Death of a salesman biff and happy relationship advice

death of a salesman biff and happy relationship advice

Why should you care about what Biff Loman says in Arthur Miller's Death of a While Biff and Happy are interested in finding work that is tolerable, Willy is. With Biff ignoring Bernard's advice, it puts an end to his dream of becoming In the book Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller, Biff, Happy and Bernard Willy and Charley's relationships with their sons contradict each other. Biff and Happy are the sons of Willy Loman, the main character of this drama play . But still you can see the good relationship between them when they talked his back and wouldn't believe the truth that his father wanted to commit suicide.

However, something happened at the end of Biff s high school career to change his destiny.

Biff flunked math by four points, despite having enlisted his friend Bernard to give him the answers to the test. It is doubtful that his teacher, Mr. Biff, as always, turned to his father for help; if anyone could sweet-talk Birnbaum into giving him the extra four points, Biff was convinced it would have been Willy.

Willy, was on a business trip in Boston that day, so Biff promptly hopped a train for New England. It is literally more than he can handle.

death of a salesman biff and happy relationship advice

Biff goes away and embarks on a series of dead-end jobs and botched career starts. He takes courses, but never pursues jobs in those fields; he gets an entry-level job but inevitably cuts corners to move him up the ladder more quickly, and winds up getting fired.

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One of Biff s problems again reinforced by early experiences with his father is that when he gets frustrated he steals.

As a boy Biff and his brother Happy stole lumber from a nearby construction project, and rather than punishing them for this, Willy was delighted with their wiliness.

This early reinforcement of what clearly could become a very dangerous habit has the predictable result. Of the two brothers, Biff is definitely the one with more obvious psychological damage. But Happy has not gotten off scot-free, either.

When they were little, about the age in high school, Biff was a popular football player at that time and Happy sort is sort of like the bug that runs around with his brother all the time.

Biff And Happy Death Of A Salesman

We can see in a way that Happy really admires his brother Biff and looks up to him a lot. In act one, we can see that they were together planning their future dreams because their father isn't thinking highly of what they are doing now. You can see how they supported each other and they still have many dreams that they want to accomplish together.

death of a salesman biff and happy relationship advice

They even went out with girls together. In some ways, these two brothers are alike. They both are great dreamers and are still confused about themselves and the age nearly thirty.

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You can say that they really enjoy their time being together and the dreams they share in the beginning foAct One. As we move a little further to the end of the first act and the beginning of the second act, we can see that these two borthers began to have their argument. Biff is so tired of his father telling him what to do and mock him all the time, so he began to speak ill behind his back and wouldn't believe the truth that his father wanted to commit suicide.

As we come along to this point, we can see that through out the story, Willy seems to care more about his older son Biff that his younger son Happy.