Blood saya and haji relationship poems

When Saya Sleeps Chapter 5: He Remains Simply Haji, a blood+ fanfic | FanFiction

blood saya and haji relationship poems

Read the best stories about #blood, #haji, and #attack recommended by Saya_ After a broken relationship with Saya Otonashi, Haji, her chevailer, had. After a broken relationship with Saya Otonashi, Haji, her chevailer, had know that your one of Diva's children's child, and don't have poisonous blood to him. July · Saikano · Haji & Saya - Blood+ Blood C Anime, Hayao Miyazaki, Anime Love, All .. Sao Quotes, Sword Art Online Asuna, Online Anime, Online Art, I Love.

I think I'd treat it like the whole "Angel and his cellphone" situation. But thanks for the review - I'm glad to see that there are other people out there who also wonder what the heck Haji does during the "down time" It is indeed an amazing show.

As for the fic in question, I'm glad you are enjoying the Haji-centric-ness which is an oxymoron because I think Haji's existence is incomplete without Saya. Writing for Haji alone is hard because so much of him is tied up with Saya As for the music, thank you.

I'm a piano player myself of a sorts - I used to take lessons and all - but dropped them in favor of my better talent writing. P but the theory will always remain - and to this day I enjoy classical music and soundtracks to a large degree. And yes, Andrew Lloyd Webber is amazing. POTO is a great piece. I've got 3 versions of it. My favorite being Sarah Brightman's rendition. On the other hand, about plot. I began this piece as just being merely drabblets It's a new feeling for me - and perhaps fits Haji and his wanderings well.

For those who like Haji alot I did a sketch of him as the "Muse of Nature".

blood saya and haji relationship poems

City of the Nightwalkers". For those who want to read "City of the Nightwalkers" because it's a great resource for meemail me, and I'll set you up with a personal downloading link. XD Spreading the Haji love!!!!!!!!!! This chapter seems really short. I started out with one idea. Also, as requested, I tried to add some description for the Troupe!

Simply Haji When the curtains rose, everyone was in a state of excitement. Angie was hopping up and down, Anton and Claude were now a part of the small back up choir - two familiar faces in a now familiar crowd. In the front row, Kernhikov sat with the sponsors, political dignitaries and important critics. His bulletin was now mangled beyond description - but it was out of sheer exuberant excitement than anything else.

Like Andre, he had babied other musicals and made them fly - but that beginning moment - the question of whether the audience would find some connection was still so important. Now with everything come together - costumes done, lines polished to perfection, lights timed, instruments tuned - that important moment of connection had arrived. However, one couldn't help but feel excited. Twice as excited, considering that a recording and taping were being edited in the studio with a live version also planned for broadcasting - it was like a dream come true for the Company.

Watching the girls twitter, pat their feathers and silently rehearse lyrics, Haji marvelled at the way their professionalism evaporated any fears, anxieties and distracions like him away. And here he was - against all odds - about to walk out to the spotlight. It's only a small role, Haji sighed. Setting his shoulders straight, the chestnut-haired "Muse of Nature" nodded to himself.

I will not shame your teaching, Saya. I will do my best - as I promised. Even if I'm not sure of myself David and Julia busy with their child in England. Kai running the omuru while attempting to raise the Twins on his own And even that reporter Okamura and his girl Mao were gone It felt strange, yes, to sit there without having to worry about anything. With Chiropterans disappearing quickly off the face of the earth - becoming nothing more than a nightmare Let us not forget, he whispered to himself, flicking open the ancient watch - still cracked, still unmoving.

Time had stopped since that time He wondered what the last Chevalier was doing. Was he waiting for Saya somewhere nearby?

Kai had alerted him immediately at the sight of the blue rose - a year and then some after Saya fell asleep. When the girls were asleep I was dozing - and then woke up So I gave him the cello and the album - and he left, the next morning.

He just played for them and then left. He meant no harm. How Haji had survived the bomb, the blast, the falling balcony And he spoke of nothing except Saya. And even then, not alot of her either It's all about Saya The first one to come - the last one to go, Joel mused.

At any rate, here he was, watching some musical performance with a group of business acquaintences. Life was going on as usual And as he turned away from his companion, focussing on the now darkening stage, Joel couldn't help but sigh with relief.

