Edge and reimi ending relationship

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edge and reimi ending relationship

There's no romance like Mass Effect or any deep-love connection. Reimi though Edge was going to climb down first so he could peep under You can't, say, get a special where Edge and Myuria are together at the end. For each character there are additional ending scenes available when you beat relationship with Edge in order to get those additional scenes and unlock the (Arumat & Reimi): Flight from Aeos to EN II; Goodbye Crowe (Outside Palace of. Star Ocean: The Last Hope International - Private Action Appendix By: blazenarutoshippuden PSN: Leo_the_Lion25 Stars and Marriage . Briefly make Edge and Reimi roommates and then go to your bed and select "Rest.

I don't know either: Anyone here played and finished Star Ocean: Remember Adray's ending if your affinity is high enough? A Edge x Myuria pairing? I'd vote for it! Yes I know, some people are so predictable.

edge and reimi ending relationship

ClaudeLv ClaudeLv 6 years ago 3 I honestly don't know why Edge can't be paired with other characters, but if he could, I imagine there would be a special ending where Edge finds Crowe on Roak Once you go Claude, everything else is a Fraud.

Keltset Keltset 6 years ago 4 I did find it strange that you couldn't affect the ending like you can in Star Ocean 2.

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However, Edge and Meracle would have also been disturbing as she looks and acts like a 12 year old. Edge and Sarah would have been fine, though I found Sarah to be highly, highly annoying. Unfortunately, Crowe could not communicate with Lucien properly because the Morphus vessel's translator was damaged when it was attacked.

Unable to understand a word the Morphus man said, Crowe could not do anything but watch as the ship disintegrated and Lucien died inside the ship. He did, however, find an escape pod not too far from the ship -- the one that Lucien's wife, Myuria, was in.

Unfortunately, when he hailed the escape pod, Myuria mistook Crowe for having killed her husband. In her grief and confusion, Myuria swore to kill Crowe the next time she saw him. After hearing about Bacchus's mission, Crowe proposed that he and his crew assist Bacchus in his mission, but before hearing Bacchus's answer, he infiltrated the stronghold, but didn't get far, as Crowe, his crew, and Bacchus were captured.

Bacchus helped Crowe and his crew escape, but not before handing the young man a translator to decode the message Lucien left that could not be understood before. Crowe eventually headed to En II safely, made contact with the Morphus, and learned about the grave danger the galaxy was in. After learning about the Grigori's true goal, he headed back to Aeos after receiving confirmation of a Grigori hiding out there.

On the way, he spotted Eldarian ships under attack, and managed to rescue Arumat P.

Crowe F. Almedio

Thanatos from his damaged ship. However, when he returned to Aeos, the exploration base was in ruins. It just so happened that Edge, Reimi, and their allies were also on Aeos, ambushed by Phantoms. After he and Arumat wiped out the remaining Phantoms, Crowe finally ran into Edge and Reimi once again, but then Myuria attacked Crowe, claiming he killed her husband.

Just as Myuria was about to kill Crowe, he stopped her and began to relay Lucien's final message. After explaining the truth behind what happened that day, Crowe apologized to Myuria, and Myuria collapsed onto her knees in tears. Shortly after, Crowe explained to Edge and the rest of his crew the truth behind the Grigori, and Arumat told Faize that Eldar was no more.

If their affinity for that person has an effect, then rooming together would play a small role in the battle system.

edge and reimi ending relationship

Nothing to lose sleep over though. I can't look at the PA faq without spoilers, and I can't get the results I want because I'm not psychic. How am I supposed to know that learning Pickpocket would close off relationships? You read it as you go, not all at once. It's very nice about telling you what to do at each point and you miss out on very little, and the very little you do miss it tells you about and you can see by saving on multiple slots and loading.

Without a guide, you are not supposed to know anything other than "you shouldn't pickpocket too much. You either play it that way, or carefully look at a guide. I know what you mean though.

I always play my first play through of a game without ever looking at a guide or message board. Ok, one more thing.