Frederic chopin and george sand relationship poems

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frederic chopin and george sand relationship poems

A biography of George Sand, French writer with a notorious love life and In , she began an affair with the composer Chopin which lasted. Once upon a time, a famous woman novelist named George Sand liked to and mother of the poet Alfred de Musset and the composer Frédéric Chopin, Lord Byron taught other intellectuals how to recognize a vampire in the poem . Lélia agrees to sexual relations with her lover in this way: “Very well, I am disposed. Frederic Chopin and George Sand. 28 Feb Sadly, Chopin and Sand quarrelled and their relationship ended. Chopin's work and output is said to have .

But when displeased with someone or something he became surly and went off by himself. He was obsessed by perfection. The breakup with Sand weakened his health and broke the thread of his creation. In taking the part of the daughter against the mother did he betray George? The year-old Solange was ungovernable. The newlyweds were chased out. It was a huge scandal. May you soon be cured of all your ills, as I hope that now you may be…. If you are, I will offer thanks to God for this fantastic ending of a friendship which has, for nine years, absorbed both of us.

Murmured by Chopin on his death-bed.

George Sand

Said to one of his students, according to "Chopin: I can't breathe, I can't work; I feel alone, alone, alone, although I am surrounded. There are a whole lot of ladies, 70 to 80 year-old lords, but no young folk: One can't get out of doors because it has been raining and blowing for several days.

He found it without searching for it, without foreseeing it. Henle Verlag Chopin did not need to append words to music to make it songful; in fact it seems to me that he does better without them!

Incidentally, their lack of popularity must largely be due to their being set to Polish words, and as far as I know, translating them would lessen their effect. It enters their hearts. Henle Verlag Chopin is played much more than Schumann in China, both in concert halls and music schools.

The reason, if I put it in a most simple and direct way, Chopin is more universal, appeals more to the masses. Schumann is more personal, appeals more to the elites. Henle Verlag Being Chopin a pianist himself, his works are mainly conceived for the piano. This is true for Liszt and Debussy too.

Henle Verlag Music was his language, the divine tongue through which he expressed a whole realm of sentiments that only the select few can appreciate The muse of his homeland dictates his songs, and the anguished cries of Poland lend to his art a mysterious, indefinable poetry which, for all those who have truly experienced it, cannot be compared to anything else The piano alone was not sufficient to reveal all that lies within him.

In short he is a most remarkable individual who commands our highest degree of devotion. The effect of these notions could not be otherwise than very prejudicial to the interpretation of his works, even by the most able artists—in their very striving after truthfulness; besides, they are easily accounted for.

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Carl Mikuli, Introductory Note of his edition of Chopin's works In keeping time Chopin was inflexible, and many will be surprised to learn that the metronome never left his piano. Even in his oft-decried tempo rubato one hand—that having the accompaniment—always played on in strict time, while the other, singing the melody, either hesitating as if undecided, or, with increased animation, anticipating with a kind of impatient vehemence as if in passionate utterances, maintained the freedom of musical expression from the fetters of strict regularity.

Carl Mikuli, Introductory Note of his edition of Chopin's works His creation was spontaneous, miraculous.

It came to his piano suddenly, complete, sublime, or it sang in his head during a walk, and he would hasten to hear it again by, tossing it off on his instrument. But then would begin the most heartbreaking labor I have ever witnessed. It was a series of efforts, indecision, and impatience to recapture certain details of the theme he had heard: He would shut himself up in his room for days at a time, weeping, pacing, breaking his pens, repeating and changing a single measure a hundred times, writing it and effacing it with equal frequency, and beginning again the next day with a meticulous and desperate perseverance.

He would spend six weeks on one page, only to end up writing it just as he had traced it in his first outpouring. George Sand [14] There is no weak piece by Chopin.

Still, his music is played so poorly so often, and that does not do him any good. The Sonata in B flat minor and the ballad in G minor are played much very often. Henle Verlag It was Chopin who properly set romantic pianism on its rails and gave it the impetus that shows no signs of deceleration.