It's all over now. I have paid my debt to the past - I have accomplished what generations have fought for His fist clenched on his now immobile leg. A heart-rending monologue and a sweet short song on the desperation of a victimized damsel - she swooned And the lights rose softly, as a cello called out of the night. Joel sat upright suddenly, his eyes wide with shock.

Those slim deft fingers which had learned to wield a blade The long curling dark hair wrapped in vines But most familiar of all, the haunting voice of the melody. The song is different But the memories laden behind - is potent You are living for her Piles of apertifs and tiny snacks abounded tastefully, arranged around fruit and vegetable trays. Fish eggs, hors d'oeuvres The wine flowed, people were laughing - Haji looked around spotted the perpetually scraggly beard and mane of Kernhikov seperated by the eternal sunglasses and large nose beside the tall, thin, ever-flappable Andre.

Andre looked in fine form tonight - the black tuxedo made his auburn hair even more magnificent, and his blue eyes shone with post-performance euphoria and alcohol. The Chevalier knew better than to join the group. Andre's greedy eyes and the calculating glare of the Countess were two things that Haji didn't feel capable of dealing with. Flamboyant homosexuals and socialite snobs, no. He could already hear her screechy voice agreeing the Andre on a matter of taste.

Or was it a scenery choice? Haji shifted - then, caught himself. He frowned at his own restlessness.

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Is it because you are not here, Saya? This food here, he looked down on at his full and untouched plate has no taste for me He smiled wryly at himself.

You are bored, Haji. Like a young child A too familiar face. Haji's brow wrinkled ever so slightly. I'm so glad to see you safe.

Haji and Saya?

Kai believed you had survived - but Speaking of Kai, he gave us a call when you showed up in Okinawa - but I never thought I'd see you again, to be honest. To ensure her safety She waited as long as she could for you Like so long ago - during that bloody war in the jungle How did you get involved with the Company? I never thought the new up and coming celloist would be you Peaceful in the dead calm. But when the wind commands If you are speaking of me, I only -" "It is of no consequence," the head of Red Shield waved a hand airily.

Do you need anything? She approached, her blue and pink feather boa, flapping around as the actress and singer swayed over.

Underneath her peroxide blonde curls, her blue eyes were bright, cheeks flushed with wine - but the hands curling around his elbow were unresisting. You SAID you would come talk to me!!! Haji peered down at the card. Rose Bleue de la Nuit. For there was Diva. WAS Diva, Haji reminded himself, as he sat down at a round table in the small quiet cafe. Diva was not meant to be, they were not meant to be, or so Saya thought For we are unnaturel He looked up thoughtfully, his eyes focussed on the crowds passing him - the young ladies all brightly dressed up in small skirts, high heels - chattering, laughing.

Like Annette, last night - a flower as intoxicating - Intoxicated, more like, Haji sighed. Just like Kernhikov and his artistic visions We are not part of this flow of life And Haji recalled the previous night of wine and dancing, the celebratory party - and Joel, who looked so much the same. A little older perhaps, around the edges - Like curling parchment under the sun, Haji smiled at his suddenly poetic thought.

Like the old Joel Quiet, dignified, the dark brown hair giving away to iron grey. And then, in the future to the white of wisdom. And Kai had stirred Haji - and so, the two men, who loved that bright soul, had fought for that life which should not have existed. That was all that Diva wanted, Haji mused. She, too, wanted family and love And that is what we fought - we fought for love.

I am here, once again alone, at the end of all things Should I even be here? He felt even more alienated then ever. A creature outside of time. A creature that should not exist, perhaps? He could still remember Isaac's deep voice, promising just punishment What are you planning to do with Haji? That's why Haji can't live like an ordinary person.

blood saya and haji relationship poems

After all, he is a monster that feeds on human blood. Who can I be? The man in the wheelchair turned and waved, a waitress appearing almost instantly to take his order. I am having a latte and a croissant Croissants with swiss cheese is best I've been hard put to find someone to best Lewis' stew.

I'd go with Swiss, if I were you. But you need identification and connections I'll have things set up for you within the week. All I'll need from you is your signature, some passwords What day would work for you?

Set thirty years after the series. Saya struggles to come to terms with a world devoid of Diva. Old ghosts must be laid to rest, and new threats defeated.

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blood saya and haji relationship poems

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blood saya and haji relationship poems

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Saving a life has many meanings, reasons and consequences. For both the saved and the savior.