Duke senior and rosalind relationship

duke senior and rosalind relationship

Rosalind - The daughter of Duke Senior. Rosalind, considered one of Shakespeare's most delightful heroines, is independent minded, strong-willed. Get an answer for 'Relationship between Duke Senior and Duke Frederick at the Relation in the play' and find homework help for other As You Like It 2 educator answers; How do we understand Rosalind's speech, beginning with, " No. Duke Senior is Rosalind's father and the rightful duke of the land. Before the action of the play, his brother, Duke Frederick, banished him from the land, forcing.

Rosalind always seems to rise above the failings of fate by using her resourceful, realistic understanding, and she emerges as a human being who is to be admired. But Rosalind's patience is not without limits. She is no saint, and she can assert herself with an authority appropriate to her status as the daughter of a duke.

Falsely charged with treason and condemned to exile, she is nevertheless secure in her integrity, and she is able to defend herself with courteous yet firm eloquence I. Rosalind's exceptional mental gifts are most strikingly demonstrated during the bright flow of her conversation. She can seemingly be witty on all occasions, and her repartee is especially sparkling when she is alone with Celia, when she's drawing out the philosophical Touchstone, or when she is caricaturing Jaques, and it must also be admitted that she is particularly charming when she is lovingly teasing Orlando.

Rosalind is a discerning judge of character.

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Jaques, for all of his "Continental" pretensions, does not impress her at all; in contrast, she appreciates the wisdom, as well as the occasional witty foolishness, of Touchstone — a wisdom that the clown is not always fully aware of. That is, being a fool, Touchstone cannot be aware, she thinks, of how profoundly true his statements are. With a many-sided intelligence that is verbal, practical, and imaginative, Rosalind outshines everyone else, male and female, in the play.

Her bright humor and ready wit are so much in evidence that her deeper feelings are too often overlooked. At first, she is depressed about her father's being exiled, but then in a revealing passage, she promises to make a conscious effort to forget her sorrows and appear happy: This statement is proof that her surface gaiety is not always to be taken at face value.

Rosalind falls in love with Orlando at first sight. We have the sense that Senior did not put up much of a fight to keep his dukedom, for he seems to make the most of whatever life gives him. Content in the forest, where he claims to learn as much from stones and brooks as he would in a church or library, Duke Senior proves himself to be a kind and fair-minded ruler.

Rosalind As You Like It She is a nice lady that gets banished to the forest of Arden by her uncle - the same forest her father was banished to.

duke senior and rosalind relationship

Rosalind - The daughter of Duke Senior. Rather than slink off into defeated exile, Rosalind resourcefully uses her trip to the Forest of Ardenne as an opportunity to take control of her own destiny. Only Rosalind, for instance, is both aware of the foolishness of romantic love and delighted to be in love.

She teaches those around her to think, feel, and love better than they have previously, and she ensures that the courtiers returning from Ardenne are far gentler than those who fled to it.

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He acts like a cynic throughout the play. He is always in a melancholic mood, earning him the title of Melancholy Jaques and constantly criticizes the Duke and other characters.

duke senior and rosalind relationship

Also, he does not like the world of court and always criticizes it. He is a lead, and says two of Shakespeare's most common monologues. Amiens[ edit ] Amiens is one of the lords attending on Duke Senior in the forest of Arden. He agrees with the Duke when the latter says "sweet are the uses of adversity".

He is not prepared to exchange his life in the forest with the comfortable life at the court. He is deeply attached to Duke Senior and, therefore, has willingly accompanied him to the forest of Arden. Amiens does not, in any way, contribute to the action of the play.

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He does however sing two songs that allude to and perhaps clarify the plot. In the beginning of the play he appears as a usurper like Duke Frederick. He ill-treats his younger brother Orlandodenies him good upbringing and education. He acts like a villain and even tries to kill Orlando by instigating the wrestler, Charles.