Emma and captain hook relationship

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emma and captain hook relationship

May 11, It's been painful enough watching Emma and Hook tiptoe around which hopefully means one thing: The Savior and Captain Hook are going to hook up. The first half of Season 3 laid the groundwork for their relationship. Sep 11, Hook and Emma Once Upon a Time - TV Couples That Shouldn't Have Worked to do for each other, Captain Swan isn't exactly an ideal relationship. Captain Hook Killian Jones and Emma Swan as The Dark Ones in. Nov 11, We're all about sexy Captain Hook on Once Upon a Time, and his relationship with Emma. After going through hell and back together this.

They briefly reunite in season five, where Neal warns Emma that everything she hopes will not turn out as she thinks. He also states that he never stopped loving her before kissing her and walking away. Captain Hook "When I win your heart, Emma It will be because you want me.

Emma is anything but starstruck meeting the villain from Peter Pan. She doesn't fully trust him and that she abandons her companion to the Giant, but she still lets Anton free him from the chain in ten hours later to give a head start. Hook tries to flirt with her again, but Emma refuses to listen to him. She later warns him to stay away from Rumplestiltskin. He attacks her in Manhattan but Emma knocks him out in retaliation. Emma is later given Baelfire's sword and she is comforted by what he gives her.


Hook also asks her who she really is, but EMma ignored his advances. She also kisses Killian for saving her father's life, but denies it as a one time thing. Later on, Killian reveals that he has moved on from Milah, but has started falling in love with Emma.

emma and captain hook relationship

But she still is in love with Bae. Later she gets angry that they are fighting over her. They later escape and Emma just says goodbye to Hook and for him to stay out of trouble. In Season 3b, Killian and Emma are reunited and Killian gives her a potion that makes her remember who she really is and takes them to Storybrooke again.

Hook does whatever he takes to prevent Emma from kissing his cursed lips. Killian had trietd to avoid it. Later Emma becomes distrustful of him and refuses his help, but her father recommends that she goes and takes Killian. After Rumple rowns him, Emma gives him mouth to mouth resuscitation, causing Emma to lose all her magic.

Later they get caught in another time and magically make it back to their own time. When Hook reveals that he gave up his ship ofr her and then they share a kiss, making themselves boyfriend and girlfriend. In season four, Emma becomes protective of Hook and orders him to go to the Sheriff's station. Luckly she followed them and saves Hook from being killed as well as her father.

She later says she can't lose them like her pastr lovers and Hook is at peace with that. While in the Dark Castle, Emma uses her magic to reopen the portal to the present and begins a relationship with Hook, after he reveals he traded his ship for her. Upon returning to the present, Hook becomes enthralled in a deal with Gold, after he is deceived by the Dark One.

Through the course of Storybrooke's battle against the former Queen IngridHook serves Gold in gathering more magic for himself. Through this, Gold forces Hook to suck the fairies into the immortal sorcerer Merlin's hat.

After Ingrid sacrifices herself to stop her own curse, Hook is taken by Gold to be sacrificed in the ceremony that would sever the connection between him and his dagger. He is rescued by the timely arrival of Belle, who has taken possession of the real dagger.

Later on, Hook works with Belle to find a spell to release the fairies imprisoned in the hat, inadvertently also releasing the Chernabog. The beast is eventually defeated with the help of Ursula and Cruella de Vilwho have made an alliance with Gold.

emma and captain hook relationship

When it is revealed that Gold, Ursula, and Cruella have not only formed an alliance but have resurrected MaleficentHook decides to make things right with Ursula. After her singing voice is restored, with the help of Ariel and Poseidon, Ursula fills Hook in on the rest of Gold's plan: This plan is eventually done through Isaac Heller, the Author, who creates an alternate reality which robs heroes of their happy endings.

In this reality, a cowardly Hook aids Emma and Henry on their quest to restore their old reality. In a fight against the evil Prince CharmingHook is killed. However, when the alternate universe is undone, Hook's life is restored.

Upon returning to Storybrooke, Gold's life is nearly drained by his own darkness. In hopes of preventing this, Merlin's apprentice removes Gold's darkness, trying to store it in his master's hat. The hat is not strong enough to contain it, and the darkness escapes. Though it originally targets the Apprentice, he is spared briefly by Emma, who expels it outside. However, when the darkness chooses Regina as its host, Emma selflessly accepts her role as the new Dark One, pleading with her parents and Hook to help remove her darkness.

