Charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

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charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

Professor X and Magneto have a long and storied past that makes their relationship a difficult one to define. They've known each other for decades and began. This is the last time we'll ever see Logan and Charles Xavier Back in X2: X- Men United, the imprisoned Erik Lehnsherr, AKA Magneto, took a stab . more vital to their relationship is that Charles's lack of fear isn't blind trust. Thanks to the 90′s cartoon, I've been a nearly lifelong X-Men fan, and the relationship between Charles Xavier (Professor X) and Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) is.

For example, Charles believes that mutants should coexist peacefully alongside humans, despite the abuses that they have suffered from humans in the past.

Erik has already been at the mercy of other human men, as he was a survivor of a Nazi death camp, and believes that the only way for mutantkind to prosper is to dominate the human race with their natural born gifts. Quite a bloody one, in fact.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

In their battles against each other, Magneto and Professor X do not hold back on account of past alliances. In the movie X2, when Charles is captured, Erik joins forces with the X-Men to go and rescue the professor only to turn on them all in the end. Talk about frenemies, huh?

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They care for each other deeply, that is a fact that cannot be disputed. As was stated before, they may not hold back on account of past alliances and friendships, but they also do not forget them entirely.

Both Erik and Charles have made it evident over the years that they do not enjoy fighting each other, and many times they have attempted to coax the other onto their side of the dispute. These small moments of relief, the miniscule truces between the leaders of both the X-Men and their rival group the Brotherhood add a twist to their relationship that almost makes it impossible for fans to choose a side in the conflict-and at times, it almost seems as though it makes it impossible for them to choose as well.

Magneto Testament was written by Greg Pak and released in September Pak based Magneto Testament on accounts from Holocaust survivors. Before the publication of X-Men: He was portrayed as a Jewish Holocaust survivor; while searching for his wife Magda, a SintiMagneto maintained a cover identity as a Sinti.

Magneto was born Max Eisenhardt sometime in the late s to a middle-class German-Jewish family. His mother, father, and sister were executed and buried in a mass grave, but Max survived, possibly due to the manifestation of his mutant powers. Escaping from the mass grave, he was ultimately captured yet again [23] and sent to Auschwitzwhere he eventually became a Sonderkommando. Following the war, he and Magda moved to the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsiaand Max adopted the name "Magnus".

Magda and Magnus had a daughter named Anya, and lived uneventfully until an angry mob, spurred on by the first manifestation of Magnus' powers, burned down their home with Anya still inside. Magnus was enraged at the mob for preventing him from rescuing Anya, and his powers were unleashed, killing the mob and destroying a part of the city. Magda, terrified at Magnus' power, left him and later gave birth to the mutant twins Pietro and Wanda before she died. Wanted by the authorities for the deaths and destruction in Vinnytsia, and while searching for Magda, Magnus paid a Romanian forger, George Odekirk, to create the cover identity of "Erik Lehnsherr, the Sinte gypsy".

There, the two debated the consequences humanity faced with the rise of mutants, though neither revealed to the other that they were mutants. However, they were forced to reveal their inherent abilities to one another while facing Baron Strucker and Hydra. Following the battle, Erik, realizing that his and Xavier's views were incompatible, left with a cache of hidden Nazi goldwhich provided him with the finances to pursue his goals.

Art by Carlos Pacheco. Magneto's experiences surviving Nazi GermanyAuschwitzand Vinnytsia would shape his outlook on the situation that mutants face in the Marvel Universe. Determined to keep such atrocities from ever being committed against mutantkind, he is willing to use deadly force to protect mutants. He would believe that mutants "Homo superior" will become the dominant life form on the planet and would set about either creating a homeland on Earth where mutants could live peacefully, or conquering and enslaving humanity in the name of mutantkind.

Magneto's first villainous act is attacking a United States military base called Cape Citadel after bringing down missiles. He is driven off by Charles Xavier's mutant students, the X-Menin their first mission. He then gathers a group of angry and disillusioned mutants including his own, albeit at the time unbeknown to him, son and daughter Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch and formed the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to further his goals.

Magneto briefly conquers the South American nation of San Marco in the hopes of establishing a mutant homeland there, but is again foiled by the X-Men. When that failed, he captures the Angel and tries to force him to tell the secrets of the X-Men. However, the other X-Men rescue their member and destroy Asteroid M. The Stranger encases Magneto and Toad in a special cocoon and spirits them away to another planet, the Stranger's laboratory world.

He captures nearly all the X-Men and takes over the Mansion, hoping to use the Angel's parents to create a race of mutants, but is recaptured by the Stranger. Using ancient and advanced alien technology he found near the core of the earth, Magneto creates the artificial humanoid " Alpha the Ultimate Mutant ". Alpha rebels against his creator and reduces him to infancy.

At Muir Island, MacTaggert discovers that the prolonged and extensive use of Magneto's powers has a disruptive effect on his nervous system and psyche, causing him to become increasingly paranoid and irrational the more he uses them. In an attempt to cure him of this flaw she manipulates the infant Magneto's genetic code, so that when he grows older he will be able to safely use his powers while still remaining rational, in order to prevent him from becoming "evil" in adulthood.

Magneto is eventually restored to adulthood, but to his physical prime rather than his older, chronological age, by the alien Shi'ar agent Erik the Red. Art by John Romita Jr. Magneto's first steps towards a change in character begin during an encounter with the X-Men, when he lashes out in anger and nearly kills Kitty Prydestopping short when he sees that the X-Man that he attacked is a Jewish child — precisely the kind of person he claimed he was fighting to make a better world for.

Realizing that he has come to regard the lives of those who oppose him to be as worthless as the Nazis considered his people to be, Magneto stands down and leaves the scene; though most of the X-Men are dismayed that he escaped, Xavier expresses hope that the encounter might prove a turning point for his former friend.

