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ganta and shiro relationship help

Shiro and Ganta as Childern Deadman Wonderland, Dead Man, Shiro, Anime Comics,. More information .. I love the relationship they all share. They're all. This is a list of fictional characters appearing in the Japanese manga series Deadman . When Ganta asks Shiro if she wants to hear how the lullaby his mother wrote for her .. Senji joins forces with Makina to help destroy/suppress the Wretched Egg. In Ganta and Yō eventually manage to forge an estranged relationship. Shiro was in tears, and Ganta was wondering if he had said something wrong. . In a relationship, whether between men, women, or men and women, there's always a stronger person Ganta couldn't help but sigh at this.

He grabbed the house phone, and stormed into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him. He started dialing Takami's number, and waited for an answer. Yoh Takami… How can I help you? I didn't expect you to call. After Minatsuki-chan said she helped Shiro-san get dressed up for your date, I thought I wouldn't hear from you at least until tomorrow. You probably want to thank her yourself for the cute outfit she picked out for Shiro-san.

It is quite adorable, isn't it? Ganta-kun is on the phone! I was just about to take my bath! This better be fucking good, or I'll rip your dick off and shove it up your fucking ass!

I'm sure you probably meant well, but why did you have to tell Shiro-chan that I'd want to 'turn her into a 'sex addicted cum dumptster'? Don't try to deny it. It's what all guys want. Men are filthy pigs. There's no use adding insult to injury by lying about it.

Did Shiro-chan not believe me? She just asked me if it was a game that we were supposed to play…" "So? Seems like she understood it pretty well to me. All of life is a game, Ganta-kun. Sex and domination are no different. One of you has to be dominant and one of you has to be the other's bitch. If you'd rather be the bitch, then by all means, go for it. You don't seem the type, though…" "That's totally not true!

We could be equal! Yeah, what fucking fantasy world are you living in! In a relationship, whether between men, women, or men and women, there's always a stronger person and a weaker person. The weaker person has no right to complain if they're forced into submission.

Weak people deserve to be taught their place in society. Don't you get it, Ganta-kun? I suppose I'll never understand the way you think. Because I chose to be strong, and you chose to be weak!

And the weak can never understand how the strong always get what they want, and they don't deserve to know.

Even through the phone, Ganta could hear her smirk. I suppose…" "Shut up and hang up! And I fucking swear, if you make Shiro-chan cry, I'll rip your cock and balls off and nail em to yer fucking forehead!

Ganta couldn't help but sigh at this. Minatsuki was such a psycho… Of course. The first time he had met her, he had thought that she was sweet, and even beautiful, and her love of flowers was cute. He couldn't see at the time how someone as gentle and innocent as her could have been in a death match and won enough times to still have a significant portion of her body. It wasn't until the next day when he tried to escape with her that he found out just how wrong he was.

They were called off to their match, and he found out that she was a sadistic psychopath who hated just about everyone. Fortunately, he managed to beat her by bouncing his blood bullets and then using the distraction to concuss her when he head butted her. It was a cheap way to win. Ironically, though, even after he found out that she would have been more than happy to kill him, he used his contact with the escapee group in order to save her.

In the end, they only cut her hair off… Which greatly angered the mad scientist lady. Ganta gasped and blushed. What else had Takami told Shiro? Was this woman just subconsciously nasty, or was she intentionally trying to cause trouble for him? Did she just hate him? He just gave up. With her extremely fair complexion, the blush was more prevalent… It was way too cute. Ganta took Shiro's hands in his, and nodded.

I've always loved only you…" Ganta said. And it was true.

Ganta Igarashi

Even back when he was a normal fourteen year old, he didn't have any special feelings for anyone… But there was a nagging feeling always in the back of his mind that there was someone who was special to him out there… Someone who was just beyond his recollection, like the name on the tip of his tongue, forever just out of reach, or the scent that he could smell but not identify.

So up until that day, he had never really had anyone special in his heart but Shiro. What was that smell on Shiro? That subtle scent that constantly seemed to follow her.

He had already identified part of it a long time ago, a year, in fact. It was partially blood. All Branch of Sin users had that smell on them to some degree by virtue of their "talents".

