Charlie matheson and bass monroe relationship

Jess Anastasi: Ships that aren't Shipping -- Part Two: Charlie and Monroe on Revolution

charlie matheson and bass monroe relationship

#revolution#charlie matheson#bass monroe#mine much into everything and imagining a relationship that isn't there, but when an Executive Producer comes. Today's rant post features Charlie and Monroe from Revolution, or Charloe, as the A lot of the haters also think Charlie should end up with baby-Bass, aka Connor, of something between Sebastian Monroe and Charlie Matheson. Unlike Olicity on Arrow, the Charloe relationship hasn't exactly become. personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships.

Snow, A trip up north, bad plans go even more horribly awry and hilarity and smut ensue.

charlie matheson and bass monroe relationship

For a man that has nothing to look forward to on the holidays, Bass sure has gone all out this year. What happens when life emulates art and he's stuck in a Bing Crosby musical, blackout style? Very long one shot cause I can't help myself Revolution - Rated: Although I have to tell you I really don't feel like a Charlotte, but somehow it feels right when you say it.

charlie matheson and bass monroe relationship

The war is over and life is starting to settle down. Charlie wants something and asks Bass for his help He's surprised at first, but isn't totally opposed to the idea Their relationship changes forever when she finally confronts him.

All the gang is here as we take a look at some important events in the lives of Charloe. She's now in a world with power, in an unfamiliar city and with absolutely nothing but the clothes on her back. What happens when the only person she has to rely on is a year-old Sebastian Monroe?

charlie matheson and bass monroe relationship

A fluffy for me anyway one shot, Charloe and silliness. I may be toeing the line with the rating due to language but sex is implied not graphic sorry.

Sebastian Monroe

T - English - Romance - Chapters: It's essentially a two-shot and it's pure Charloe because I adore them and can't live without them. The Patriot War is over. Our gang has settled into a new homestead in Missouri. Rachel, Aaron and Priscilla are off fighting the Nano. Miles, Bass and Charlie are getting ready for winter.

Bass and Charlie never stop fighting and Miles can't take it anymore. Charloe Revolution - Rated: His reaction however, is not at all what she is expecting.

Reviews are welcome and encouraged. But when companionship turns to something more will Charlie be able to work past everything Monroe has done and what will come of this new relationship? What consequences lie in store for these two? It's their choice when they don't tell anyone. Everyone has heard stories of people waking up in Vegas to find they've done something stupid the night before.

charlie matheson monroe

The blackout has not ended this practice. Betrayed and heart-broken, Charlie leaves her family in an attempt to find something to help her get over him. However, Monroe finds her and tries to make amends and make her realize that he wasn't who he had been and that the Monroe Republic wasn't what it had been either. The blackout never happened. Each section is bookended by a Matheson Family Reunion recap.

Some fluff, some sorrow, lots of love.

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Future Charloe, slow burn more than likely. Let the political intrigue begin! Betrayal by PleasantlyInsanePerson reviews Charlie discovers Bass and Connor's nasty little secret, but is all as it appears?

First post, suppose there's a little bit of Charloe in there. She winds up on Duncan's doorstep asking for help to mount a rescue. Finally got them together in chapter 7, and may be walking the line between T and M, so bumping the rating just to be on the safe side.

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Looking like the whole story will take about 12 chapters. Charlie and Bass find themselves standed in a lonely cabin on a rainy night. With nothing but liquor and drinking games to bide the time, whatever will they do?

charlie matheson and bass monroe relationship

Their situation gets worse when Bass learns who is behind Charlie's status as a wanted criminal. As enemies close in, things between Bass and Charlie only get more complicated. I'm not sure what's going on with Revolution. For the first half of this season I was like "yeah baby, this stuff is awesome! Most of all, I liked the sudden development of something between Sebastian Monroe and Charlie Matheson.

Except then things got a little crazy, and now I'm just confused. Do I like what's happening now? I really can't decide. This show is on hiatus for the Olympics at the moment, and after the last episode, I can't say I'm all that upset about it. You see, things used to be simple. Charlie hated Monroe for indirectly being responsible for her brother and father getting killed plus a couple of other characters along the way, but, you know, this is war and all that stuff.

And Monroe is at first portrayed as this psycho dictator type guy who randomly kills puppies and small children. Okay, not really puppies, but unfortunately some children may have died. Anyway, so in the first part of season two, Charlie's only purpose in life is to track down and kill Monroe.

Well, she succeeds in the tracking him down part, but the killing Somehow it all ended with them tied up in the bottom of an empty pool, and between snarky comments, the spark was more than obvious. Enter the Charloe fans. So the Charloe fans had been given hope that something, anything, would happen between these two, other than all the time they spend kicking butt and taking down their enemies.