He reveals to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch that he is their father. Angered by his rejection of them and their mother, they push him away and refuse to forgive him. This entity took them to a planet he created called the Battleworld to participate in a personal experiment of his to observe the concept of the battle between good and evil which would later be known as the Secret Wars.

The characters were sorted according to their desires; Magneto was placed with the heroes as his desires were based on a wish to help mutants rather than the more selfish drives of the other villains. This surprises many of the other heroes, who still believe him to be a villain, although eventually they come to accept him as an ally. Captain America even speaks in his defense on some occasions, and the Wasp develops a certain affection for him, although it is tempered by her knowledge of his past.

The alien Warlocktraveling to Earth, collides into the asteroid, breaking it to pieces. He is rescued by Lee Forresterthe captain of a fishing trawler. A special tribunal dismisses all charges against Magneto from prior to his "rebirth", deeming that this had constituted a figurative death of the old Magneto. However, the tribunal is interrupted by an attack from Fenristhe twin children of Baron Wolfgang von Strucker.

Professor Xbrought to near-death due to the strain of the battle and previously sustained injuries, asks Magneto to take over his school and the X-Men.

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Magneto agrees and chooses not to return to the courtroom. Instead, he takes over Xavier's school under the assumed identity of Michael Xavier, Charles Xavier's cousin. His responsibilities to the school force him to separate from Lee, who he felt would have been a strong guiding hand and emotional support. As a result, Magneto is finally absolved of his past crimes but finds that this only fuels hostility towards mutants.

To win the support of the other Club members against Shaw, he claims that his reformation was all a pretense in order to use the X-Men and New Mutants as pawns in a long-term scheme to take over the world. In response, the New Mutants, who had already decided to leave Magneto's tutelage, declare themselves his enemies. After confirming that the Skull was the original one who had worked with Hitler, Magneto takes revenge upon him by entombing him alive.

The conflict ends with Magneto reclaiming his powers and executing Zaladane himself. With her death, Magneto renounces his previous efforts to act as a mentor to the New Mutants and to follow Xavier's beliefs in peaceful co-existence between mutants and normal humans.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

At this point, he is a figurehead for the cause of mutantkind and is sought out by a group of mutants calling themselves the Acolyteswho pledge their service and allegiance to him. Enraged, he kidnaps Moira and subjects her to torture, later forcing her to use the same procedure that was used on him to alter the minds of some of the X-Men.

However, when the remaining X-Men attack Asteroid M to rescue Moira and stop Magneto's plans, the Soviets launch a particle beam satellite which destroys Asteroid M and the procedure wears off; Moira had learned long ago that her procedure didn't work as a mutant's natural physiology relied on their bodies operating in a precise manner, with use of their powers restoring them to normal, and so Magneto had genuinely reformed. Betrayed and abandoned by Cortez, who had revealed Moira's actions to him to try and provoke Magneto into bringing mutants together to serve as a martyr for Cortez's own cause.

Magneto refuses Xavier's pleas to escape with the X-Men back to Earth. However, Chrome and the other Acolytes die. In response, Magneto generates an electromagnetic pulse not only destroying the satellites, but deactivating every electric device on Earth within minutes.

The X-Men respond by hacking into Avalon 's own computer systems to teleport a small team to the station with the aid of Colossus [65] who joined Magneto's Acolytes moments after his younger sister Illyana 's funeral [66]. Magneto, during the battle with the X-Men, rips the adamantium from Wolverine 's bones, which enrages Xavier to the point that he wipes his former friend's mind, leaving him in a coma.

During the destruction, Colossus places Magneto in an escape pod sending him back to Earth. Instead, Magneto, now fully revived, battles both Astra and his clone. Magneto triumphs over the clone, sending him crashing into a South American barn. He engages in a pair of brief diversions, first posing as "Erik the Red" and revealing Gambit 's past crimes to the X-Men, resulting in Gambit's expulsion from the group. The X-Men and Joseph, who had fallen under Astra's control again, oppose him.

Magneto's powers are severely depleted from battling Joseph, who sacrifices his life to restore the Earth to normal. Taking the opportunity for revenge, Wolverine attacks the depowered Magneto, crippling him with serious injuries.

Magneto (comics)

Over 16 million mutants and humans die. The attack comes just after Polaris one of the survivors discovered the truth about her biological relationship as Magneto's daughter. House of M The House of Magnus, from left to right: During the " House of M " storyline, Magneto's daughter Wanda suffers a mental breakdown over the loss of her children and starts to warp reality in order to recreate them, until Doctor Strange put her into a coma to stop her.

In Genosha, Magneto hears Wanda's psychic cry for help and creates a wormholewhisking her away before the Avengers are able to stop her.

charles xavier and erik lehnsherr relationship trust

Magneto tends to Wanda, increasingly becoming more withdrawn and angry. He allows only Xavier to visit, in the belief that Xavier can help Wanda. After months of failed attempts, the X-Men and the Avengers meet to decide what should be done. When some of the members suggest killing Wanda, Quicksilver informs Magneto of this development, before convincing Wanda to warp reality into the House of M. In the new reality, where the New Avengers, the X-Men, and the members of Wanda's family all received their 'heart's desires', Magneto was attacked by Sentinels over Manhattan inand revealed an alleged international anti-mutant conspiracy involving Richard Nixon.

This resulted in Magneto being granted sovereignty over Genosha as leader of the world's much larger and much faster growing mutant population. Magneto then turned Genosha into the most powerful, technologically advanced country on Earth, which he used as a base to dominate the world and place mutantkind above humanity. They band together and attack Magneto in Genosha, believing him to be the one responsible. During the battle Layla is able to restore Magneto's memories, and he confronts his son.