliette, but the magic on the door is beyond "her talents. She is also one of the party's worst casters, stat-wise. Luckily, the large group of our heavily-armed captors seem to be headed that way, and we should be able to easily slip into the most high-security area right behind them, a plan that wouldn't be suicide if we had any of our equipment.

As luck would have it, our equipment would just happen to be in an unlocked, unguarded side room in a hall adjoining the room we were just in, along with a map of the whole joint.

balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

I've got to say, of all the JRPG prison breaks I've been party to- and let me tell you, I'm a damn expert on this subject- this may be the laziest and most token I've seen. There is never, at any point, an attempt to make it seem like you might actually be, you know, imprisoned. Canonically, you begin sneaking just steps behind Darth Gabranth, but it doesn't matter of you have a raging gun battle with every Archadian on the way.

Not a complaint, not a complaint! I don't even want to contemplate forced stealth in this game. And yes, it turns out that getting into the oubliette is as simple as wandering in behind them after they open the magicked, yet otherwise totally unguarded, door. Once within, Gabranth has a nice little chat with the lone prisoner caged there: Their conversation doesn't mean much at the moment, but I'll come back to it once it's relevant. Ooooh believe me, I've got a rant cooking.

Once Gabranth wanders away, the crew saunters up to Leia there and realizes that Fran's "way out" is more of a "bottomless chasm. While the crew ponders their next move, Basch chimes in with, "Hey, you know, if you guys are breaking out, I mean, Iiiiii'm a prisoner, yooooou're prisoners This is actually totally appropriate, and works perfectly well for Vaan's character. It just unfortunately highlights how terrible his voice acting is, with any emotion besides mild interest sounding wooden and strained.

Equally unfortunately, the huge gaggle of soldiers in the next room over start wondering about Basch's conspicuous and untimely reinstatement of visitation privileges, and begin running back in.

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Starved for options, Fran kicks the lever for Basch's cage off the retaining gear, and the group rides that sumabitch as it freefalls a few hundred feet down, the bemused Gabranth looking on. Fortunately for the party, the cage's airbags deployed at the bottom Nabradian craftsmanship, I tell you, they really don't make em like that no more and they go about their merry way.

Vaan tries to resume his shit fit from above, but Balthier tells him to quiet his bitch ass down. This works out fine until they stop for a short rest midway out of the tunnels they've landed in. A bit of namecalling leads Basch to proclaim his innocence, saying that he was abducted at the battle of Nalbina, and it was his brother, Gabranth himself, who assumed his identity and betrayed the king. Now, a lot of folks have voiced disdain for the whole 'evil twin' aspect.

But you know what? I can take that. So, here's the Empire's grand plan: Intentionally spread a rumor that that was their plan? Basch heard that shit from retreating allies on the way there. Was that just Imperial social engineering? And they do have to have Basch there, since I doubt they keep too many evil twins on their Judge staff.

Maybe Drace's sister works a fruit stand in Muthru, I'unno. So Basch and co. As in, real, actual combat. Now, I can see the Empire sacrificing their own people in service of a stupid, pointless scheme, but here's a question: It's not like they sent one lonely cripple with sad eyes to swat at him on his way up the stairs, they attacked him with a fucking fighter airship, on top of a couple dozen plate-clad foot soldiers. So after luring an essential element of their plan into place via grapevine, they send people who aren't in on the plan to kill him with whatever means are available.

Did they just assume he could, on foot and armed with a sword, slay two dozen men and a Remora-class anti-personnel craft? So then Reks gets separated from Basch, and only reaches the Highhall after Gabranth has taken Basch's place. What if they hadn't split up? There were other people with Basch besides Reks, but none of them were present for the 'surrender,' so presumably they all died horribly.

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So they abduct Basch, kill his cohorts, squat him behind a pillar- since they show he was totally in the same room, just out of frame- and wait for a separate group of Dalmascans to arrive, so they can Just hoping against hope that they don't get killed on the way there, or notice Basch squirming and groaning while three guys hold him down six paces to stage left?

And then when Reks does arrive, Gabranth immediately shanks him, so that he can witness the fake confession while drifting in and out of consciousness. I want to know, was Reks the first to make it there, or just the first to survive their little skit? Did they run that confession a couple times while their patsy accidentally died on them?

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I told you not to nick the kidney this time! And they fuck that up, too!

balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

Basch and Gabranth look similar, but they speak nothing alike. Anyone who had actually served with Basch- say, his friend Vossler perhaps- stood a fair chance of recognizing the difference. And here's a thought: This seems like a non-trivial matter for the folk of Dalmasca to know! What if John Fucking Kennedy had had a twin brother who had been raised in Moscow since he was four years old?

And one day good old Jack comes on TV and tells the American people through a thick Ural accent that they're giving all their Minuteman missiles to Castro?

But luckily it was Reks, who had only known him for about ten minutes and wouldn't know the difference.

balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

STILL fucked it up: Reks was so gravely wounded by Gabranth that he spent at least a few months catatonic before wasting away and dying.

Apparently he recovered well enough at some point to tell everyone a ridiculous, sensational story about something that no one else could corroborate and which he was barely awake for?

And everyone just bought it and accepted the surrender without terms, as penance for Basch being such a shit and raining on their nice happy treaty signing? What about the soldiers who first learned of the plot and passed it on to Basch, who were retreating and therefore didn't participate in the battle and get killed? What about any other survivor of the battle, who all knew about the assassination plot? Perhaps the soldiers at Nalbina would believe that Basch had deceived them, but the initial discoverers at least could verify, for certain, that there was already an Imperial plot to assassinate Raminas.

And everyone just accepts That Basch beat the Imperials to the punch? Well, I guess either no one raised those extremely conspicuous inconsistencies or fell down a well on the way back to Rabanastre. So Reks kicks the bucket, and the only witness left is Basch. When Gabranth sees him in Nalbina, he asks him, "Why are you still alive? You win the gold star! The one person in the whole world who could blow their scheme, and they carry him down a few flights of stairs and leave him there forever.

Basch eventually ventures that he's kept hostage to keep Marquis Ondore of Bhujerba 'silenced. Why the fuck would Ondore know anything about it?

balthier and ashe relationship quizzes

Why would he have any idea that Basch was still alive at all? Even if he did somehow know, Ondore is a fucking snake. Basch has less than no political value, since any anti-Archadian that found out he was alive would immediately kill his ass dead, and Ondore would never tip his hand and act against the Empire in a fit of passion regardless of what they did to some rotting political prisoner.

What proof would Ondore have, anyway? Unless Basch were to somehow end up wandering into his mansion and speak to him personally- which, I mean, could never fucking happen, right? Well, not if he was DEAD, anyway! But sure, I'll grant it to them: In the end, it worked.

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There's just one question I have left for them: Why in Faram's name would you bother with this ridiculous fucking plan in the first place?! To make the people of Dalmasca, who still hate you unconditionally but can do nothing to oppose you politically or militarily, accept the surrender more readily?

The game goes out of its way to show that Dalmasca's military was already beyond hope of resisting Archadia, and the Imperials aren't even a mite shy about oppressing the people of Rabanastre as forcibly and openly as possible, with any dissenters being carted of to Gitmo. So why the fuck would they even bother with this convoluted plan?