Forrest and jenny relationship

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forrest and jenny relationship

There are many ways to describe it and imho, one way is to play with the Electra/ Oedipus complexes. Forrest and Jenny begin their relationship. So, wow, it's pretty f**ked that Jenny took him to bed. That's rape, right? At least statutory. In the scene where she took her bra off, it really looked like Forrest just . My last relationship was like Forrest and Jenny | Funniest meme pictures, create the best memes. Some forrest gump humour. Forrest Gump.

Jenny though angry forgives Forrest and invites him into her dorm room. Jenny brings Forrest to his first orgasm by showing him her bare breast.

The two are once again separated as Forrest enters boot camp. Forrest discovers while in boot camp that Jenny has posed for Playboy while wearing her college sweater leading to her expulsion. As a result of her photos however, she is hired to perform and sing in a strip club under the name Bobbie Dylan. While on leave, Forest comes to watch her sing and again saves Jenny - this time from men grabbing at Jenny's legs during her performance.

Forrest beats up the men and tries to carry Jenny out the door to which she angrily breaks free and shoves her guitar at him - walking off stage nude and causing laughter in the crowd and Jenny gets fired.

Forrest & Jenny ~ How Long Will I Love You

Outside of the club, Jenny scolds Forrest for trying to to protect her. Forrest admits for the first time that he loves her but Jenny rebukes his claim as she doesn't believe Forrest is capable of knowing what love is. She reflects on their prayer for God to turn her into a bird, and has a momentary thought of committing suicide by jumping off the bridge, but quickly changes her mind and hitches a ride from a stranger in a pickup truck.

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Before leaving she advises Forrest that if he's ever scared in Vietnam to just run away. Forrest promises and Jenny leaves in the truck. Jenny, presumably homeless, is singing on the street corner for spare change when invited by a stranger to go to San Francisco. She delves into the hippie lifestyle, participating in the anti-Vietnam war protests, and experimenting with hallucinogenic drugs.

Jenny Curran

Following a mostly muted speech, the two run to each other through the water of the National monument resulting in applause from the crowd.

The two spend the day together and converge at a Black Panther Party safe house. Forrest witnesses an argument between Wesley and Jenny in which Wesley slaps her, causing Forrest to retaliate and attack him.

Forrest and Jenny are forced to leave, and they spend the rest of the night together walking around Washington DC and reflecting on their individual journeys. The next morning, Jenny leaves for Berkeley with Wesley, much to Forrest's dismay. Before Jenny leaves, Forrest gives her his Congressional Medal of Honor, crediting her for his earning it and calling her his girl.

As the bus pulls away, Jenny flashes Forrest a peace sign from the back window. Forrest and Jenny do not see each other for many years following the encounter in Washington D.

Forrest & Jenny's Disfunctional Relationship

Battered and high she hits an all time low in Hollywood, coming closest to suicide by nearly leaping off the top floor of a hotel. After a slip, she decides differently and steps down from the ledge, tearfully contemplating her life decisions.

Rebuilding Jenny Edit One day, partly in an attempt to rebuild her life, Jenny arrives at Forrest's home unannounced and stays with him for a while. Forrest explains that they'd walk often and while he did all the talking sharing war, ping pong, and shrimping talesJenny would listen.

Reflecting on the abuse inflicted on her as a child by her father, she feverishly throws her shoes and rocks at the house - hitting boards and breaking windows. While throwing objects she declares, "How could you!

forrest and jenny relationship

It is also suggested that Jenny understands that her upbringing was the catalyst for her painful and rocky years. In her fit, she falls to the ground, sobbing.

forrest and jenny relationship

Forrest quietly sits nearby, and in his narration says, "Sometimes I guess there just aren't enough rocks. Forrest picks flowers for Jenny daily and the two bond over dancing and gifts. One evening, Forrest proposes to Jenny. That night, Jenny climbs into bed with Forrest. She tells him that she does indeed love him her first time admitting it aloud and makes love to Forrest for the first time. We learn that's the reason for his reflection at the bus stop bringing the story into the present day.

After learning that she is only a few blocks away, Forrest runs directly to her apartment, surprising a matured Jenny. As they talk, Jenny begins to apologize for all the times in the past that she acted badly as a result of her personal problems.

forrest and jenny relationship

She is interrupted by a knock at the door, followed by a woman dropping off a little boy. Forrest's loyalty and love still remained for Jenny, but who she was started to change. She became sexually active with several men, posed for playboy, got kicked out of school, and started working at a strip club where she was degraded by men. Although Forrest kept showing up trying to rescue her from this wreck less lifestyle but she refused his help.

Things just kept getting worse for Jenny, she started dating abusive men, doing drugs, and became more and more promiscuous. She eventually became so depressed she almost took her on life by jumping off a balcony. It was then she decided to go home to Forrest. While there, he took a great deal of care for her. Their friendship was mended, but it didn't last ling. After rejecting Forrest's proposal and having a one night stand with him, she bolted.

It wasn't until one day he received a letter from her asking him to come visit that he would see her again. It was frustrating to watch his loyalty to such a self destructive person. The movie was great to watch. It drug me into his life and made me have an emotional connection to the movie. I loved to see Forrest accomplish so many things with the odds totally against him.

forrest and jenny relationship

I was just disgusted by his relationship with Jenny and how she continually took advantage of him.