Christmas celebrations in canada and australia relationship

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christmas celebrations in canada and australia relationship

Christmas traditions in Australia and New Zealand have many similarities to British, Irish, American and Canadian traditions, including traditional Christmas symbols .. Add links. This page was last edited on 26 December , at (UTC). Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License;. Christmas in July is a Christmas celebration held in the month of July, the nature of which differs by hemisphere. Contents. 1 Origins; 2 Celebrations. Southern Hemisphere; Northern Hemisphere. Christmas in August (Yellowstone, USA). 3 References; 4 External links In the United States and Canada, for example, there are no national holidays. Like Canadians, Australians also love discussing the weather, sports, politics, An exception would be at sporting events and as long as there is no provocation Dark suits, white shirts and ties for men and either skirts or trousers for . the Christian calendar and Christian holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc.).

There have been some positive advances, however, as Australia has just recently implemented paid parental leave, although this is still not as generous as what is found in Ontario and Quebec. Similar to Canada, the idea of class is not one that rises to the top. Often in Australian culture and most Australians would initially say that they think they have moved towards a "class-blind" society. But as Sydney is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in, class and poverty issues are often at the forefront of political and economic dialogs, possibly even during conversations at the workplace.

Australia has traditionally considered itself to be an Anglican country.

christmas celebrations in canada and australia relationship

There are many churches around the country, and some Australians do practice. However, on the whole religion is not at the forefront of many discussions or interactions among people. Australia as a whole is fairly secular.

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The impact of Australia's religious past, though, is felt in the workplace as most major public holidays revolve around the Christian calendar and Christian holidays Easter, Christmas, etc. For many years, the Australian government encouraged immigration only from European and certain Middle Eastern countries. Immigration from Asia and other continents only began in earnest in the s.

As a result, Australia is still developing into a multicultural country and is experiencing growing pains. People from all over the world are travelling or moving to Australia these days, so the country will continue to change and adapt. How important is it to establish a personal relationship with a colleague or client before getting to business? Australians are very direct in their business approach and mind-set so it is not essential to foster close personal relationships prior to launching business initiatives or dealings.

Time and efficiency are of the utmost importance when conducting business meetings. Australians appreciate modesty and honesty over an aggressive approach. Competence and ability are key traits that are valued above all else. If you find yourself challenged to a controversial discussion during a business meeting, it is nothing personal.

Australians find debates entertaining and will initiate them. Due to the collaborative culture, the decision making process involves top management consulting subordinates which will be slower than usual. Patience is very much appreciated.

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It's not necessary to establish a personal relationship with a colleague or client before working together. Cultural Information - Privileges and Favouritism Question: Would a colleague or employee expect special privileges or considerations given our personal relationship or friendship? Corporate policies and HR laws frown upon nepotism and favouritism in the workforce and there is a strong sense of fair play within Australia when it comes to hiring and promoting.

christmas celebrations in canada and australia relationship

The hiring process is normally strictly based on qualifications and competency. The appearance of fairness and winning on merit is expected. It is common to socialise with your workmates but this does not automatically equate to favouritism or perks when climbing the corporate ladder.

Every July, the television home shopping channel QVC has Christmas in July sales, mostly decor and early gift ideas for children. What was once a hour block of holiday shopping every July 25 or the closest weekend day to it has become a month-long event: Generally during the last week of July, QVC will dedicate entire days to holiday sales.

There is also Christmas in June. The late July period provides relatively few opportunities for merchandisingsince it is typically after the peak of summer product sales in June and early July, but before the " back to school " shopping period begins in August. Therefore, to justify sales promotions, shops such as Leon's in Canada will sometimes announce a "Christmas in July" sale. It is a simple play on words that has come to be celebrated by some, although it is not an official holiday.

christmas celebrations in canada and australia relationship

Going Mummering is a fun Christmas season activity for adults. However, some come out only before Christmas Day. In some places Mummering is now banned because people used it as an excuse for begging. You can find out more about the history of Mummering in Newfoundland on the Live Rural Newfoundland and Labrador blog goes to another site.

On the south shore of Nova Scotia, over Christmas, there's the tradition of Belsnickeling where people dress up in funny Santa costumes and go from house to house until the home owners guess who you were.

The Belsnicklers often brought musical instruments and sang. They were served Christmas cake or cookies.

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This tradition was brought to Nova Scotia by the Germans immigrants who settled Lunenburg and South shore. In northern Canada, some people plan a Taffy Pull. This is held in honour of Saint Catherine, the patron saint of single women. This party provides an opportunity for single women to meet eligible single men!

People dress the outside of their houses up with lights and often have big ice sculptures in their front gardens! They have no trouble finding enough snow or ice, because Labrador City has about Feet of snow every year! Many Canadian families have cookie-baking parties. They bring a recipe for Christmas cookies, bake them and then exchange them with the members of their family. Gingerbread people and houses are favorites, along with cheese straws.

christmas celebrations in canada and australia relationship

At the end of the party, each family goes home with a variety of different cookies to enjoy over the Christmas season. At the end of the Christmas season, January 6th, people in the province of Quebec have a celebration called "La Fete du Roi" They bake a cake and place a bean in the middle.