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However, the other two… They were gentler smells, and harder to distinguish… A rainstorm? More like the grass after the rain… Was that it? It was a smell he had come to associate with love, with happiness. His time in Deadman's Wonderland had been such a horrifying experience that happiness had sort of gone out the window, even after he got out and was acquitted.

Slowly, his life was returning to normal, and he was learning how to live with having his Branch of Sin. Shiro stared at Ganta for a moment, turning slightly pink but saying nothing. He's the first friend she ever had, and the last person she'd ever want to hurt…" Shiro said gently, stroking Ganta's cheek.

Ganta sighed as she touched his face. Shiro appeared to be oblivious to the dangers of the game and occasionally got in the way of Ganta's progression as well as his survival. But it is only at the end, when Ganta notices her cuts and scratches, that he discovers that she was discreetly keeping him out of harm's way, consequently taking his blows for him. It is revealed in Chapter 36 that Ganta actually has strong feelings of love towards Shiro and that said feelings are mutual.

As the series progresses, Shiro comes to understand the profound concepts of love and friendship while still retaining her pure heart.

This helps her see the right course of action and also galvanizes the more jaded characters into action. She also begins acting and speaking more like an adult, though her innocent nature remains intact.

Eventually, the Shiro and Wretched Egg personas fuse together to form Shiro's true self. This final, genuine persona contains characteristics of both personalities: Shiro's 'true self' also appears to remember everything from her life, both as 'Shiro' and 'Wretched Egg'. In the end, it is discovered that the reason she wanted Ganta to become a Deadman was for him to kill her and end her suffering.

It is also revealed that Shiro's wish to die was evident 10 years ago, when she caused the Great Tokyo Earthquake in an attempt to destroy her body before it could regenerate, therefore trying to kill herself. In Chapter 57, Ganta finally understands her and states that dying is not Shiro's 'true wish'.

At the realization, Shiro begins to cry and says that she wanted to 'go to school, play with friends, ride on the Ferris wheel', but she couldn't do any of these things. She states that she has done so many horrible things and doesn't deserve to live, but at the same time, she doesn't want to die. In the end, all she really wanted was to be happy. Don't you think that gives me the right to hate this world? The Wretched Egg is the opposite of Shiro.

She is sadistic, appearing to value solitude over companionship and doesn't enjoy sweets but instead, eats large amounts of meat whereas Shiro adores sweets and never eats meat. The only thing that the two share is their affection for Ganta though the Wretched Egg's feelings for him are much more warped when compared to the innocent love Shiro harbors for him. Eventually, the Wretched Egg becomes the dominant persona with the Mother Goose System 's lullaby no longer affecting her.

The persona that was created caused her to go mad. The Wretched Egg is shown not to be completely bloodthirsty or mad. Despite being attacked by Azamishe did not fight back and even answered all of her questions as to why she wanted to kill Ganta, but was unable to complete her answers before Hagire killed Azami. She appeared to be surprised when Azami died and noted she was like a bird trapped in a cage showing that she held her in a slightly, friendly regard.

It is hinted in Chapter 54 that the Wretched Egg's feelings may not be as twisted as first appeared as she stated to Azami that "Aceman didn't come to save me It is still unknown what this meant to her as Azami was killed before the Wretched Egg could explain further. This comes full circle in Chapter 55, in which she confessed her love for Ganta, and then stated that her wish was for him to kill her all along, and even embed the red stone into Ganta's chest for that sole purpose.

She even admitted that she killed his classmates out of jealousy, though whether she was jealous of them for being close to Ganta, or jealous of Ganta himself for being able to live such a happy, carefree life after forgetting about her while she was being tortured isn't clear it's likely both.

When the lullaby plays, the Red Man attacks the class using her Branch of Sin. She kills every student in Ganta 's class besides him. When Ganta regains consciousness, she is carrying Mimi 's head. She walks towards him, grins, and plants a Red Crystal in his chest. Ganta faints again and the Wretched Egg goes back to Deadman Wonderland. Shiro is first seen sitting on the roof of Deadman Wonderland, singing the Woodpecker Song.

She smells Ganta arriving at the prison and goes off to see him. Shiro says she will help Ganta by killing him. In the manga, she and Ganta first reunite when Shiro jumped through Ganta's cell window, breaking the bars in the process. She overheard Ganta saying he wanted to die, so she began to attack him with a piece of broken glass in an attempt to kill him, believing this would make him happy.

