Draco and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

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draco and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

Draco and Hermione are in a secret relationship, and Draco decides to let the cat out of the bag at Harry and Ginny's engagement party. A/N: I. Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Draco M., Hermione G. - Words: We had to pick a number then were given a secret prompt so I chose. Usually Ron finds out that Hermione is taken(in another relationship) or all of Hogwarts When a distracted Draco lets Blaise go into his bag for a quill, his friend While trying to find help, he discovers a secret the Head Girl has been hiding.

She laughed as she pushed his chest and he backed away smiling. Hermione kissed him again, her brain telling her it was time to go but her body telling her she should stay. It might be hard to keep their relationship a secret; but Draco had to admit, it was worth it. Hermione worked on the essay with her two best friends; determined to act as though everything was fine.

But a small part of her wanted to tell them everything. Eventually it got late enough for Madame Pince to kick them out so she could close the library for the night. We have to win. You're doing great in practices. She snuck out of the portrait, down the stairs, into the dungeon.

She backed away from the portrait hole. I had a question about the essay. Inferi are different than one who is under the Imperius curse because they are already dead, correct? How long can a person be dead for before the can become an Inferi?

Is there a time limit on the corpse? You know perfectly well my office is on the other side of the castle. Hermione went down to breakfast with Ron and Harry and the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team. She stole sidelong glances at Draco, who was far more sly about stealing glances back. As the teams stood up to make their way down to the pitch Draco approached their table.

Harry glared, waiting for an insult. Come on, we'll deal with her later. We've got a match to win! She felt arms tug around her and she screamed as she was dragged into the seclusion under the stands.

He'll let you in if he knows it's for me. I'll be your dirty little bad-boy secret. The sound of the hundreds of feet making their way to the pitch forced the young lovers apart. She muttered an agreement against his lips, her hands gripping the back of his head desperately. Pansy had seen him wearing the coat and asked him pryingly which of his whores had given him the coat.

Draco simply pushed her aside and continued walking.

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Suddenly, Blaise Zabini, Draco's best mate, came into the dorm and stood in front of him. Blaise was the only person Draco trusted to know about his secret relationship with Hermione. Draco looked up at his friend and nodded slightly. At dinner that night, Hermione was sitting in between Ron and Harry, who were both talking animatedly, but Hermione was simply playing with her food.

Ginny looked at her worriedly, but Hermione would always say that she was simply feeling a bad rumble in her stomach. Ron even tried to talk to her, but Hermione told him to turn his attention to Lavender before she would begin screeching unhappily.

Feeling a tap on her shoulder, she turned around and saw Blaise grinning at her.

draco and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

They had become friends since Draco had told him about the relationship, but they had never spoken to each other in public. Blaise simply pointed to the doorway and all what Hermione saw was mistletoe. Looking more closely and saw a familiar figure walking towards the door. She gasped when she saw Draco with a small box.

draco and hermione secret relationship fanfiction

When Draco saw Hermione, he wordlessly told her to come to him. She looked around and saw her friends the whole student body, actually staring at her. Blaise gave her a wink and she immediately stood up and walked swiftly towards Draco.

He caught her in his arms and kissed her … in front of all of their classmates. They pulled away and smiled at each other.

Hermione watched as he pulled out a silver necklace with an emerald pendant. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted.

While trying to find help, he discovers a secret the Head Girl has been hiding. Light Hearted One Shot. But when she brings Draco to the Order, he discovers what it means to trust, forgive and be forgiven, to be a part of something, and to even love. Harry Potter belongs to J.

Cover photo belongs to CaptBexx. However when she gathers the presents and places them under the tree one particular gift reveals a secret about two Order members. T - English - Romance - Chapters: But at this reunion the once bushy haired girl has disappeared and the successful, rich, gorgeous and smart girl that arrives shock her whole family.

And she's engaged to WHO? While Ron is worried that Draco has kidnapped Hermione no-one else is bothered by the pair's disappearance, they just think they have finally acted on their obvious attraction. Is Ron right to be worried, or are Hermione and Draco making the most of some privacy?

It didn't help that he was missing his trousers.