Gintoki and kagura relationship test

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gintoki and kagura relationship test

Aug 29, These challenges will both test and deepen their relationship. To the untrained ear, Kagura supposed Okita sounded genuinely concerned. Kagura (神楽, Kagura) is a member of the Yorozuya and the main female Their relationship seems to be of a "father/daughter" or "older brother/little sister". At the end, a few shots of Gintoki and Kagura have them change outfits to something During Katsura's driving test: "Maybe there's a bomb that will explode if we go . referencing the relationship between a pilot and their Eva in Evangelion.

A sign for the town doctor, White Jack appears in one of the places the Yorozuya stop by in their job in episode Yamazaki shows off his badminton skills in episode 62, and after he beats his opponent, he says, " Mada mada dane ". The title of episode 66 is Hana Yori Dango.

In this episode it means dango instead of boys, but still homophone regardless. The title of the second half of the episode: The Ideal Girlfriend Has to be Minami-chan!

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Gintoki compared Sacchan's treatment of him to the woman in Misery. Tama and the other robomaids in the Fuyo arc are an obscure reference to the cancelled Saber Marionette Z, an obscure Saber Marionette manga. Where the marionettes basically androids are given feelings turn evil and starts killing people, with one marionette stopping them. The titular saber marionettes can think and almost feel like Tama, and are also skilled fighters.

The transmutation circle and quotes of Fullmetal Alchemist show up in episode Episode 72 "Go with "Might" Driving": The Joui members keep talking about a drama titled Summer Sonata. Later, the said members keep talking about the The Silliness of Jang Geum. Episode 74 is all about references to Kochikame —most prominently, the "zombies" shown in that episode share the same eyebrows of the protagonist.

In opening 4, Katsura is dressed like Captain Harlock. Toyako, the spirit of Gintoki's sword, looks a lot like a less cool Zangetsu. The Shinsengumi's Victory Goddess, to a less extent, resembles long-haired Orihime.

To top off all the cameos, a lookalike of Ichigo himself—in shinigami form and Hollow mask—appears near the end. To introduce a ton of other gods. Zenkai and Fuusenmaru sound familiar Hesegawa goes on trial because he's accused of doing the Kinniku Buster. The concept the arc is an Affectionate Parody of the Ace Attorney game series with the prosecutor being a Captain Ersatz of the main prosecutor to the point of having the same bangs and the judge being more of a Dirty Old Man than the one in the games.

There are many references to Heidiwho also suddenly looks like something from The Ring. In one of his travels during Episode 96, Umibouzu runs into Char Aznableand becomes a commander of his army. Catherine's old gangmates looks members of Lupin III 's gang. The anime version goes as far as to parody the Green Jacket OP but replacing the characters with Catherine and her old gang. An old heist of Catherine's looks like a scene from the first movie of Charlie's Angels.

The arc focuses on the release of the hottest game console from Betendothe Bentendo Owee. Gintoki's trying to bribe the other people in the line to change places with him, claiming that " In order to gain something, something of equal value must be given.

Katsura cosplays a certain humble plumber. The characters play pixellated vomit Tetris. The series parodies the Dragon Ball Kai opening. A lot of jabs are made at "Namcha". In Episode "Love Mostly Runs on "Sudden Death" Mode"the first soccer team that Gintoki and his crew face is a group of identical pentadecuplets parodying the Matsuno brothers. Episode has a weird fixation with Jackie Chan.

Looking at Kagura & Gintoki’s Complicated Relationship in Gintama

Oh, and Jack—I mean, Dragon Leader himself appears. The entire bicycle scene with the butt poke from the seatless bike is also parodied. In episodewhen eating the Hijikata Special, Kuriko says something along the lines of "I have found the One Piece of flavors!

Gintoki repeatedly tries to do the Kamehameha move, including the dramatic shouting. Otae sings one of B'z's songs out loud while doing the clapping movements. Kagura ponders if she can really see Laputa in the sky. Nobody really knows what the goal of Gintama is, so Gintoki sets it to " become the Samurai King ".

Gintama - Kagura vs Okita vs Shinpachi [FULL FIGHT-ENG SUB-60FPS-FULL HD]

There's an exchange where Gintoki has cornered a villain that is a hysterical parody of the flashback where YuYu Hakusho 's Sensui and Itsuki meet: Do you have anything to say before you die?