Frantically, Ganta dodges out of fear and Shiro understands that Ganta was lying. She then claims that she and Ganta are friends, to which Ganta responds that he's never seen her before and is surprised that she knows his name.

Ganta asks if he's really her friend, which Shiro agrees, then he asks why she tried to kill him and continues by saying that he would never kill his friends, thinking back at the Nagano school massacre.

One of the prison guards comes in and tells Ganta he should be outside working. Ganta looks behind him, but Shiro has disappeared.

In the anime, these events happened when Ganta was already at work. Shiro uses a metal bar instead of a piece of glass.

While at work, Shiro appears from underground, surprising Ganta. She offers him a cookie, claiming it's better to eat with "friends". Some of the other prisoners notice Ganta from the papers of the Nagano school massacre and start taunting him for being a mass murderer, upsetting him. Shiro steps in and pushes one of them, claiming that Ganta "would never kill his friends". The prisoners attempt to attack her, but she easily defeats them. However, one the prisoners hits Shiro on the back of her head with a shovel, knocking her to the ground.

Ganta responds by violently attacking the prisoners, but he is easily knocked to the ground and beat up. However, a building is blown up from above them later revealed to be Tamaki 's doing in an attempt to test Ganta. As the prisoners flee in the anime, they were all killedGanta, refusing to leave Shiro who is still "passed out", finally admits that he doesn't want to die yet and unleashes a blast from his Branch of Sin destroying the falling debris, saving them both.

After being told of the upcoming dog race and the stakes, Shiro becomes excited and the two of them join.

During the race, Shiro appeared to be oblivious of the brutality and potential danger of the race and usually got in Ganta's way, upsetting him. Towards the end of the race, Ganta notices how tattered and beat up Shiro looks and realizes that she discreetly sacrificed her own safety to assure his.

In order to win the race, one person had to be in possession of a ball before time runs out, as Shiro passes the ball to Ganta, the platform she's standing on disappears and she falls under into a pit of spikes.

Ganta realizes the victory isn't worth it and saves Shiro instead, much to her shock. Ganta sacrifices the victory and the race ends with no winner. Shiro enjoys the runner-up prize with Ganta and leaves. Rather than appearing in pain despite the dented armor, she grins, and welcomes Ganta 'home.

Shiro returns and greets Ganta when he wakes up in the infirmary. She admits to eating his snacks and begins to regret it, thinking Ganta is mad at her. Deadman Arc The Wretched Egg surfaces. When the three go to find G-blockShiro informs them that she knows the way, but refuses to tell them. The security bot, sent by Makina to capture Ganta and kill Yo, arrives, forcing Shiro to tell them and escort them to the G-block, located in a path in the air vents.

The security bot follows them and destroys the surroundings. It goes to kill Ganta, but Shiro kicks it away and begins to vent towards Ganta, demanding that he take back what he said about all his friends. Shiro is captured by the bot and is about to be killed for not having an inmate number when Senji arrives and destroys the bot. Shiro goes flying and is injured while Senji and Ganta fight.

Senji runs into Shiro and her revealing outfit causes him to become uncomfortable. A special unit then arrives and takes Yo and Shiro away to empty rooms to wait as Ganta and Senji compete in the Carnival Corpse.

Ganta recalls memories of Shiro and him when they were young this allows him to have the energy to beat Senji. Yo takes Shiro and uses her to escape to G-block, again, and find his sister, Minatsuki.

ganta and shiro relationship help

Shiro stops hearing the music that is playing only to her and turns into Wretched Egg. After turning, Shiro passes out and is picked up by a mysterious man, who is soon revealed to be the owner of Deadman Wonderland. The Wretched Egg kills the guards. They do so, and with that, the Chorus Block is shut down as well.

Knowing that he'll die the next day, Ganta decides that he can only survive if he won the Dog race and receivecast points to buy a candy.

ganta and shiro relationship help

During the Dog Race, Ganta was constantly "disturbed" by Shiro and therefore lagging behind. But soon after, he finds out that Shiro had been protecting him all along. Ganta then shows mercy and saves Shiro, but since the Dog Race can have only one winner, this means there is no winner.

