Booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

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booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

"Ange, have you noticed Booth and Brennan acting weird lately? my office questioning the status of Booth and Brennan's relationship Brennan have a theory that Booth and Brennan are dating secretly since the gala, and. Fluffy story of Booth and Brennan together in an established, but secret relationship, and away on an FBI partners' retreat. Fluffy, no angst. What if Booth and Brennan became romantically involved and tried to keep it Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters:

booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

Booth sat up and sputtered his indignation. By 'physical' I don't necessarily mean 'sexual'. Agent Booth, you're physically protective of Doctor Brennan. You display classic dominant male possessiveness.

booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

Placing your hand on Doctor Brennan's back or arm to lead her, opening doors, pulling out chairs…" "I was raised to be a gentleman, Sweets. She turned and met Booth's frowning stare. What's wrong with that? They glanced at each other and a silent message passed between them: Booth is an excellent dancer…" "Thank you. She smiled back then turned back to Sweets with a frown.

booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

The partners glanced at one another with matching wary expressions then looked quickly away. Brennan's cheeks were pink. Booth's cell phone rang. Brennan was already rising and Booth cupped her elbow. The door closed behind the two partners. Booth hustled Brennan down the hallway, his hand on the small of her back firmly propelling her.

booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

They reached the elevator bank and he pressed the 'down' button. She turned her head to look down at his hand, now gently grasping her upper arm.

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Booth glanced at his hand and dropped it to his side. The elevator doors opened and Booth let Brennan step in first. He pressed the lobby button and the doors closed. Booth frowned then stepped into her personal space so they were nearly nose to nose.

Temperance Brennan sighed and rested her elbow on the side of the toilet. Day six of this awful sickness, and she still refused to listen to her body.

There was no way on this Earth that she was in this situation.

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She flushed the contents of her stomach down the drain and pulled herself to her feet. Pull it back together, Tempe. She washed her hands and brushed her hair back into its tight ponytail. When she returned back to her office, she pulled a mint out of her purse and placed it in her mouth. She knew before the vomiting came, she knew before her moods started to change.

Was she going to accept this yet, no, but she was going to deal with it until she confirmed her hypothesis. That is who Dr. Brennan was, she collected the facts and was scheduled for a test later to confirm, or maybe deny, her ideas.

Seeley Booth watched her all day, running to and from the bathroom. He listened as she snapped at what was usually the common mistake. He knew that something wasn't right, but he wasn't about to confront her about it. They had promised to try and keep things the same, but they knew that the promise may not hold out for long.

If one of them broke the connection, the whole unit would fall apart with them.

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So, they kept their one love filled night together a secret. But, they may not be able to keep it for very long much longer. They knew it would happen sooner or later, they knew that another case would come up and they would have to take it, like usual. This time there were remains were of a woman, who, by Bones predictions, was pregnant, which made it harder not to connect with it for her. She sighed as she bent over the table where they woman's remains laid.

She knew how she was murdered; she was stabbed right in the lower stomach, which nearly killed her even more. Her cell phone's alarm clock went off to let her know that she had an appointment to attend.

She was releasing herself from her lab coat, which was slowly getting a little bit tighter around the chest area, when there was a slight rap on her door.

booth and brennan secret relationship fanfiction

She turned to see the cocky, arrogant, sexy, charming man she called her partner, leaning against the doorframe. She looked at him confused and then saw the look on his face. She was trying to be rational, but he was annoying her. I am going to the doctor, if that's alright with you. He changed his attitude when she said the word doctor.

He kept his voice low. She looked perfectly fine in his eyes, better than fine. Then again, she always looked better than fine. He couldn't help but notice that her chest had looked like it had gotten a little fuller. He detoured his eyes back to hers, and he caught her worry. She knew better, though, and moved past him to shut her door. She sighed and leaned against it for a second. Brennan looked down at her chest, sighed and the pushed forward a bit. He could always do that, see right through her.