Graceland mike and paige relationship

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graceland mike and paige relationship

Jun 10, Graceland's Serinda Swan Sheds Light on Paige & Mike's Second Season Relationship! Check out this season two Graceland scoop from the. Jun 20, ation in this relationship is that Mike has just been informed that his sole Paige is a DEA agent who is working an undercover case and hasn't. Jun 25, Touching on that as well, Paige tells the rest of the house that she's Is the romantic aspect of her and Mike's relationship definitely in the past?.

So you always want to give the person the benefit of the doubt. And so I think Briggs is riding on the benefit of the doubt throughout the second season.

He was labeled a rat, so where does he stand with everyone in the house? Yeah, no we understand why he did it; he kind of makes amends for it.

Mike & Paige ::: don't find another love

I think Paige sort of has her boyfriend glasses on. But yeah we get over it. Is there a big bad this season? What can you tell us about the central case? One of the most amazing things is, if you know a little bit about my personal causes I fight a lot with sex trafficking, we do a lot of work in South East Asia and also North America. So last year I was talking to Jeff [Eastin] and some of the writers.

graceland mike and paige relationship

They took us op on it and this year we have a story on human trafficking and it is one of the bad guys we are going after. Are we going to find out why Paige came to Graceland and her backstory? I think because of how many characters there are and we obviously want to see longevity for the show, so instead of just a flash in the pan of this is her story, we will go into each one of the characters and gradually build something so there is interest there in what is going on.

We are pretty stealth.

graceland mike and paige relationship

There are definitely changes and we have to adapt to them. She wants Briggs to never know they were investigating him," Swan says. But they were all super supportive and came up and gave me big hugs afterwards.

I was like Mike at Graceland — everyone just kind of welcomed me in.

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The night after Swan read for the role, the role was upped to a three-episode arc and then to a series regular. It was a tough one to swallow. But at the end of the day, the pilot was the highest-tested pilot in USA history so it's kind of a no-brainer when you look at it," