Cissy houston and whitney relationship with a woman

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cissy houston and whitney relationship with a woman

Whitney Houston at the American Concert Celebration on July 4, in Jersey She was a beautiful woman, but she was never particularly sexy. . the fraught relationship Whitney had with Cissy, a professional singer who. Whitney Houston's Friends and Family Reveal Truth About Her . mother Cissy has said she does not know if their relationship was romantic.). Whitney Houston 'was in a lesbian relationship with her assistant,' claim close friends Whitney Houston, Bobby Brown, Cissy Houston, and Robyn Elderly Woman Sells Her House When Buyers Go Inside They Can't.

cissy houston and whitney relationship with a woman

As most people do not know but as Kevin Macdonald's documentary revealsWarwick's sister Dee Dee, also a singer, sexually molested Houston from the ages of 7 to 9 one of Houston's brothers was molested as wellaccording to family members. This doesn't excuse the ridiculous sense of lesbian menace that Whitney's brother ascribes to Crawford, but it does contextualize it.

In the course of Whitney 's life, there were, of course, self-inflicted wounds, too.

cissy houston and whitney relationship with a woman

Replacing her professional management team with family members, some of whom had been using drugs since they were kids, was not the best choice. But in Whitney's defense, the boundaries between family and business had always been blurred. It was her disciplinarian mother, Cissy Houston, also a singer, who is most responsible for engineering Whitney's early successes, or so this film in which Cissy participates would have you believe. It's a persuasive argument, complete with Cissy faking an illness just to test Whitney's ability to step up and perform at a moment's notice, and it changes the story I thought I knew.

What everyone in the film agrees on is that Whitney Houston was one of the greatest vocal performers who's ever walked the earth.

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There is footage you expect to see like her star turn singing "The Star-Spangled Banner"and audio that amazes every time like the vocals-only track to "I Wanna Dance with Somebody"but the funniest moment of the film is old footage of Cissy Houston, in a private moment with her daughter, dissing Janet Jackson, telling Whitney she's better than that. Whitney, spurred on by her mother's trash-talking, then goes off on a tear about Paula Abdul, saying repeatedly "Paula Abdul ain't shit" and trashing Abdul for singing off-key on her own records.

It's a funny, light moment in the life of a troubled soul, and as comforts go, it's definitely cold. But at least Whitney herself knew she was one of the greats. And friends of the superstar, who tragically passed away inbelieve she would have been alive today if she had revealed her sexuality to the public.

Whitney Houston's Friends & Family Reveal Truth About Her Romance with Robyn Crawford

The new Showtime documentary, which shows never-before-seen footage of Whitney backstage on tour, will offer insight into her troubled personal life and relationship with daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown. Read More Whitney Houston was there to help Bobbi Kristina Brown "transition" on her death bed, according to medium Close friends believe Whitney Houston would be alive today if she had stayed in a relationship with Robyn Crawford Image: Getty But the biggest revelation comes when security guard Kevin Ammons and dresser Ellin Lavar reveal that Whitney was in a relationship with Robyn, Her ex-husband Bobby Brown, who claimed Whitney could be alive if she had confessed to being bisexual, had 'physical fights' with her assistant as they battled for her affections.

In the documentary, close friend Ellin says: Robyn provided a safe place for her… in that Whitney found safety and solace. Retna Robyn, who is now married with children, decided not to take part in the documentary because she has "moved on with her life".


Whitney's assistant quit in after working closely with the singer for over 20 years, but was reportedly pushed out by her mother Cissy Houston. The American actress and producer was found dead in her hotel room in February in Beverly Hills, California.

cissy houston and whitney relationship with a woman