Exo tao and kris relationship memes

EXO's Tao, "If I had been how am I now, I would have supported Kris' choice" | SBS PopAsia

exo tao and kris relationship memes

Explore Irina Afriamashvili's board "TaoRis" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Exo ot12, Exo k and Tao exo. EXO ~ Kris and Tao ~ so cute hahaa x) . (OT12) Tao taoWU YI FANExo coupleHuang Zi TaoEXO MEMESLove Of My Life Support their friendship and not the shipping to save their strong relationship!. See more ideas about Exo ot12, Exo memes and K pop. EXO'S SHOWTIME épisode 3 Tao qui persiste Kris a lui acheté la veste >. While KaiSoo share a very loving relationship, ChanSoo is a very violent, errr, I mean passionate one. Lol just eat them too Galaxy, Kris Wu, Kdrama Memes, Exo Memes, <3 Tao and his baby brother Tao Exo, Exo K, Huang Zi · Tao ExoExo KHuang Zi [BTS meme] BTS Fandom meme: 4 Different Types of Relationship. Chihiro Shun.

exo tao and kris relationship memes

Can I request how day6 would react to you cuddling them in your sleep? You can check out my completed scenarios by clicking on the links on the side. Just to let you guys know though, we ended up deleting all of the anon requests in our inbox.

Like I for real can not breathe still. But when this stalker wants to kill for using something you shouldn't have used, you should call the police. You paused the movie that you were watching and as you felt the couch dip when Xiumin plopped himself next to you. The hairs on his neck stood up as he inhales your scent, his lips trailing across your nape teasingly. Standing for too long made you tired so you had to take a little break in the middle of every recipe. You gasp internally as you realize that the guy in front of you was Kai from Exo.

He had suspected something was wrong from the start and you fainting only confirmed his suspicions. EXO Imagines and Scenarios. More of these complex scenarios are It is a drama that you He purposely points out your butt when the two of you are alone just to see if he can get on your nerves. Sorry this took so long guys!

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Hope you all like it! And what the actual fuck, Lay? I would love to shower with you, Tao! I dont know what you did to make him this sociable but Suho here is always shy and when he's a teenager- Yes!!!

exo tao and kris relationship memes

D can I please have an exo reaction? Thank you for you love, support and patience!! But your break turned out to be too long; you had unconsciously fallen …The place was quiet and calming to you as the faint chirps of birds echoed through the forest while you walked in a slow pace to take the whole view. During one of your dates, they receive a call to go do something, so they have to leave your date early or else they're in trouble.

You groaned as the doctor began to ask you questions. Soon it was pitched black but you could still make out the faint outline of Minwoo, who was looking at you. It was all so amazing. You cuddle them in your sleep. We remind you that editing fantaken data is strictly prohibited. You hear him chuckle, and he lifts the blanket away from your face so he can see you. He brushes his fangs against your jugular and you nearly faint.

The Exo pack is being targeted by vampires for unknown reasons at first. Fighting back laughter, you clapped a hand over your mouth as Minseok once again scanned the crowd in front of him, not seeing you at all. You try not to faint, scream, or die as you take in every aspect of his gorgeous face.

Xiumin is like You mess with me. He made it clear that he no longer wants you in his life. I accept requests for optional bias scenarios, specific bias on occasion!

Feel free to send me a request here. I will be finishing up the requests that I already have in my inbox. You stand for a moment on your own two feet before the grogginess returns and you sway. You got the faint impression from his devilish smirk that your facial expression must have seemed something similar to that of a deer trapped in headlights.

The blazing hot sun was of no help too. You hadn't been feeling well all day and when your boyfriend on a lot of new songs and he was still promoting EXO's new album. This is for those unlucky fangirls who only wants their dreams to come true and it only happens here in this blog. O with lightsabers, whoever said mashing exo with Star Wars would be impossible. Two strong arms wrap securely around you waist and pull you close. Okay, I just… can not deal with this MV. Can you do a reactions from when you their girlfriend promise them to go to their concert all the week but at the end you don't appear, so when they go to scripting bts reactions After reading many BTS reactions and scenarios, I felt the need to make fellow Armys …Can you do a reactions from when you their girlfriend promise them to go to their concert all the week but at the end you don't appear, so when they go to scripting bts reactions After reading many BTS reactions and scenarios, I felt the need to make fellow Armys …Hey Exo-L's!!!

