Chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

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chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

ANY PROGRESS IN THEIR RELATIONSHIP? And just like Kana said - since it was Chihaya for Taichi and Taichi for . and chihaya, chihaya seeking an advice to arata and the pathetic taichi will be in jealous mode again. Her relationship with Arata is actually not romantic but for some reason, it is lovely to me. I mostly felt that way for Chihaya and Taichi for this anime. they help each other by studying others' karuta playing style and giving each other advice. r/manga's huge recommendation list! Arata first game, I'm shocked that Arata won, since Taichi got the . And what´s currently going on in the Taichi-Chihaya- Arata triangle? . The most important part is that Chihaya has changed and I think she could manage being in an actual relationship at this point.

This is where I will bring up the illustrations in panels that speak volumes.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

Even if they take up a small part of a page and have no dialogues, they are there for a reason and Suetsugu wants to tell her readers something. After the conversation about useless detergents, Taichi makes a half-smile and he makes a forlorn gaze at Chihaya before sustaining the conversation. This is an unspoken cue that suggests Taichi himself sees how uneasy the atmosphere has become between the two of them.

Because it is probably a parallel to this. I think the similarity between these two scenes is a deliberate attempt by Suetsugu to remind her readers of what previously happened between Taichi and Chihaya. Personally, I believe that experiencing moments by themselves weigh just as much as accumulating memories for later, whether it is for the good or the bad.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

Taichi steals a furtive glance in the silence. It seems that he was about to say something but was interrupted by the girls from the wind instrument club. We see how his fists here are clenched too. Again, it hints that he senses the delicate situation he is in. Can I just talk about how symbolic these scene is? How their backs are faced each other, even though they are so close to each other.

So near, yet so far. God, knows what expression Taichi is making here. That even though they got over the hurdle of talking to each other again, going back to how they were is very difficult or nearly impossible.

This panel pretty much portrays how Chihaya, too, felt rather uncomfortable when she was walking back home with Taichi. She probably fakes a smile here and forces a conversation in the attempt to break the silence. See how their conversations are never asking or talking about each other but on other people? This is where their relationship is truly at.

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All things happy are nothing but a facade and pretense. In order for them to even hope for things to go back to how things were, someone needs to address what happened, no matter how difficult or painful.

chihaya and tai chi relationship advice

As long as no one takes the first step to speak about the issue, they are probably going to remain this way. But this can only mean more possibilities for the future. She no longer only sees him as a long-time friend but one who holds feelings for her.

Chihaya x Taichi? spoilers allowed!

She is evidently more self-conscious and able to read the situation better. When Taichi talks about having his own earplugs, she immediately makes the connection with Suo. Of course Chihaya becoming more aware is not isolated to Taichi but to people in general. Chihaya rushing to verbally thank Taichi not only once but multiple times at the end of is also proof of how increasingly perceptive she has become.

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And sometimes, for things to change and become stronger, certain things things need to be destroyed. I would like to point out the way Taichi bids farewell to Chihaya in is similar to the way Arata does in To me, Chihaya and Taichi are distant than ever before, but it makes sense given the events that happened preceding these two main chapters.

Can they ever go back to the way they were? If she wants an OT3 reunion of some sorts, then this has to happen. That they need to become close friends once more. No offense to Chihaya x Arata shippers out there. But let's face it, their relationship is built on castles in the air. She looks up to him like a God and her feelings for him is typically based on idealism.

However, because we've been watching these characters weekly it gets painful for us to see them get hurt. For a change I would rather have this series conclude in an open-ending. Chihaya is her own person and she doesn't belong to anyone, let her focus on becoming a professional karuta player and her future goals in life. But I hope that Taichi won't end up with just some out-of-the-blue random character - created for the sole purpose of a favorable win-win situation.

You say that as if the show actually focus on the romance aspect which it is sadly doesn't. Let me just say to anyone who is watching the second season: There will be no romantic conclusive ending in it This the Chihaya x Taichi thread right??? I'm not talking about the entire show. My post is just about the romance aspect, which is pretty much an elephant in the room.