Season 5 With a combination of the powers of Regina and Zelena, Hook and the others are transported to the Enchanted Forest, where they are reunited with Emma. It is Hook who prevents Emma from coldly killing the Scottish princess Merida in a moment of desperation.

In Camelot, Hook and the others search for Merlin to help save Emma from her own darkness. Though they stalled by the deranged King Arthurthey eventually free Merlin. However, through Arthur's machinations, Merlin fails to revive Emma's goodness.

After Emma passes her test and remains a hero, Hook and the others are betrayed by Zelena, who helps Arthur bind Merlin to the control of Excalibur, forcing him to abandon Emma in her time of need. Now under Arthur's control, Merlin holds Emma's family captive. Though Emma manages to free her family, Hook receives a fatal wound from Excalibur.

In desperation to not lose another love, Emma uses her dark magic to tether Hook to Excalibur, making him another Dark One. Though Hook initially tried to fight the Darkness, he was eventually unable to resist his renewed thirst for vengeance.

In determination to return to Storybrooke to kill Rumplestiltskin, Hook kills Merlin and uses his heart to enact the Dark Curse. Guilt-ridden over what she had done, Emma confronts Hook and steals his and everyone else's memories.

When Hook awoke back in Storybrooke, he remembered nothing of the last six weeks. While in Storybrooke, Hook tries to break Emma's curse through true love's kiss, as Belle tried years before with Rumplestiltskin. As before, this plan fails. A short while later, Emma tricks Hook into giving her his sword - the main ingredient she needs to reawaken Gold, who she plans to use to remove Excalibur. In this conversation, Hook takes responsibility for his past villainy, condemns his actions, and praises the man Rumplestiltskin once was as a man who was just "trying to keep his family together.

Eventually, Emma's plan comes to fruition when she kidnaps Hook and Zelena, revealing her plan to kill the Wicked Witch after endowing her with the Darkness. The plan goes awry when Zelena restores her and Hook's memories.

Upon recalling what Emma did to him, Hook immediately renews his plot to revive every Dark One and kill Rumplestiltskin.

emma and captain hook relationship

However, after a confrontation with Emma and Regina, Hook has a crisis of conscience and turns on the Dark Ones. Subsequently, Hook sacrifices his life to destroy the Darkness once and for all. However, upon the discovery that Gold has betrayed Hook to take back his power, Emma blackmails him into helping her get into the Underworld, so that she may launch a mission to revive him. In the Underworld, Hook is tortured by Hades.

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Returning to the Underworld's replica of Snow and David's apartment, Hook confronts Gold about taking his sacrifice away, but lets it go for now, since he believes Gold helped save his life. When Emma tried to split her heart in order to share it with Hook, it is impossible. Returning to the cemetery, the heroes discover that Hades has chosen Emma, Regina, and Snow as the souls who will have to remain in the Underworld. Later, a guilt-ridden Hook informs Emma that he cannot return with Emma, even if they do defeat Hades, as he no longer believes himself worthy of her.

However, after confronting his brother about his betraying the heroes to Hades and another betrayal centuries earlier, Hook forgives Liam and helps him move on. Afterward, Hook agrees to help defeat Hades and return to Storybrooke with Emma.

However, it turns out that she cannot give him half of her heart, as his body has decomposed too much in the absence of his soul. They attempt to find ambrosia to restore his flesh to normal, but find Hades chopped down the tree.

He agrees to resolve his unfinished business, promising to not let it be Emma. When King Arthur is murdered by Hades, Hook teams up with him to find his weakness. They find the pages Hades had tried to keep from them, which tells of his weakness.

Hook manages to send them to Emma through Henry's book, so that she may defeat Hades. Hook then proceeds to move on, as defeating Hades was his unfinished business and finds himself in Olympus. There, Zeus rewards him for his actions by reuniting him with Emma. However, it had not been Emma who defeated Hades, but the god's true love: Zelena, who realized Hades cared more about his own power than her.

However, it was too late to prevent Hades's cold murder of Robin HoodRegina's true love. At Robin's funeral in the season finale, Emma tries to delicately break it to Regina that Hook has returned, but as Gold tethers part of the Olympian Crystal to the magic in Storybrooke, Hook hastily runs in to make sure everyone is alright. Regina quickly puts aside her feelings and goes with the heroes to find out what Gold's plan is.