If you'd let me live for one more day, I'd like to watch my favorite TV show. The story is all about the trouble Monkey Hunter -obsessed aliens cause. Instead of believing that aliens were messing with him, Kondo believes that he got stuck in a transporter device with a screwdriver that had fallen inside. No, nevermind, it's Hasegawa. During the Correspondence arc, Gintoki informs Shinpachi that if he's going to upgrade his character he should "at least give [himself] a Psychogun.

The arc is a parody of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. On the other hand, Kagura is one of those Amanto that decided to come to Earth, finding the planet more prosperous than her own planet. At first, their relationship is nothing special. Kagura, who has no home, lives at the office with Gintoki though her bed is in the closet. Everything is fairly normal. Like any normal person, Gintoki wanted this monstrosity of nature out of his house, much to the despair of his roommate.

It seemed like the perfect chance to get rid of the dog when the animal-loving alien Prince Hata tried to kidnap him to put him in his menagerie. Let me just say this first: He will beat the crap out of you if you take away his dessert, will always make cheeky quips, and will do anything for money.

However, he cares about his comrades.

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In this instance, Gintoki sacrifices his comfort in his own home to get back Sadaharu from the prince, and allow Kagura to keep him in their abode. Sadaharu serves as a family member to her, but Kagura does have living family.

He even provides the page image! Sadaharu, whose size would not exactly suggest it, is found by Kagura outside their home. He's turned out to have originally belonged to Ane and Mone who gave him up because they couldn't afford to keep both him and Komako. Abuse, Female on Male: Subverted AND played straight. Gintoki is extremely harsh on his stalker, Sarutobi, but since she's a masochist, she enjoys it thoroughly. A woman will occasionally get accidentally punched or crushed with a heavy object.

Often played in the serious arcs. For example, in the Shogun's Assassination arc, the name itself is dramatic irony. Sure, Shigeshige is shown at the start to be almost killed.

Hattori sacrifices one of his friends to trick the enemies and perhaps, even the entire nation that the Shogun's dead And everything's looking alright To make things worse, he dies peacefully in Soyo's lap Characters often stutter when nervous, especially in comedic arcs. Dude, Where's My Reward? Happens regularly especially with the Yorozuya who are usually only willing to help out if they get something in return.

Gintoki once greets a rapping Katsura by kicking him in the face out of annoyance. Kada's Shinra soldiers and Oboro's Naraku certainly prove to be tougher challenges than the regular Mooks faced by the cast, though they still die by the droves.

Interestingly, both groups are essentially ninjas in all but name. However, the true Elite Mooks of the series are the Yato of the Harusame's 7th Division, who are quite capable of taking on named characters in small numbers and prove a major challenge.

gintoki and kagura relationship test

In a later manga arc, Katsura and Kondo have to team up with each other as do Katsura's Joui fraction and Shinsengumi to escape from prison and bring down Nobunobu's oppressive rule.

Oh man, too many times to count the main characters have tried to avoid making problems in situations only to make it a lot worse. The most prominent example probably has to be the Yorozuya's every encounter with the Shogun, where everything they do goes wrong in the worst possible way.

gintoki and kagura relationship test

Takasugi gives a fairly good idea of what Gintoki and Katsura could become if they ever decide to go on the Roaring Rampage of Revenge. At the same time, Jirocho seems to be essentially a much older and evil Gintoki, but is really not evil at all. Galaxy Kingdom Bitches Not only the evil counterparts to sweet if vulgar Otsu, they represent every possible critisism of the idol industry: Granted, they were all succubus-like aliens brainwashing their fans, but still.

Many antagonistic groups or people often face off against each other. This includes the Kiheitai versus the Tendoshu, a case of internal strife in the Harusame, and briefly Takasugi versus Kamui. The 8th opening eventually adds Katsura, Takasugi and Sakamoto running alongside Gintoki in the sequence of him during the war.

The Shogun is shown in the reflection of the third kunai along with Sarutobi and Hattori, hinting at the Oniwabanshuu's role in the assassination as well as his connection to them. Kagura and Kamui nod their heads slightly with a look of determination and blood-lust respectively in their eyes, hinting at their upcoming fight. The opening of Gintama.: The Shinsengumi are also properly added in and shown coming to the Yorozuya's aid in the opening once they make their grand return in the arc.

Episode 6 of the second cour of the Silver Soul adaptation episode adds in Nobunobu in Shigeshige's scene in the opening after Nobunobu succumbs to his gun wounds and "joins" the past shoguns in the afterlife, including Shigeshige himself.

