Blood brothers mickey and linda relationship questions

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blood brothers mickey and linda relationship questions

Write about the relationship between Linda and Mickey and how it is presented. Imagine you Why do you think Willy Russell called the play 'Blood Brothers'?. Blood Brothers- Mickey and his Problems may have felt that taking this risk would get him closer to Linda and strengthen their relationship. 27 questions and answers about 'Blood Brothers' in our 'Musicals A-G' category. Did you know Who tells Mickey of Linda and Eddie's relationship? When do.

Now she feels frightened and alone.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship questions

This is emphasised by the heartbeat sound effect. Note the effect of the music in this section. Note the role of the narrator.

He acts as a sort of commentator on the action also as a conscience.

Notes and Questions on Blood Brothers

He emphasises the terrible consequences of this decision. His language is emotive and extreme, unlike the other characters: How does the writer create sympathy for Mrs. Johnstone in this extract? Lyons in this extract? Why is the narrator in this scene? What does he add to the atmosphere?

Blood Brothers- Mickey and his Problems – Revision For NI

This must be 5 months later. She is greeted by the people she owes money to. They take back the stuff she has bought on credit, despite her protests.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship questions

She invents the lie that twins secretly separately will die the day that they learn they are twins. This is directed at Mrs J and emphasises that the secret cannot be kept forever. The mention of a rosary suggests that Mrs J is a Roman Catholic. How does the writer develop the idea of debts to be paid? How has your opinion of Mrs. What is the role of the narrator in this scene? In this section we see: Find a quotation to prove this.


Why do you think this decision was made? Why not use a child actor? How are they similar?

What is the effect of this? Why has the writer included this detail? Answer the following questions: How do his lines link to the theme of fate? Answer these questions in full: Why is it mentioned that Sammy burnt the school down?

This shows it means a lot to him. His connection to Mrs. J and Mickey is stronger than he will let on and even after 7 years he will risk his whole school career rather than give up his precious photo and locket. She is obviously going mad. He also ends up being suspended. Answer these questions in your book. They immediately become friends again. The writer also brings out the problems and anxieties of being a 14 year old boy.

Blood Brothers: Mickey and Edward

What is the dramatic irony in the song? How does this meeting echo their first meeting at the age of 7?

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship questions

Why do you think Mrs. What does her reaction to the cinema reveal about her relationship with her son? In your main notes on Act 2, answer this question: How has Willy Russell made this scene dramatic for the audience? Lyons character page write down three quotations which show that Mrs. Lyons is losing her sanity.

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Mickey, Eddie and Linda become close friends. The mood is light hearted as the Narrator describes their carefree lives between the ages of 14 and As Eddie prepares to go to university, he makes Mickey ask Linda out at last but not before hinting at his own feelings for Linda.

Mickey was also hurt when Edward moved away from him. Mickey is partially to blame for this. His body language towards Mrs Lyons and the way conveys himself makes Mrs Lyons want to move away. She blames Mickey for what happened. He pushes his way into Mrs Lyons house at one time. All of this adds up until Mrs Lyons cannot take anymore, she is beginning to hate Mickey and feels that she needs to escape him.

However, Mickey was not totally to blame for the bad things that go wrong in his life. He suffered from poor parenting. Mrs J could not handle all of her children so they were left without any life lessons. Mickey was never taught to vocalise his feelings, express emotions towards other people or to be mannerly towards other people. He was never taught that it was alright to do so.

blood brothers mickey and linda relationship questions

Mrs J loved him very much but does not teach him right from wrong. This leads to Mickey getting n trouble with Police as a child. His naivety in these situations is shown by the way he laughs when he is first caught by the police.

Mickey does not know how he should react and has no manners to act properly. Mickey is also a Victim of Circumstance. This depresses Mickey to the point of turning to crime for money. He has grown away from Linda and is never happy. This is shown by the staging. Mickey is shown alone and dreary for these scenes and does not respond very well.

The differences between him and others around him are obvious.