After Henry and Violet run off to destroy magic, Emma and Regina join together to rescue him. However, due to Gold's machinations, magic in Storybrooke has become unstable. There, they run into Dr. Henry Jekyll and his evil alter-ego Mr. Initially, Hyde believes the heroes to be in the employ of Gold, whom he despises, and holds them captive.

With the help of Jekyll, the heroes escape and assist Jekyll in creating a serum which separates Hyde from himself. Season 6 As the heroes return to Storybrooke, they learn that Hyde has arrived with several beings from the Land of Untold Stories. Shortly upon his arrival, the heroes manage to imprison Hyde in the asylum. During this time, Hook begins to suspect that something is up with Emma, but the Savior is reluctant to tell him as she does not want to cause him concern. Instead, she voices her fears to Archie Hopper.

During this time, as Gold tries to force Belle to share their child with him, Hook offers her asylum aboard his ship, out of guilt for having tried to kill her several times in the past. Ultimately, it is learned that Jekyll is not so different from Hyde. The Doctor manages to slip under the heroes' radar and get close to Belle, whom he hopes to kill, since he blames Rumplestiltskin for the death of Mary Lydgate.

Hook manages to arrive in time and kill Jekyll. As Jekyll dies, so too does Hyde. Later on, Hook learns that among the many people from the Land of Untold Stories who have returned are Nemo and his half-brother Liam. Believing Nemo dead, Liam seeks vengeance against Hook for both the deaths of Nemo and their father.

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Killian proposes to her and she excitedly says yes. He assures her that no matter how uncertain her future is she can be certain that he will always be by her side. They get married, vowing to love each other for all eternity in front of all their friends and family. In season 7, when they visit Emma's older son, Henry, who has since left home, Emma announces her and Killian are expecting their first child together, saying they are very excited to start this new adventure of parenthood together.

At the series finale both of them make an appearance, blissfully happy and in love, holding their newborn baby daughter, Hope. The very last shot of the series is the three of then cuddled together as the camera slowly pans out. Season 2 They first meet when Hook is undercover working for Cora. Emma and her group reach Safe Haven, only to find everyone has been massacred by Cora, save for one person — Hook.

Pretending that he survived by playing dead, he gains the sympathy of Aurora. However, with her lie-detecting abilities, Emma is not fooled. When he won't reveal his true identity, Emma and her group tie him to a tree as ogre bait.

Hook finally reveals himself and tells them he will turn on Cora and join their group if they can get him to Storybrooke, too. Season 3 Hook guides Emma and her team through Neverland, and he obviously has a crush on her, even telling her so.

However, he is constantly rejected. Later, they kiss in "Good Form" 3x Though it was only of gratitude, it was extremely passionate. They become friends after they return successfully from Neverland. When Emma loses her memories, Hook tries to see if kissing her will trigger anything, but it doesn't. This was most likely since it was not a "kiss of true love. Zelena curses Hook's lips and tells him to kiss Emma as it will strip her of her newfound magic powers.

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However, he refuses to do so and instead represses his feelings for her. Realizing he will not kiss Emma without an impetus, Zelena drowns Hook.

Though he is pulled form the water, he is unconscious. To save him, Emma is forced to give Hook CPR, and this mouth-to-mouth contact counts as a kiss, thus stripping Emma of her power.

emma and captain hook relationship

When they are sent back in time together, they have several intimate scenes. In one instance, to distract the past Hook, Emma tries to seduce him. Slightly jealous, present Hook doubts it will work. However, Emma states that she is "exactly his type. They clumsily kiss as they make their way to the bedchambers. However, present Hook, who was on the ship as well, is jealous and knocks out past Hook. After they return to Storybrooke, Emma learns that he sacrificed his ship for her.

So, she kisses him of her own will. Season 4 In the beginning of season 4, Emma pulls away from Hook. Hook confronts her outside of Granny's in "Rocky Road" 4x03 and they have a tender moment, ending with a passionate kiss.

Hook and Emma are now in a relationship. In the season finale, "Operation Mongoose Part 2" 4x22Emma reveals that she loves Hook to Regina after Hook is "killed" in an alternate universe, which was never really real.

Later, Emma then is unable to tell Hook she loves him.