Eleanor and jasper relationship questions

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eleanor and jasper relationship questions

Jasper finally poured his heart out to Eleanor on the season 3 finale of Meanwhile, Kathryn's sister is making her question her relationship with Robert. Eleanor questions Robert about his reasoning for inviting Sebastian. Eleanor Confronts King Robert About Jasper on The Royals: ''Did You isn't too keen on Jasper (Tom Austen) dating his sister, Princess Eleanor high after the shooting, Eleanor questions the monarch about Jasper and his. Eleanor and Jasper's relationship is finally going somewhere but These are only a few of the questions that people wants to be answered.

eleanor and jasper relationship questions

Eleanor told Jasper to leave and never come back. And he is about to do just that. Stubborn as he was, he visits her secretly for the very last time. Except, Eleanor can't recognize him. Starts four years after Simon and Helena's wedding, before the birth of the twins. T - English - Chapters: M Darling reviews When photographic proof of Eleanor's feelings for Jasper emerges, everyone - from Liam all the way down to Rachel - realizes that the two belong together.

But is it enough to bring together one very stubborn princess and her very stoic bodyguard? Eleanor has to face a decision.

eleanor and jasper relationship questions

She told him to leave and not come back. So, why is the thought of him actually leaving so unbearable? Rated T for the language and scenes. Eleanor and Jasper are a couple. Can Jasper and Eleanor have a "normal" holiday? After all she is a Princess That was until her life happened. On the day of what would be Freddie's 23rd birthday she runs into an old friend. How will she feel when she sees him, and how will a certain bodyguard from Las Vegas feel?

M - English - Chapters: In which Eleanor doesn't entirely agree with D-Throned's headlines, but maybe the tabloid wasn't that far off the mark when it came to her and Jasper Frost. Follow King Simon and Queen Helena as they deal with the consequences of the referendum and trying to repair their family. Can they find a way to choose love before it's too late? Eleanor and Liam learn what it's like to live as normal civilians in a new country. The same country that Jasper has started a new career in back in his home state.

eleanor and jasper relationship questions

Will Eleanor make Jasper leave? Or will she open her heart one more time? It is a duty, but to her it is a burden, one she has never wanted and he knows this.

eleanor and jasper relationship questions

What he doesn't know is whether or not his shoulders are broad enough to share that burden. Prequel to Effing Fours. In the aftermath of the Kings Cup, Eleanor comes to realise that it's those who stand beside her who matter, those who never waiver, those who are dependable With the Royal Family under threat will the Royal Princess escape with her life?

Raised on opposite ends of the social heirarchy both grew up paying for the sins of their parents. They are two sides of the same screwed up coin. But is it really possible to keep your past from interfering with your future? Picks up after 2x10 Royals - Rated: Inspired by Agnes Nixon's words: This is my first fanfic! Starts out right as episode 2x10 ends. It will get darker and more shocking as it goes on I promise.

Jasper has left a letter with Liam as his goodbye to Eleanor. After reading the letter, will she choose to follow her heart or her mind? After hurting her multiple times Eleanor feels like a failure for ever letting him in. Could she ever learn to forgive him? Will her inner demons get to her before she even has the chance?

Who will save her and will they get to her before its too late? Her relationship with her daughter! However now that she is trying to mend their broken relationship will her past threaten their future?

Jasper and Eleanor's Wildest "Royals" Moments Together

What happen's when Eleanor goes missing the same night the King is stabbed? The night that changed everything! Mine by Agerina reviews A few yrs after s2 finale. Princess Eleanor wakes up to find a note in her teacup. How will she handle what it has to say? Eleanor comes to Jasper's to say goodbye, but things don't exactly go as planned.

Helena and Cyrus have left the palace. Eleanor still resides at the palace. M - English - Romance - Chapters: And she might regret telling Jasper he should leave. May contain spoilers from episode 2.

Eleanor-Jasper Relationship

A Day of Mourning by mcl reviews The first year is always the hardest, even if you're not that maternal. A one shot of Queen Helena mourning the loss of her oldest son with the help of her daughter.

Jasper is trying to get Eleanor to the safety of the tunnels under the Palace. How far will he go to keep his princess safe? With emotions in a tailspin, Eleanor and Jasper's relationship is complicated, at best.

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But Eleanor will have to learn to trust someone and the devilish bodyguard may eventually fit the bill. She's still scanning the story when there's a sharp knock at the door, and she jumps. Dear God she is going to be terrifying," she whimpers, mentally preparing herself for a scene. Jasper pulls open the door, while Eleanor cowers inside, still not convinced its not some kind of ruse to let her mother in.

Instead of the Queen of England, an adorable puppy is deposited on the doorstep where he sits looking up at both of them. Eleanor pushes past Jasper excitedly. The youngest of the CIA agents steps forward, "It's ok Ma'am we've inspected it and we are now satisfied that its of canine origin and not a bomb or a parcel containing explosives or explosive components designated for terrorist activities.

I don't consider it to be flammable either. Now that the package has been opened any moron can see that its a puppy not a serurity threat, but apparently the CIA is taking their role making untimely security information announcements to Princess Eleanor very seriously.

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But how did he know to come here? And how did he get here from England on his own? Two dimples have appeared on either side of her face as she grins at the puppy. Jasper reaches forward and grabs the box sitting by the door which he came in and scrutinises the receipt. It looks like something from McQueen," she adds as she glances at his box. I'm going to call him Prince Rufus after Prince Rufus the first," she decides. Your drunken doing," Jasper adds with emphasis. Jasper rolls his eyes.

Like whether we actually got so fucking wasted we got married and don't remember it or not," Jasper announces decisively.