Ffxiii 2 serah and noel relationship counseling

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ffxiii 2 serah and noel relationship counseling

Do you think the relationship between Snow and Serah is kind of weak in XIII-2? For example, when Snow met Noel with HIS girlfriend at the. Final Fantasy Serah Farron Noel Kreiss and Mog Final Fantasy Art, .. and Noel Final Fantasy 3, Fantasy Series, Square Enix Games, Fantasy Couples. For Final Fantasy XIII-2 on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message board topic Noel and Serah simultaneously friend-zone eachother for that reason, but that have occurred, but they have no relation to the 'true' timeline.

Yuel and Noel are the two last people alive in their era, and thus grow a close bond to each other. He is cruel and she never stands up for herself. Eventually, the truth is revealed that Cid treats Shera this way because he blames her for ruining his dream of space flight. By the end of the game, she is forgiven and the two live happily ever after. While one may criticize Cid Highwind for his behavior, the relationship paints a three dimensional character with traits previously unseen in games up to that point.

He's still a hero, but he does not respect his better half for compromising his life long dream. Main characters have to have flaws, even if one of those is holding an irrational grudge against their wife. For example, the relationship between Zidane and Princess Garnet is less effective.

The two first meet at the beginning of the game when he is given the job of kidnapping her. The Princess is not against this, however, and the two instantly hit it off. There is nothing inherently wrong with the relationship, but the art style makes both of them look very young. Usually, childhood romances are taken less seriously than adult relationships.

If one can look past the design, what lies beneath is actually a compelling RPG. When Rinoa is first introduced, he treats her much the same. However, the two eventually learn more and grow fond of one another.

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This developing relationship is at the center of the game's story and is what really makes it so memorable to those who played it. Of course, the game play is no slouch either, but the whole experience would not stand the test of time if it was not for Squall and Rinoa's relationship. Additionally, no one can ever forget "Eyes On Me".

ffxiii 2 serah and noel relationship counseling

Penelo and Vaan's relationship is one of the weaker aspects of the plot. While not romantically entangled, the two have forever been close childhood friends. It is not upsetting that they never take their relationship further, as woman and men can be just friends without any tension, but nothing happens in the game that truly tests the strength of their bond. While he is initially weaker in the latter form, it is an important step in the game's story.

Noel Kreiss

His relationship to Rosa makes him even more interesting. Their love for each other is never in question, but it does cause tension between Cecil and his friend Kain, who also loves Rosa. His jealousy is a source of pain for Kain, who must learn to overcome his negative emotions. Yuna And Seymour Final Fantasy X When a loveless marriage is initiated for purely political reasons, it becomes too hard to bear. The brief matrimony between Yuna and Seymour is one of these relationships.

The Summoner agrees to marry the half Guado and half Human because she believes it will help bring unification to the world of Spira.

As one can tell by Seymour's sinister voice and demeanor, he has shadier plans at work. Seymour wishes to use Yuna to become Sin and destroy the world. Thankfully, Yuna's guardians arrive just in time to save their friend and continue their journey to defeat Sin and save their planet. Player's everywhere were relieved when she was reunited with her true love, Tidus.

In OerbaYeul warns Noel and Serah not to touch the Oracle Drive they have found, but they activate it and witness a prophecy.

Though Noel calls out to her in surprise, Yeul tells him she is not the Yeul he knew. As Caius is about to kill Noel, Yeul intervenes saying the future has been changed. She tells Serah and Noel that changing the future also changes the past, and Caius leads her away so Yeul would not see the future any further, taking her to the Augusta Tower to spend her final moments.

Feeling she can trust Serah and Noel after learning they are trying to protect the timeline, she believes they could grant her wish for her future selves to not see Cocoon fall. Yeul reveals secrets to Serah and Noel. When Serah and Noel arrive in the Augusta Tower from Academia AF, Yeul gives them an artefact and reveals Caius uses her visions to remember the entire timeline, and that he is immortal. Yeul says Serah's sister Lightning disappeared from Gran Pulse because the future was changed, and if Serah and Noel continue to solve the paradoxes, the past will return to the way Serah remembers it.

She reveals the Caius the two encountered in Academia was a fake created by the tower's sentient AI, and that they saw the real Caius in the tower.

Yeul tells Noel and Serah to show her a new future. After they venture into the core to defeat the AI, Yeul sees a vision of a future with everyone smiling, and dies happy, before Caius takes away her body. Yeul of AF Yeul dying in Noel's arms.

If I were to live, it would bring contradiction to Inspired by the strength in Hope's eyes, Yeul aspired to be strong like him. After foreseeing her own death during the Cie'th outbreak in Academia, Yeul ventures there.

Noel holds Yeul in his arms as she explains her survival would have caused a contradiction to the timeline, and says Caius isn't in the city.

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She tells Noel she is not the Yeul he knows, but thanks him and dies, leaving an artefact for him and Serah to open a new Time Gate. Her death is negated in the alternate timeline set by the defeat of the Proto fal'Cie Adam.

ffxiii 2 serah and noel relationship counseling

Yeul of AF Yeul promises Noel they will see each other again. You don't have to cry. We will meet again. Final Fantasy XIII-2 Fragments After reveals that her father died before she was born, and her mother was in confinement during childbirth.

Noel's grandmother explains to him Yeul lives away from people so they would not be tempted to use her power of foresight for evil, and shows how Noel had been protective of Yeul since he was three years old, and that he initially hated Caius when he arrived in his village.

Noel would become an apprentice Guardian training under Caius and they protected Yeul together, but Noel was unaware she would die soon. Noel wants to take Yeul on a journey to find other people in the world, but Caius reprimands Noel for considering such folly.

Paddra Nsu-Yeul

Caius claims the only way to save Yeul is to kill Etro, the goddess of death, and let the chaos of Valhalla consume the mortal realm and transform it into a timeless world without a future or past, similar to Valhalla itself.

The day after Caius leaves to carry out the deed, the first time he abandons Yeul as her Guardian, Yeul reveals to Noel she had a vision of him arguing with Caius and the goddess's gate. Yeul is put to rest in Valhalla by Caius. She tells him that every time a seeress sees the future her lifespan shortens until it kills her.