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Jan 22, Laila Morse, know to millions as Eastenders' Mo Slater I had to get out of this relationship but I knew George wouldn't let me go, and now he'd turned nasty. All my family were there, including my brother Gary Oldman and his actress We chatted and went our separate ways but I saw him again a few. Jan 22, 'He knocked seven bells out of me': EastEnder Laila Morse reveals she She had to wait until her 60s, but EastEnders actress Laila Morse is finally in a loving relationship after However, after her younger brother Gary Oldman introduced her to .. Have the wives of Windsor been swapping fashion tips?. Mar 7, And the internet is losing it big time over the long-forgotten fact that Gary Oldman, 59, and Laila Morse - aka Big Mo - are brother and sister.

Manville had an extensive stage career before she delved into films and is today a multi-award winner. Ten years after her first divorce, the British actress found love again and got hitched to actor Joe Dixon. They remain married until and since then, she has been living with her son Alfie in West Sussex.

Uma Karuna Thurman ex-wife Duration of Marriage: April 29, Zodiac sign: The Professional actor met with fellow actress Thurman on the set of the neo-noir crime film, State of Grace They were married in no time but just as quickly, their marriage ended after two years.

Thurman is an award-winning actress and a model with the reputation of being a sex symbol in the s. Donya Fiorentino former spouse Duration of Marriage: November 10, Zodiac Sign: Scorpio Before Donya, there was Italian actress Isabella Rossellini with whom he was rumoured to be engaged in July but they never made it down the aisle.

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The mesmerising actor met with Donya at an Alcoholic Anonymous meeting and they fell in love almost instantly. They got married in and had two kids together until they could no longer be together and filed for a divorce citing irreconcilable differences as their reason.

Fiorentino had accused her British husband of physical assaults and substance addiction but none of these allegations were publicly addressed. Their divorce was followed by a lengthy state investigation and trial which ended with Oldman being granted full legal and physical custody of their two sons. Fiorentino was only allowed occasional state-monitored visits. Alexandra Edenborough ex-wife Duration of Marriage: December 31, — January 9, 7 years Date of Birth: Mach 22, Zodiac Sign: Aries Alexander is a singer and actress and she is the fourth wife to the skilled actor.

Like all his previous marriages, it was no surprise when after just a few years, things turned sour with them.

One of Hollywood’s greatest villains Gary Oldman and his family

They had shared a great love during the good times together but this as apparently not enough. The Harry Potter star claims that the twenty-year gap between him and his fourth wife might have been responsible for the downward turn of their union.

The police were called and I made up a whole story about what had happened. Nothing came of it, clearly.

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I stayed in hospital a couple of days, sobbing in agony and shock. I had left school at 15 with no qualifications expecting to get married and be a housewife. One day in a coffee shop, a friend introduced me to his brother, Gerald. He was 22, I was We started going out. A couple of months later, we had sex in the passage at home, up against the door. Dad was upset more than angry. We just got married. It was what you did then, to save face.

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Our daughter Tracy arrived in January I loved her to bits but it was a miserable time. I just got on with it. Five years after Tracy, I had my lovely boy Gerry. And five days after that, Gerald went to prison for several years.

EastEnders fans go crazy after finding out Big Mo actress Laila Morse is Gary Oldman's SISTER

I divorced him while he was inside Then I met George, a taxi driver, and fell in love straight away. He was handsome, generous and lovely. He made me feel special and for the first seven years we had a wonderful time — a lot of laughs.

I had a gut feeling. Then I spotted him, twice, with other birds in the car and I knew for sure he was unfaithful. He always managed to charm me back.

And he was so jealous and possessive, even though he was the cheat. When I was 35, I got a job in a pub. One day a tall, blond guy walked in and my heart flipped. Jimmy was 21 and I was bowled over. We started to chat and flirt whenever he came in. He and a mate came out and joined us. We had 10 days of magic. But someone tipped George off. He came to the airport and insisted on driving me home, getting angrier and angrier.

Then he pulled down that dark country lane. I never spoke to Jimmy again but often thought about him over the years. InGeorge left me. For 10 years he had kept me on a short leash, beating me up in jealous rages. Now he was leaving me?