Do you feel alright?

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But your break turned out to be too long; you had unconsciously fallen asleep without noticing the clock hitting 6. Until one day, Oh Sehun decided to steal your wallet. Thank you for understanding and wait for a further update in the future. So far, he wasn't around. When you told him, you expected him to laugh, but he had a … do do scenarios kyungsoo kyungsoo scenarios exo exo scenarios exo-k exo-k scenarios kpop kpop scenarios anon replies fluffy-kpop luna Anonymous asked: Can i request a scenario in which you win a giveaway to fly to Korea and spent the whole trip with EXO and D.

The next day you joyfully skipped to school, hoping to see him again. You adjust your halo carefully and knock on the door. So please if you have any requests feel free to send me some. Your health should come before anything else. As you unlocked your locker, a tiny square of paper dropped out. Thank you for the request: When he turns around to seeing you cry because he yelled he would hurry over to you and hold your hand. You chuckle at this as you lay down next to him. Furthermore, we expect diversity that challenges secular formation scenarios, such as gas giants that orbit very close to their stars.

Could I get an EXO reaction to where you get really stressed out and tired because you have insomnia, and you pass out just doing your regular daily things.

exo tao and kris relationship memes

Jongdae for life as a matter of fact, the entire exo group is wrecking my bias list Sometimes I wish there was a creep face emoticon, only because I feel like its the only emotion that truly describes my face sometimes Chen Looks so Handsome here: Could you do a scenario where you and Lay are out to the movies, and all the way there and back youDescription: When you are far from the comfort of home, sadness hits you a little bit harder.

As handsome as Jinyoung was he was still apart of the mafia. I have been so busy with school, especially since the school I am going to now has longer hours, I never get enough time to commit to anything on this blog like I use to and for this, I am so sorry. Your breath became shallow and the screams felt so loud yet so far. It was very faint but I could still hear it. Check out my Scenarios page for examples. Sorry if this is too much to ask… Take your time.

Two months into your pregnancy, Jongin noticed a tiny thumping. When he He couldn't rush do anything though due to the fact that you guys were not Kaila and xM3x ships, scenarios, and reactions Request are welcome! Taehyung talked about you to his therapist, so many times. You noticed that Xiumin had thrown his navy blue jacket onto the end of the couch and you could see the faint outline of his gun. You just came back from your business trip in China and was do do scenarios kyungsoo kyungsoo scenarios exo exo scenarios exo-k exo-k scenarios kpop kpop scenarios anon replies fluffy-kpop luna Anonymous asked: He jiggles the door nob, my eyebrows relax a tiny bit knowing I locked the door,I hear him hum and walk away.

I don't write Rated or Solo Singer Scenarios. Silence filled the room and I looked at my husband. He would be always saying things and leaving notes around to make you feel better about yourself and would just try and help you anyway possible.

His eyes were laying in between my legs and were as round as two watermelons. Somehow, you could hear your heartbeats beating fast and your vision had spots. When he uses his aegyo on you gifs included at the end!

Exo scenarios exo has foreign exchange students EXO as an exchange students. All the beautiful moments you two had together. He insisted on going with you whenever you went to run errands, because he was afraid of you somehow getting hurt.

He sighed in defeat as he pressed the button. Hanbin stood a few feet away, giving you some space while taking this time to admire you. I will update every week I accept request! It was faint but loud that it made the birds fly. You ran to your door, your face pressed against the glass, but all you could see was the nurse stumbling backwards out the door closest to yours across the hall. This aroma brought feelings of peace within Namjoon and for the first time in a long time, he felt like he was home.

Just as you were about to go with Kai, the fans surrounded the exo members making you stuck at the back.

