Diana taurasi and penny taylor relationship

So you think you know Phoenix Mercury star Diana Taurasi? Think again

diana taurasi and penny taylor relationship

Considered a legend in the world of women's basketball, Diana Taurasi is spectacular. Read more about her WNBA stats and relationship with Penny Taylor. Diana Taurasi and Penny Taylor played together for 10 seasons. The two WNBA players had kept their relationship out of the public spotlight. USA slaughters China. Doesn't help that the chinese players can't hit an open lay -up or open shot this game.

For me, it's the right time. No matter whatever people call her off the field but in the court, she is one heck of a player.

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Diana Taurasi has already proved she is a legend of the game. US basketball team is unbeaten in Rio Olympics so far and looks more and more threatening day by day. Diana on other hand has been a star player and has already broken her own record i. In what looked like high scoring game against Serbia, Diana finished with 25 points, six assists and three rebounds. Shattered dreams and Rio Olympics: Time is running out for Penny Taylor.

She has received everything in her playing professional career of 18 years.

WNBA player Diana Taurasi is happily married to partner Penny Taylor, Lesbian partners

This time in Rio was no different. You broke the three-point record, you got married, you had the contract extension. So yeah a lot of good things happening right now. You had that whole back-and-forth with Elena Delle Donne when she suggested lowering the rims to nine feet. In relation to that, if you could see one rule change or something different about the W happen as an improvement, what would it be? As the game goes forward, I think the way the game is viewed and the game is played has to change, has to evolve.

Detroit Pistons game, no one wants to watch that, no one wants to play in that. People want to see the [Kevin] Durants and that type of ability being shown on the court.

You gotta have a lot of help, a lot of support. A lot of confidence from people giving it to you.

Mercury star Diana Taurasi marries ex-teammate Penny Taylor

Three-time champion, career winding down, how do you stay so competitive? But they describe the armor that Taurasi wears as a competitor, not the skin that she lives in.

And you don't get to find a lot of people like that in life. To the contrary, she has always been OK with being thought of as just a basketball player: Yes, two more extremes. But there's so much more to her. Taurasi just signed what's essentially an until-retirement contract with the Mercury.

diana taurasi and penny taylor relationship

She hopes to play through the Summer Games; it would be her fifth Olympics. She is under contract for one more season in Russia, with UMMC Ekaterinburg, and thinks that will conclude her overseas career.

She's at that point as a professional athlete where there has been some reflection, and maybe just a little melancholy. To say it doesn't happen would be a lie," she said. And then you try to focus on things you can control.

Taurasi still has some great basketball in her. She's the happiest she has ever been in her personal life, too. Just in understanding that as much as we all love our sport, and we all have these goals we want to achieve, there is life away from the court.

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They've also been on-court adversaries, during the Olympics and world championship, with Taylor playing for her native Australia. She's been that steadying personality. It's the next progression, and it's exciting in so many ways. She made no excuses, although there was an obvious one: Her wedding was just the day before, set before the WNBA schedule came out.

Taurasi acknowledged it was a very busy, happily distracting time, with friends and family in town, but basically attributed her shooting woes to basketball being basketball. Today was that, times It's almost like when you have a night like that, you have to recalibrate a little.

diana taurasi and penny taylor relationship

You have to do it wrong to get it right again. And they've helped me grow and showed me what being part of an organization means. How your actions on and off the court really affect what we're trying to get done here. That's taught me a lot. All it showed me was what I knew about her already -- that she was always going to be there for me, and I hope I showed her the same thing. It wasn't easy, though. We were playing in different countries for the first few years of our relationship.