Enrile and gigi reyes relationship advice

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enrile and gigi reyes relationship advice

Gigi Reyes said she understood the depth of the Senate President's Referring to her personal and professional relationship with Enrile: “ (It) had always been . President, and ALWAYS in consultation with the Senate Secretariat officials. JUAN Ponce Enrile and his wife, Cristina, are painting Enrile's former chief of staff Jessica Lucila “This couple, the Enriles, are trying to make Gigi Reyes a stand- alone culprit for all the Then she dispensed this advice. Juan Ponce Enrile, has confirmed the long-standing affair between her husband and his former chief of staff, Jessica Lucilla “Gigi” Reyes.

In the affidavit, Tuason admitted she was the one who introduced alleged pork barrel mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles to Reyes and Estrada. The affidavit even detailed an incident when Enrile dropped by at a coffee meeting between Tuason and Reyes.

Tuason also supposedly admitted to receiving a referral fee of 1.

Bawal ang Pasaway: "It's already a necessity." -Mrs. Enrile on the JPE-Gigi Reyes relationship

After coffee, he would leave and sometimes he would come to pick up Atty. Miriam Defensor Santiago stressed that detail, saying that Enrile's presence in coffee meetings between Tuason and Reyes is enough to prove conspiracy. Enrique dela Cruz has been doing the media rounds saying that Senator Enrile did not give his blessings to any of the acts I performed on his behalf.

He even told me to be strong; that we will fight together to prove the accusations against us are false and fabricated.

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But I have earned the bitter ire and enmity of some people by and large because and in defense of Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. Thus, the prosecutor shall not be required to include in the bill of particulars matters of evidence relating to how the people intend to prove the elements of the offense charged or how the people intend to prove any item of factual information included in the bill of particulars.

Origin of bill of particulars in criminal cases52redarclaw Even before the promulgation of the Rules of Court, when the applicable rules for criminal procedure was still General Order No. This recognition came despite the lack of any specific provision in General Order No.

Schneer,54 the issue presented was whether a bill of particulars was available in a criminal case for estafa after the accused had already been arraigned. The Court essentially ruled that there was no specific provision of law expressly authorizing the filing of specifications or bills of particulars in criminal cases, and held that: Cernias,55 however, the Court formally recognized the existence and applicability of a bill of particulars in criminal cases.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship advice

In this case, the prosecution filed an information charging Basilio Cernias with several counts of brigandage before the Court of First Instance of Leyte. Abad Santos,58 the court first recognized a bill of particulars, as a right that the accused may ask for from the court. The People of the Philippines filed a petition for certiorari, but the Court dismissed this petition.

On the contrary, they will serve to apprise the accused clearly of the charges filed against them, and thus enable them to prepare intelligently whatever defense or defenses they might have. The Distinctive Role of a Bill of Particulars When allegations in an Information are vague or indefinite, the remedy of the accused is not a motion to quash, but a motion for a bill of particulars.

The purpose of a bill of particulars is to supply vague facts or allegations in the complaint or information to enable the accused to properly plead and prepare for trial. It presupposes a valid Information, one that presents all the elements of the crime charged, albeit under vague terms. Notably, the specifications that a bill of particulars may supply are only formal amendments to the complaint or Information. Sandiganbayan,64 the Court expounded on the purpose of a bill of particulars as follows: LawlibraryofCRAlaw It is the office or function, as well as the object or purpose, of a bill of particulars to amplify or limit a pleading, specify more minutely and particularly a claim or defense set up and pleaded in general terms, give information, not contained in the pleading, to the opposite party and the court as to the precise nature, character, scope, and extent of the cause of action or defense relied on by the pleader, and apprise the opposite party of the case which he has to meet, to the end that the proof at the trial may be limited to the matters specified, and in order that surprise at, and needless preparation for, the trial may be avoided, and that the opposite party may be aided in framing his answering pleading and preparing for trial.

