Codependent child and parent relationship

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codependent child and parent relationship

Dec 16, Most codependent relationships are between a parent and child. The lines between healthy and obsessive are often blurred. Here are 8 signs. May 31, 3 signs of a parent's codependency with their child(ren), and the first up in relationships between codependent parents and their children. A parent can be codependent with their child(ren) even when the child is perfectly with your child are harming them, yourself and other primary relationships.

Basically, forcing guilt upon me in a different manner.

Signs You Might be a Codependent Parent

I also have major depressive disorder and slight social anxiety as diagnosed by my family practitioner. Due to my current part-time job, I have no health care so I am lacking in the appropriate medication I need to alleviate my depressive episodes.

If you were alone and had your own place and going through this, no one would feel sorry for you. You have to get up and get out and do something.

On occasion, during arguments, I would calmly point out her ways. During arguments, she would become vicious and will not give me a word an edgewise. I am not your deadbeat father so how dare you treat me that way! You know how you treat me?

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You treat me like my sister treats me! She acts nice and sweet when she needs something but when I need something, I always have to kiss ass!

codependent child and parent relationship

I have to help her, you know? I help her with groceries and everything. Housework is no big deal to me.

codependent child and parent relationship

I can always count on my loving daughter. I am seriously telling the truth with all of this and everything I have typed her is barely scratching the surface between me and my mother.

codependent child and parent relationship

I mean, I literally fell into tears after finding out that my mother may be considered co-dependent. I finally know what this is called.

And, she will never visit a family therapist.

8 Signs You May Have a Codependent Parent

Even when I question this behavior, the environment becomes venomous and very, very loud. But, hey you know what?

codependent child and parent relationship

See if you can recognize any of these other signs: In fact, codependency is the disease of being addicted to another person. You might feel constantly and immediately defensive if anyone questions how you might be harming your child more than helping.

codependent child and parent relationship

You have a fear that if you remain closer to your spouse that it will interrupt your addiction to your child. Your sex life will suffer — your spouse might seem resentful for feeling neglected and not treated with the respect a spouse deserves. You feel torn between doing what you feel is right, and doing what you feel will placate your addiction. This could look like you only feel happy about yourself if your child is happy with you. You might become closed off from other family members because your focus is set so narrowly on your child.

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You do more for your child than what is age appropriate or healthy. You find yourself becoming controlling and manipulative with others in your family. You may have the tendency to change everyone else to fit into your dysfunction, or finding fault with them if they refuse to follow suit.