Freddy adu and jojo relationship

Who remembers when singer Jojo used to date soccer player Freddy Adu? | Lipstick Alley

freddy adu and jojo relationship

Currently, JoJo is not having an affair or in a relationship with anyone. She is JoJo's relationship with Ex-Boyfriend Freddy Adu. MTV Video. Jojo just announced the release date of her long awaited 3rd album with this picture: [IMG] On twitter someone asked if she was pregnant and. Joanna Noëlle "JoJo" Levesque (born December 20, ) is an American singer, songwriter, .. JoJo dated American soccer player Freddy Adu from May until September The couple met on the MTV .. Jason (February 5, ). "JoJo Talks 'Agape' Mixtape, Touring and Having No Relationship with her Label".

After their first meeting, they started to get along really well and eventually started dating.

freddy adu and jojo relationship

They were looking really happy together. The duo broke up after a year However, who knew this incredible relationship was heading down hill.

During the September ofthe duo shockingly ended their relationship. P Interest Maybe they had some misunderstandings or differences, but the real reason behind their break up has not been revealed yet.

Freddy Adu Prodigy

JoJo and Jeremiah dated in After remaining single for more than three years, JoJo started dating music producer Jeremiah in They were spotted publicly, kissing each other and going on the long romantic vacations.

Whos Dated Who As every story has it's ending, this story also ended after two long years and they separated in Who is she dating now?

freddy adu and jojo relationship

As per our sources, JoJo is not dating anyone and is currently single. However, last year, E-news reportedly claimed that JoJo revealed that she's pregnant!!

Is Joanna Levesque "Jo Jo" Dating right now? Find out her Relationship Status

She even tweeted about the big news, but the reality behind this controversial story is different. She was more concerned with being a legitimate artist, and a film career was not really what she saw for herself. The High Road, acting and label trouble[ edit ] Main article: JoJo had to audition for the part five times, and eventually replaced an actress who had already been cast in the role.

It received mainly positive reviews.

JOJO and Freddy Adu - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

In the summer ofthe lead single from her second album, " Too Little Too Late ", was released to radio stations. It charted just outside the Billboard Hot and peaked at number 76 on the Billboard Pop In lateJoJo stated that she would be writing songs for her third album, to be released when she turned On June 3,JoJo stated on her YouTube account that she was waiting for her record label to sign a distribution deal to release her album.

In Augustit was reported that JoJo filed a lawsuit in New York against her record label Da Family Entertainment for putting her in musical limbo. JoJo rewrote the song from a female perspective to express a frustration towards an ex-lover and his supposed new girlfriend.

Freddy Adu and JoJo- The Break-Up

Drake himself expressed his appreciation for her interpretation. The song saw her continue in a similar style to her previous hits, which was praised by critics for not "jumping on the synthpop bandwagon", [48] but also criticized for not showing much progression after a five-year hiatus.

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The single failed to impact any chart internationally. Its release as a single was eventually scrapped for reasons unknown despite a music video already having been filmed. On July 30,it was reported that JoJo had filed a lawsuit against her labels Blackground Records and Da Family for "irreparable damages to her professional career".

freddy adu and jojo relationship