Excalibur in the Stone: Done in a roundabout way: Kusanagi, an Excaliburian Amanto, lodges himself in a tough place and won't budge until he finds his old scabbard again. Unfortunately, that tough place happens to be Gintoki's ass. Parodied in the later seasons of the anime, where they use just about any punctuation mark but an exclamation point.

Phonetically, they're all pronounced the same, but the closest thing that comes to this trope is the final season using a period in the title to match its ending. Completely averted in the manga, which uses the same title throughout its run. Kyubei and Takasugi both wear eyepatches due to losing their eyes in fights. Both look more bad-ass thanks to that. Narrowly avoided by Kanshichiro's mum. So that you can still live with one after this. Takasugi had his eye stabbed during Shoyo's execution by Oboro.

The last image he saw with his left eye? Gintoki crying when he performed the execution. Many years later, Takasugi returns the favor, and stabs Oboro's left eye as well. The face of Hatsu, Hasegawa Taizo's wife, is never shown, leaving her to be a mysterious character whose estrangement from her husband is the only thing we know.

Gintoki, Katsura, and Takasugi's teacher, Shoyo, is shown faceless until it's finally revealed the Courtesan of a Nation Arc in an important flashback Gintoki has of him. In the Kintama Arc, Kintoki the evil robot counterpart of Gintoki brainwashs almost everyone in Kabukicho and Yoshiwara with soundwaves to forget a certain main character named Gintoki Sakata. He replaces all mention and image of the silver-perm haired with his own golden-straight perm haired identity Except that he can't replace the memories of the man himself, as well of those of Sadaharu and Tama, because the wave didn't work on animals or other robots.

While some of the fanservice in the show is provided by the characters, especially Sacchan, a lot of the fanservice comes from scantily clad extras, including dominatrixes in leather, poledancing strippers, and prostitutes wearing their kimonos off the shoulders.

Quite a few as most of the world outside Japan is mostly ignored. One is Prince Hata's kingdom, Okokuwhich is a stereotypically European place complete with a castle. Most of the main female cast attends one during the Diet Episode. Fate Worse than Death: Many antagonists in the more serious arcs pass away peacefully through the power of Flashback ex. On the other hand we have Kada who survives only to completely crack under incarceration. Females Are More Innocent: Of all the female antagonists, the only recurring one is Matako who's in it out of love for her boss.

Out of the rest, Kada got imprisoned, not killed like most other male Arc Villains ; Pirako got away scot-free and probably won't come back; Otohime loses her kingdom but lives on happily; and Catherine joined the Yorozuya's side early in the series. Where Nobume stands on the matter remains to be seen, as she could go either way. There's actually very little anime-original filler, but they do occasionally pop up.

gintoki and kagura relationship test

The most commonly seen fillers are those involving the anime supposedly ending. Shonen manga is not worth committing seppuku over. Gintama played with this trope by having a man gifted with the ability to see the flow of luck.

Though as it turned out he lost that ability a few years back and has been cheating at games since then. The entire Shinigami arc serves as this for a certain reveal. Word of God even acknowledges this- it was "something that had to happen for future reference".

The beginning of the Shogun Assassination arc with Shigeshige and Soyo foreshadows the end of the arc, only that the Shogun doesn't survive this time. Yamazaki's past as a reformed punk gets foreshadowed ever since the Time Skip arc, where he is shown as a punk who doesn't receive orders from a nice Hijikata, in a Shinsengumi that gets corrupted by Okita.

The Time Skip parasytes accomplished a deep inner wish from the victim Kondo getting married to Tae, Kyuubei not being a man or a woman, Kagura getting beautiful and stronger and it looks like it is also the case for Yamazaki, since he has been scared of his superiors' strength ever since he met them Katsura and Shige Shige's conversation during the Confessional Arc takes an important turn much more later on: The next time we meet, one of us will be dead, but- Katsura: Chapter features Madao attempting suicide and two assassins trying to stop him from killing himself while killing each other.

Usually run by Ginpachi-sensei based on letters Sorachi gets from fansand answered in character with no regard for the fourth wall. Notably someone asks at the end of episode why Kagura's brother was animated as having black hair prior to his first proper appearance in the anime.

gintoki and kagura relationship test

Had they perhaps imagined it? Gin answers that they didn't imagine it. After episodea particularly heart-wrenching episode, Ginpachi-sensei comments on the fact that doing the quirky Fourth-Wall Mail Slot is very inappropriate, but they're doing it anyway. And then turn a heartfelt flashback into a poop joke.