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Bromden suffers from debilitating mental illness and fears, which he is able to put aside with the help of the new man on the ward, Randle McMurphy. However, you can see in these quotes how Chief slowly rises out of his “fog” McMurphy manages to change Bromden and help him become. Chief Bromden, nicknamed “Chief Broom” because the aides make him sweep and her, and the guys—and about McMurphy,” he is also telling the story of his.

Perhaps unexpectedly, it received positive reviews, with one newspaper describing it as "Not a performance to miss. Not, indeed, an entertainment to miss. The Swedes love the film more than any other nation Not content with the usual run of, say, a couple of months, the Swedes continued to show One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest in cinemas for an astonishing 11 years, from to The title of the novel is derived from a nursery rhyme I confess to having no idea what it all means and nor, I suspect, did Ken Kesey.

What I do know is that Chief Bromden quotes these lines from Oliver Goldsmith's tongue-twisting nursery rhyme in the novel after receiving electroshock therapy. They do not, however, make an appearance in the film.

Nevertheless, here they are in their entirety: One flew east, And one flew over the cuckoo's nest. Oscar-winning actress Anjelica Huston appears as an extra in the film This is not the role for which Anjelica Huston will be remembered — after all, she won an Oscar for her performance for Prizzi's Honor — but if you look closely when the boat returns to the pier following the fishing trip, there she is in the crowd.

For many years, Huston was rumoured to be in a relationship with Jack Nicholson. The music accompanying the opening and closing credits was performed on a musical saw Jack Nitzsche was nominated for both an Oscar and a Grammy for his work on the soundtrack to One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Psychiatrists have never forgiven the film for what it did to the reputation of electro-convulsive therapy ECT Contrary to popular belief, Jack Nicholson did not undergo ECT during filming but the depiction of the procedure was overly dramatic, according to the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

This time I came fighting out of it in less than a day, less time than ever. It was the last treatment they gave me. I holler till she gets there. After his father sold native American grounds to the government, his health deteriorates as he becomes an alcoholic. Bromden also spent time in the military, in which they use fog machines to combat the enemy. This, as well as the combine, are one of the reasons Bromden becomes so secluded, until the arrival of McMurphy on the ward.

McMurphy manages to change Bromden and help him become more social as well as an overall better person. Nurse Ratched Quote 1: Playing with human lives—gambling with human lives—as if you thought yourself to be a God!

He is simply a man and no more, and is subject to all the fears and all the cowardice and all the timidity that any other man is subject to. Given a few more days, I have a very strong feeling that he will prove this, to us as well as the rest of the patients. Cheswick do, then back down the moment there is any real danger to him personally.

Keep in mind that Mr. The length of time he spends in this hospital is entirely up to us.

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Now, if there is nothing else Nurse Ratched is constantly demeaning the men either through humiliation or actual physical punishment, usually administered by the black boys or through harsher means such as ESP or lobotomies. McMurphy and Nurse Ratched are always playing a game, a game where Nurse Ratched can seemingly not lose. However, as the game escalates, it turns into a war that determines the fate of the patients on the ward.

McMurphy ends up winning this war by sacrificing himself. After McMurphy dies, Nurse Ratched has no control over the word. Many of the patients leave, and Chief Bromden, who is committed to the ward, escapes: Nobody bothers coming after an AWOL, I knew, and Scanlon could handle any questions about the dead man—no need to be running like this.

I ran for miles before I stopped and walked up the embankment onto the highway. I got the job by proving to the bean boss I could pick just as fast and clean as any of the adults. Anyway, I was the only kid in the rows. Nobody else around me but grown-ups. Four weeks and not a peep out of me. Till I think by God they forgot I could talk, the mossbacked old bastards. I bided my time.

Then, on the last day, I opened up and went to telling them what a petty bunch of farts they were. I told each one just how his buddy had drug him over the coals when he was absent. Hooee, did they listen then! I cussed him out too. Well worth it, too. Committed by the state from the Pendleton Farm for Correction. Fordiagnosis and possible treatment.

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Distinguished Service Cross in Korea, for leading an escape from a Communist prison camp. A dishonorable discharge, afterward, for insubordination. Followed by a history of street brawls and barroom fights and a series of arrests for Drunkenness, Assault and Battery, Disturbing the Peace, repeated gambling, and one arrest—for Rape.

Nothing is left on the screen but a little eye of light beading right down on McMurphy sitting there. And sits that way, with his hands crossed behind his head and his feet stuck out in a chair, a smoking cigarette sticking out from under his hatbrim—watching the TV screen.

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Kesey, pg 83 Quote 4: He stops at the door and looks back at everybody standing around. You ever been kneed in the nuts in a brawl, buddy? It makes you sick, it saps every bit of strength you got.