It has also been stated that it is the function or purpose of a bill of particulars to define, clarify, particularize, and limit or circumscribe the issues in the case, to expedite the trial, and assist the court. A general function or purpose of a bill of particulars is to prevent injustice or do justice in the case when that cannot be accomplished without the aid of such a bill. As articulated in the case of People v.

Hence the courts must exercise careful surveillance to ensure that a defendant is not deprived of this right by an overzealous prosecutor attempting to protect his case or his witnesses. Any effort to leave a defendant in ignorance of the substance of the accusation until the time of trial must be firmly rebuffed.

Gigi Reyes, 11 others dismissed for role in pork barrel scam | Inquirer News

This is especially so where the indictment itself provides a paucity of information. In such cases, the court must be vigilant in safeguarding the defendant's rights to a bill of particulars and to effective discovery. Should the prosecutor decide to use an indictment which, although technically sufficient, does not adequately allow a defendant to properly prepare for trial, he may well run afoul of the defendant's right to be informed of the accusations against him.

Thus, if the Information is lacking, a court should take a liberal attitude towards its granting69 and order the government to file a bill of particulars elaborating on the charges.

'The Boss' and Gigi Reyes

Notably, the government cannot put the accused in the position of disclosing certain overt acts through the Information and withholding others subsequently discovered, all of which it intends to prove at the trial. This is the type of surprise a bill of particulars is designed to avoid. This becomes more relevant in the present case where the crime charged carries with it the severe penalty of capital punishment and entails the commission of several predicate criminal acts involving a great number of transactions spread over a considerable period of time.

Motion to Quash vs.

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Motion for Bill of Particulars A bill of particulars presupposes a valid Information while a motion to quash is a jurisdictional defect on account that the facts charged in the Information does not constitute an offense. Carpio, in his dissent, avers that the allegations in the information are not vague because the Information needs only allege the ultimate facts constituting the offense for which the accused stands charged, not the finer details of why and how the illegal acts alleged were committed.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship advice

In support of his position, Justice Carpio cited the cases of Miguel v. Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas,74 and People v. Romualdez,75 among others, to support the superfluity of the details requested by Enrile.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship advice

That is, these cited cases involve the critical issue of the validity of an information, and not a request for specificity with request to an offense charged in an information. On the other hand, the cases of People v. Pedro,82 which were likewise cited by Justice Carpio, involve the issue that an Information only need to allege the ultimate facts, and not the specificity of the allegations contained in the information as to allow the accused to prepare for trial and make an intelligent plea.

If the information does not charge an offense, then a motion to quash is in order. The Grave Abuse of Discretion Issue The grant or denial of a motion for bill of particulars is discretionary on the court where the Information is filed. As usual in matters of discretion, the ruling of the trial court will not be reversed unless grave abuse of discretion or a manifestly erroneous order amounting to grave abuse of discretion is shown. The abuse of discretion must be so patent and gross as to amount to an evasion of a positive duty or a virtual refusal to perform a duty enjoined by law, or to act at all in contemplation of law such as when the power is exercised in an arbitrary and despotic manner by reason of passion and hostility.

Her own law school batch donated a room in the UP Law School building named after Enrile who was chosen guest speaker in their November law alumni homecoming. It was Reyes' silver jubilarian batch that hosted the event. Photo from the Facebook page of Gigi Reyes The choice of Enrile was a controversial and hotly debated one, given his role in the Marcos administration.

But those who opposed it eventually acquiesced.

enrile and gigi reyes relationship advice

Perhaps because of her proximity to power, she was both feared and respected. Many approached her because they knew she was influential. When JPE launched his book recently, she was there. In a mock Senate poll held in MayJack placed No. She would be part of political decisions and deal with senators when needed. She is known to be close to senators Edgardo Angara he was godfather in her wedding to former husband InkyJinggoy Estrada, Chiz Escudero, Bong Revilla, and of course, had known Napoles herself.

Gigi Reyes in a party with the Napoles.