Sand begins to enjoy the moods and rhythms of this truly magical city and especially the company of the charming Dr. Of course, De Musset notices. There are days when I could kill myself; but I cry, or I burst into laughter Farewell, George, I love you like a child. Thinking quickly, she decides she can rescue the poor boy from his darker side by indulging him. He spots this for the clever outflanking movement that it is and he is resentful. He proclaims that their love has taken on a bizarre incestuous quality.

He decides she is becoming not just his mothering angel but also his destroyer! Sand retaliates by telling him to return to Paris, while she stays on to enjoy Venice.

With finances running low again, they move to a cheaper hotel where he gets even sicker. Byron had also been sick in Venice but at least he had had a beautiful woman to nurse him back to health. All de Musset had was George driving him crazy by playing his mother instead of his lover.

Before long George has invited Dr. Pagello to heal her poor boy as well.

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This is fortunate timing because de Musset now has a violent fit that lasts for days. He shouts, he screams, he goes into convulsions -- it is quite a show -- and he runs up some sizable medical bills. De Musset had only slowly noticed that the intimacy between George and the athletic Dr.

He was sure he had heard them planning to go off together after ditching him. He thought he saw them sharing a cup of tea and even kissing, but he was still hallucinating and could not be sure.

There was nothing else for it but to return to Paris and write about it. Back home herself, Sand quickly dumps Pagello he has tagged along and she takes up again with de Musset. For some reason, Sand decides to sit on her own memoir. But how can you have it both ways?

frederic chopin and george sand relationship poems

She believed in being faithful to one man while she was involved with him but she would ditch him when she lost interest. Then she stuck a needle into it and let it writhe in a death agony -- this was the dismissal, which always came from her. She chose these boy-men because they were young, effeminate, consumptive, the idle class of aristocratic intellectual, easy prey. Wells and Rebecca West and himself a novelist.

Like most deprived children, Madame Sand carried her neuroses into her adult life and attacked her men as financially or sexually inadequate. They in turn accused her of being frigid or insatiable or the financial equivalent Was West referring to his own mother? Let it be as you wish, since it gives you such pleasure. But for my part I must tell you that it will give me none whatsoever.

Like Sand, her frigidity was all part of the game-playing.

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It was a pretense masking the fact that, quite possibly, she was really the opposite, a frustrated nymphomaniac! However, West, like the poet Mickiewicz, understood that these tactics were about more than just inflicting pain on a partner or spouse. Sand was also a masochist with a great capacity for suffering and in this too she could never be satisfied. Sadism and masochism in combination can be deadly for one partner or the other or both. Pagello did not conform to the feminine form she desired and so she cast him in a father figure role, which could not last, since she spent much of her life rejecting paternalism.

George Sand enjoyed the sadomasochistic rituals of the effeminate vampire class far too much for that to endure. Her relationship with Chopin is in the past, having lasted from until Chopin died in Over those years they had written many letters to each other and a package of her letters has fallen into the wrong hands. Imagine the literary consequences should they fall into the hands of an enemy! Fortunately, her friend Alexandre Dumas fils, has managed to acquire them and, since he is overdue for a visit, he mails them to her instead.

Dumas is more discreet than his father. It is indeed a moving story and it reminds Sand of Chopin and his losing battle against consumption. Duplessis was only 23 when she died of consumption, two years before Chopin. So feminine, so petulant, so much the adorable poet-dandy.

frederic chopin and george sand relationship poems

Highly-strung, schizophrenic and sadomasochistic, he was usually drunk. Why did Sand put up with him for so long? Because he was as exciting as he was insufferable. She recalled their first trip together, in August of to Fontainebleau forest, when he experienced one of his periodic schizophrenic fits, hallucinating that another man was staggering past him. Is schizophrenia endemic to frustrated literary minds? Fortunately, de Musset was fine the next day and they spent a pleasant week hiking through the forest.

De Musset never wrote about it but Sand never forgot it either.