Deadpool and siryn relationship memes

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deadpool and siryn relationship memes

Deadpool and Siryn (X-Factor Siryn screwing deadpool over?Siryn and Deadpool #20 18/23 Spideypool, X Men, Comic Strips, Marvel Memes. wolverine and deadpool relationship - Google Search. of society today". Awww this is cute Marvel Fan, Marvel Dc Comics, Marvel Memes, Cosmic Comics. on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Marvel universe, Deadpool stuff and Comic art. Top 30 Funny Deadpool Memes - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale! Andy Cruz Siryn Deadpool dick in a box .. "It's Deadpool Más (Relationship Cartoons) - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale".

Deadpool's Girlfriends

Secondly, her dad isn't even Satan, which is a huge rip-off. Her dad is just some random demon who showed up, and nobody even asked to see his ID so everyone just believed him and named her after him only to discover, years later, nope.

Nary a Satan to be found in this tale, I'm afraid. So, we're off to a bad start, but don't worry: This would normally be a pretty standard open-and-murder case, but it turned out the nerds in question were actually demons, therefore somewhat more difficult to kill than your ordinary dweeb.

Deadpool, being the genius he is, offered to simply marry her so she wouldn't be obligated to marry anyone. She took him up on it, and the two lived happily ever after. Satana not only divorced him but jacked half of his soul.

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Mercedes Wilson Mercedes was once the wife of Wade Wilson. Who goes around in life remembering all the people they've married?

The closest thing to a happy ending Mercedes could get is a life without Deadpool mucking around in it. This is one of those characters that was more or less created just to be tormented and then written out of the book. Siryn Theresa Rourke is a rare specimen in that she has about as many problems as Deadpool does.

With a backstory that combines pretty much every Irish stereotype known to humanity into one single character, this poor girl was doomed from the start to a difficult life among the X-Men.

Sometimes he had her pull crimes for him — it was a mess.

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She had a short stint on Muir Isle with a few other fairly nondescript mutant guest-stars, eventually joining Cable's X-Force. Reader, he did not have a shot, and it caused him a lot of pain when he realized that to be the case. Let that be a lesson: The villain Typhoid Mary seduced Wade while masquerading as Siryn, causing him to fly into a downward spiral when he realized she'd done so. Apparently, Mary did the whole thing on a whim; women are usually inexplicably evil in Deadpool stories, because you've got to stretch pretty far to make him seem like he's the one being victimized.

Deadpool has been hinted as being pansexual for some time by many, even by his creator, Fabian Nicieza, who claims to be practically hounded by questions on the subject. This leads to Deadpool trying in vain to prove his masculinity to women, but the damage has been done, and everyone knows about his secret crush on Cable. It makes as much sense as anything else on this list!

deadpool and siryn relationship memes

Carnage is a character that divides comic book readers. Cullen Bunn is definitely a good writer and one of the more popular breakouts of the last decade so it works here. Good chemistry and great art from Salva Espin. This standalone issue sees them stopped at a pub and taking some downtime to discuss their youths and how they ended up the way they are.

deadpool and siryn relationship memes

Fabien Nicieza gets to the heart of the duo with the discussion of their youths going to some dark places and expanding the pathos of both characters. Bullseye Well this is the first entry from the highly divisive Daniel Way run in which the meme heavy content that you see on the internet is omnipresent.

deadpool and siryn relationship memes

His team is secretly made of villains though such as Hawkeye being played by Bullseye who is the antagonist in this one. Hawkeye vs Deadpool Another team up style mini series and one of the better ones.

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So having two funny characters interacting, falling out and constantly squabbling is a lot of fun. A mysterious villain is brainwashing people, dressing htem up as superheroes in an attempt to distract the authorities.

A big dumb buddy flick with huge set pieces and snappy dialogue.

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A funny wee story by Jonathan Hickman from the Shang Chi super issue. It was a ridiculous situation but one that only Deadpool as a character could get around.

deadpool and siryn relationship memes

Agent Of Hydra too, such a fun character. Things get dark in this story of betrayal, misdirection and heartache.

deadpool and siryn relationship memes