Deadman Arc As a Deadman, Ganta is forced to fight and survive in the Carnival Corpse under the moniker Woodpecker while trying to locate the Red Man, who apparently is held captive in Deadman Wonderland.

Ganta's power, dubbed the Ganta Gun by Senjiallows Ganta to gather variable quantities of blood in the palm of his hand and then shoot them at high speed, as if they were bullets. While advantageous as a long-range attack, due to Ganta's small stature, this also puts him at risk of experiencing symptoms of excessive blood loss, however, he was able to endure Senji's attacks and hit him with a point-blank Ganta Gun, winning his first Carnival Corpse.

Scar Chain Arc Ganta participated in Scar Chain 's attempt to escape from Deadman Wonderland, and helped several members escape along with video and audio evidence of the atrocities being committed below the prison. Ganta, however, chose to remain behind to continue his search for the Red Man. Shortly after these events, Ganta's power began to change, evident by a strange tattoo-like mark radiating out from the crystal in his chest. His Ganta Gun now emits a much more powerful blast than before, though it is much less controllable and causes him physical pain.

ganta and shiro relationship help

Forgeries Arc Ganta uses his Branch of Sin in public After the events of Scar Chain rebellion, Ganta is placed in the solitary confinement for one week, because he refused to tell anything about the escapees. After Nagi 's death, Ganta fell into a depression not wanting to eat. Later, he runs in to Senjiwho he admits he's scared of living every day with nothing changing, where Senji tells him that that's how a brat thinks.

When he gets back to his room Shiro tries to cheer him up with a home-cooked meal. After seeing Shiro's meal full of sweets and spices, he realizes that usual, everyday things will change a little bit more. He complements Azami for her circus performance with Kinchoher pet armadillo. A group of prisoners appears and start to bully Kincho, where Ganta uses his Branch of Sin to stop them. The prisoners, seeing Ganta's power, run away in fear, calling Ganta a monster, while on the other hand Azami is impressed and thanks Ganta.

When Ganta and Senji start training, Tamaki shows a live feed of the battle between two Deadmenwith one masked and having strange powers of Branch of Sin, where he convinces people that the Deadmen are monsters who want to kill and that he was trying to protect other people from them by keeping them a secret, while Ganta notices the similarity between the masked Deadmen and Azami.

After this, Ganta meets Toto Sakigami who explains that the Deadmen they saw on the broadcast were Forgeries created for "Humanity's sake". After this, while everyone else celebrates Toto's return, Ganta hopes he mistook the masked Forgeries for Azami.

Toto appears, trying to tell Ganta the "Red Man"'s identity, but before he can, he is interrupted by Shiro, who then leaves, while Ganta finds out he's having feelings for Shiro. Shiro asks Ganta if he's having fun and Ganta realizes that even though he lost his old friends, he gained some new friends. Ganta accidentally uses his Ganbare Gun, destroying the arena and harming his comrades The next day Ganta, along with Senji, MinatsukiChaplinIdaki and the rest of G ward, find strange masks in their rooms.

Inside, they were written with every person's trauma. They were sent by Tamaki to provoke them for tonight's Carnival Corpse. Ganta's stated "All of your friends, they pleased the Red Man so, thank you for all of their severed heads". Enraged, Ganta, as well as the other Deadmen, go to take on Tamaki, but are met with countless Forgeries that Tamaki placed for the Carnival Corpse.

The Deadmen fight through the Forgeries when Ganta knocks one of the Forgeries mask, identifying Azami. Shocked, he lets down his guard and nearly getting killed, but is saved by Toto. When the rest of the Deadmen charge, he tries to stop them but accidentally fires Ganbare Gun, destroying the whole arena and injuring all of his comrades.

Ganta confronts Azami After 3 days of being unconscious, Ganta wakes up with Shiro who helps out Ganta. Learning what he did 3 days ago, he tries to apologize to his friends, but no one will accept his apology.

After this, a bunch of inmates start beating up Ganta because he is a Deadman, but Shiro stops them. Ganta notices that Shiro might be a Deadman too. Knowing that Shiro will go wherever Ganta goes, to keep her from danger, he says he hates her because she's a Deadman. While searching for Azami, he gets caught in the girl's dormitory where he is tricked by Makina to go after Azami.

He encounters Azami who is controlled by Tamaki's mask, but Ganta manages to free her from his control. When they try to go back, they were stopped by Rei and the forgeries. Ganta hid Azami and told Rei that he had killed her, after which he is then captured for Rei to experiment on.

Revolt Arc Ganta being tortured by Rei for her experiments After being captured by the Forgeries, Ganta wakes up at a table full of food, where Tamaki tells him that Ganta's mother, Sorae Igarashiworked alongside Hagire and accidentally created the Wretched Egg. Tamaki wants for Ganta to join him to destroy Wretched Egg.

Ganta refuses, because Tamaki uses people as weapons and says he will kill the Red Man himself. When he refuses, he is captured and used as an experiment.

After being tortured by Rei, a strange man known as Madoka appears and gives him a drink, that has Madoka's blood to control five senses, that stops his pain. After Tamaki lets the Forgeries go on a rampage, Ganta tries to stop them, telling them they're being controlled, but they attack Ganta, saying that they're in heaven.

They are suddenly stopped by Shiro and Azami. The Complete Forgeries intercept Ganta Makina tells them that there is a device that controls the Forgeries and in order to stop them, they need to destroy it. They still refuse to accept Ganta's apology and are still angry at him, but agree to assist him in taking out the Forgeries while Ganta, together with Shiro and Azami, advance to destroy the control device before its too late.

Ganta vs Madoka On their way, they find Madoka crying. He says there's nothing wrong and tells Ganta he did not know he had two girlfriends, which Ganta denies. Madoka then volunteers to show them the control device. When they finally arrive, Madoka commends Ganta about how brave, innocent and courageous he is and that he is a wonderful person. However, he reveals that he must kill him, or else the world will never be peaceful and the reason why he can't resist Tamaki's orders is because, instead of masks, he has receivers implanted in his head that act exactly like masks.

He paralyzes Shiro and Azami and uses his poison to torture Ganta, giving him a sense of being hit by a truck and crucifixion. When Ganta finally defeats Madoka and destroys the control device, Madoka says that the main control over the Forgeries is switched over to Tamaki.

Ganta and Shiro defeat Madoka After seeing Ganta struggle so much to protect others, Madoka says that he is not well, because feeling pain and misery makes him happy and for someone to be happy, others need to be unhappy. That's why Madoka tries to be a "rubbish bin". Madoka dies at the hands of Ganta's Ganbare Gun, wondering why they were still mobile while under excessive pain, while Azami is surprised that even after everything they just experienced, they still bear a smile.

Both Shiro and Ganta confess their love for one another. Makina informs the trio of the whereabouts of Tamaki, when Ganta replies that he will no longer try to save everyone, but he will try to stop and kill Tamaki, including the Forgeries. Wounded and exhausted, Ganta uses all of his might to continue.

When he gets to the passage that Tamaki took, he finds Rei and the Forgeries slaughtered by the Red Man. When he arrives, he finds Tamaki committed suicide, Makina injured and the twins with Toto alongside the Wretched Egg. Ganta bursts in rage trying to kill the Red Man to no avail while the latter satanically laughs.

She tells Ganta that he should run and that he shouldn't die alone, but Ganta desperately wants to avenge his friends. Ganta, in terrible shock, starts questioning why his friends had to die. Makina uses gasoline to try and burn down the Wretched Egg, where she appears behind Ganta. After attacking Ganta, he falls into a huge pit where he uses his Ganbare Gun. While the Red Man fights back, Toto replies that the "original" sin cannot disappear.

Shocked to find out that the Red Man is actually Shiro, Toto and the rest retreat, leaving Ganta wounded mentally and physically. After the battle, the Forgeries were all captured with some killed, most of their comrades were wounded, Makina becomes bound to a wheelchair and all of the dead bodies, including Azami's, were wrapped in bags and taken to a burial.

ganta and shiro relationship help

Deadman Wonderland has been permanently shut down and the rest of the prisoners were either emancipated or transferred to a regular prison. In the end, Ganta is finally cleared of all false charges and set free.

However, he is left with nowhere to go, and was forced to live in the Minori Garden orphanage. Ganta is depressed due to everything he had experienced.