Brother and sister relationship quotes with images in tamil

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brother and sister relationship quotes with images in tamil

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Nevertheless, the Sino-Indian war brought about changes in the Indian constitution. The Sixteenth Amendment most popularly known as the Anti-Secessionist Amendment banned any party with sectarian principles from participating in elections.

When this amendment was presented in the Parliament of IndiaAnnadurai was one of its members. He vehemently debated against the amendment, but eventually could not stop it from being passed. Faced with the new constitutional changes, Annadurai and his DMK left the call for an independent Tamil homeland on the back burner.

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A situation has arisen where we can neither talk nor write about this ideal. Of course we can destroy the party by undertaking to violate the prohibition. But once the party itself is destroyed there will not be any scope for the ideal to exist or spread. That is why we had to give up the ideal.

This move was opposed by people and politicians of Tamil Nadu, since they considered that it would make them second class citizens when compared to that of native Hindi speaking North Indians.

brother and sister relationship quotes with images in tamil

Rajagopalachari popularly known as Rajaji proposed the use of Hindi language as a compulsory language in schools. This move was opposed by Tamil leaders.

brother and sister relationship quotes with images in tamil

Annadurai, along with other Tamil enthusiasts including the poet Bharathidasanheld demonstrations. Annadurai participated in the first Anti Hindi imposition conference held in Kanchipuram on 27 February Two members of the protest, Thalamuthu and Natarajan, died as a consequence of police beating the same year.

With overwhelming opposition, the government of Madras Presidency finally withdrew the order in Anti-Hindi agitations of Tamil Nadu When India became a republic with its own constitution inthe constitution had given special status to the Hindi language, which was to gain official status after 15 years in This move was regarded with anxiety by students in Tamil Nadu.

Why should we then claim the tiger as our national animal instead of the rat which is so much more numerous? Or the peacock as our national bird when the crow is ubiquitous?.

He gave black flags to leading functionaries, to be shown to the President of India during his visit to the state. Sensing an uprising, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru assured in the Parliament that English would continue to be the official language of India, as long as non-Hindi speaking people desire.

DMK gave up the plan of showing black flags and Annadurai appealed to the Union Government to bring about a constitutional amendment incorporating the assurance. Hence Annadurai, who by then had been trying to shake off the secessionist image of his party, declared 24 January as a day of mourning. He also replaced the slogan of the protests to Down with Hindi; Long live the Republic. Nevertheless, violence broke out on 26 January, initially in Madurai which within days spread throughout the state.

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The Manavarai — the ceremonial stage The stage of the ceremony is a vital part of the Tamil Hindu weddings, with interesting elements, adding up to give life to the setting. The Gurukal priest conducts the ceremony in a decorated open canopy called the Manavarai, which hosts the holy moment of the bride and the groom tying their eternal knot. The holy fire in the center of the Manavarai serves as Agni Saatchi holy witness to the communion.

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The Gurukal offers prayers, and coconut- symbolizing purity of character, is broken at intervals to honor the realization of supreme self. Brass pots filled with water and placed in front to symbolize deities.

brother and sister relationship quotes with images in tamil

A branch of the tree is also decorated in the middle to symbolize fertility. With everything set, it is time for the to-be-weds to step in.

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The groom then proceeds to the Manavarai where the Gurukal awaits. Sankalpam — Commencement of Ceremony Addressing Lord Ganesha to remove all the obstacles and ensure harmony in the proceedings, the priest offers prayers on behalf of the groom. The Panchakavya Pooja that follows is meant to purify the Manavarai, the mind and the body of the groom before he steps into the holy state of matrimony.

The Groom is then given a Thetpai grass ring that symbolizes the cleansing of mind and a saffron thread is tied to his right wrist for the guarding against any forthcoming evil. Five married women plant nine types of grains the in pot and sprinkle water to signify their wishes concerning the prosperity and fertility of the couple. The Gurukal performs the same purification rituals as he did for the groom. The parents of the Bride gift their daughter to the parents of the Groom, with the Groom undertaking to protect and cherish her throughout their lives together.

The groom then presents the bride with koorai wedding saree and the Thaali eternal golden thread. The Koorai and Thaali are circulated amongst the gathering for their blessing. The groom then leaves the Manavarai in order to change into the Koorai. Thaali Kattu — Tying of the eternal knot This is the most significant and awaited moment of the wedding.

Dressed in her koorai, the bride makes her way into the Manavarai holding a garland for the groom. Representing Lord Shiva and Parvathy, as two halves completing the self, the groom and the pride sit in the elevated space in middle amidst the prayers chanted by the priest.

Guests shower the couple with atchadhai flowers and rice grains as a blessing. The couple is then declared husband and wife as they exchange garlands with love. The present practice could be an extension of that tradition.

brother and sister relationship quotes with images in tamil

Maalai maatral exchange of garlands: The marriage is considered complete only when the bride and groom exchange their garlands.