You dug your toes into the sand, a faint sigh falling from your lips as you stared at the horizon beyond the waves. Hi, im not very good with request but could you guys please make a imagine where chanyeol and his gf are going to meet his parents but his gf starts getting really nervous and insecure because she thinks his parents won't approved of the relationship because she's chubby and he Comforts her. After such a long day, he just wants to come home and spend some quality time with you, relaxing.

Kris would just fold his arms and lean back against your door. This blog opened at midnight on September 4th, and …For a second you allowed the exhaustion you felt to wash over you and you let the loneliness you had created tear you down.

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After going to amusement park …You tried to reassure him as you started to walk out of the room. I smell the stink of anthropocentrism. Finally after a world tour Minseok had come back to spend the night with you, so here you are, trying to sleep with a fast sleep boyfriend besides you. I take scenarios requests for optional biases! The one shots don't make use of names so please don't request for a scenario with your bias unless it's Kai lol.

EXO reaction to seeing their celebrity crush in the front row of their show Summary: You felt your eyes open again this time, focusing on each face. EXO reaction to seeing you cuddling with another member.

At first, you half blamed yourself. Originally posted by fancymrskris. Welcome to Anyber Scenarios!!! My friend, you should meet the Vex. Taking a seat cautiously you watch as Jongin takes off his sunglasses and lowers his hood. You close your eyes, trying to figure out the perfect way to appear in front of him. You may request imagines and scenarios and ships. You told him that it was an accident, that you were scared.

To your right, was your boyfriend, your loving boyfriend. Imagine Minseok wearing a cologne that is cool and fresh, sort of minty. Can you guys stop?! Buy matching obelisks your scent mixed in with the faint scent of laundry detergent filled his Namjoon.

N would be excited and would almost be a drill sergeant in the delivery room. You break it when you set up dates with her. He felt horrible that you had gotten to the point of fainting. Scratching your head, you wondered what this could be.

Cars rushed by and people attached to their phones passed without a second thought.

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You quietly walked down the hall where faint music could be heard. The sound from the television and the thunderstorm outside was the only thing you could really hear, these two things echoed the large mansion. You giggled and came back, plopping yourself onto the chair. I lost at Luhan. Aww Sehun, I'd tutor you anytime. With hazy eyes, he reaches for you as you near him, taking his hand in yours.

Of course, you being you and him being Oh Sehun, he decided to pick it up.

exo tao and kris relationship memes

We make exo texts here! There is nothing human in them. Feel free to submit your own stories or leave any questions: Did you really just made a tumblr account because of me? X Part 10 - Exo Scenario. When you stop crying he would go over to you and put your head in to his chest and say with a deep calm voice: These are Chinese celebrities with the most fans on Sina Weibo.

For one, Chinese actress Xiena has skyrocketed from the fourth to the first place, as she gained an astonishing 18 million! Although she already started her acting career back inshe has become especially popular over the past few years, along with another newcomer to this top 10, Yang Mi. One of the reasons why four big names have exited this list, including the super popular actress Fan Bingbing, is not necessarily that they are not popular anymore, but just that the numbers of followers for other popular stars on Weibo have increased so dramatically.

These numbers show the heightened popularity of Sina Weibo as a social media platform over the past year. One example is comedian Papi Jiangwho became famous by posting funny videos of herself. Many of them simply have become so big on Weibo because they were among the first celebrities to join the platform since its beginning in Big names in this list, including Yao Chen, Chen Kun, and Guo Degang, already had over 54 million followers on the platform in She presents the show together with, amongst others, colleague He Jiong, who is the number two in this list.

Xie Na stars in many popular Chinese films and television series. She has also released several albums, founded a personal clothing line, and published two books. Xiena made headlines in Marchbecoming 1 trending topic on Weibo, when she announced she would go to Italy as an overseas student to study design. Chen Kun, sometimes also known as Aloys Chen, is not only popular because of his acting work, but also for his looks — he is known to have a large gay fanbase.

He is not shy about his looks, and likes to post a lot of photos of himself on his Weibo page.