Faith and despondency ending a relationship

Sons of Anarchy "Faith and Despondency" Review: F*** the Pain Away -

faith and despondency ending a relationship

Now the show is ending and we're back there, Wendy in the same . the people were and I don't really care about any of these relationships. It's been a while since Sons of Anarchy has unleashed a parade of carnal images like the ones that begin 'Faith and Despondency.'. Faith And Despondency” is plagued by many of the problems that and at least doesn't end with the sheriff demanding Chibs fuck her in Even worse, there are multiple scenes that draw attention to this new “relationship.

faith and despondency ending a relationship

No matter how many Tara lookalikes Jax bangs at Diosa, a family unit is slowly forming at Jax's house. If she comes into the picture as a caretaker and the foundation of a family unit for Jax, that opens up the option to kick Gemma out, doesn't it?

But that's not to say that they're not being set up to eventually go down that path if Jax even survives at all. Wendy has turned her life around. She still struggles with her demons, which shows that Sons hasn't completely forgotten about her past, but she's come out the other side a stronger woman. As I've said before, I think it's a nice touch that the person who was the most messed up when the show premiered is the most stable and well-adjusted character in the end.

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Wendy's had a crazy journey these last seven years, but she's been a rock this season, stepping in and taking care of the kids while Jax was off revenging and Gemma was off feeling guilty about killing Tara. I think it's never been clearer that she's going to be sticking around for the long haul, and I don't think there's anyone better suited to be the boys' mom. But the question that remains is this: What will Jax do with the information he has about his own mother?

Snitches get stitches, Abel! But seriously, I have no idea. And I can't wait for that tension to build as it's the endgame for the series.

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In fact, I found "Faith and Despondency" to be full of tension in all the right ways. Did it need to be four hours long? Maybe not, but Gemma finally broke down and asked Nero why he still loves her, which is something I've been wondering myself lately, so I'll put this one down in the win column. Especially since I can't wait to see what comes of the bomb that Abel doesn't even realize he dropped. I think this might be the first time all season that I actually wish it was next Tuesday already.

Gemma's gonna get what's coming to her soon, and it's going to be f-ing beautiful. He somehow overpowered that other dude and then shot him three times.

faith and despondency ending a relationship

I still want to know when he's going to piece together the Tara and Gemma stuff, too. Still, it was refreshing to have these moments in between the slaughter. Jax also managed to find a way to set Leland up, and have Unser kill him in protection of Eglee.

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But Unser is — rightfully — worried about the violent direction things are going. He had no idea, though, just how intense things got at the compound, where Moses was given the same treatment he gave to Bobby, sans grapefruit scoop. But what made it even better was that none of it was random — these were all plots that have been brewing all season, and bringing them together and seemingly, fixing the Marks problem for now was satisfying.

After several weeks of anticipation, wondering when Abel would drop the Gemma bomb to Jax it had to be to Jax directlythat little scamp spilled the beans in the last few minutes. Did Thomas really scratch him, or did he self-harm to see what the response would be? When his teacher told him or confirmed — I truly have no idea what the revenge capability of a 5-year-old is that the police would get involved if someone hurt him, a plan was hatched.


Him going into the bathroom and preparing to scratch up his arm with a fork was terrifying. His careful preparation, and staring at himself in the mirror first … good grief. What he did got him the result he wanted, but only partially.