Garen and katarina relationship tips

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garen and katarina relationship tips

Since Garen and Katarina were out, the lore and their imagination made summoners hope for a relation between them. In fact, most And here are some interesting quotes about it: Quote: nope they have secret relationship. Tahm Kench: > "You live by a code that'll never let you get what you want. Let me take you to her."-Garen > "Don't starve your heart, child! Let. We know they're shipped together, a lot. In lore and out, but I'm not sure if they ever had an actual relationship. Several new champions have.

The other, more simplistic one has Garen say 'Demacia', albeit not in his usual patriotic tone, more like in a flirty tone. They aren't really rivals, as their roles are different. However, there is a romantic connection between the two, from times gone by.


We are committed to preserving that. Katarina and Garen have or had some sort of romantic relationship. Obviously, Garen still has some sort of feelings towards Katarina Demaciaaa However, Katarina's side of things is yet to be explored. Another thing to mention is that Blitcrank's "Fleshling Compatibily Service", from the good ol' Journal of Justice days, matched Katarina and Garen as a perfect pair.

garen and katarina relationship tips

They both seem to be attracted to each other, especially because how both of them are dedicated to their city-states and to fight for them, and for finding a worthy opponent in each other. You may think this is an unhealthy start for a relationship. While probably right, you aren't taking to account how the opposites attract, which is proven for a fact.

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When you find your meaningful other, you tend to look to someone who compliments you, who completes you. I think this is the case for Garen and Katarina. She scaled the tallest towers in the dead of night, unseen by anyone. She yearned to do her part for Noxus. She yearned for the opportunity to demonstrate her hidden strengths in service of the empire, and the throne. It was a flawless execution.

It would bring a swift victory, and glory to Noxus.

garen and katarina relationship tips

It would make her father proud. He was furious beyond words, refusing even to look his daughter in the eye. She had shamed him, and their family name. The greatest assassins do not seek recognition or glory, he reminded her. Overwhelmed, Katarina struck out into the wilderness, alone. She would complete her original mission.

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Demetrius would pay with his life. Even so, her mind swam.

garen and katarina relationship tips

Could she ever forgive herself?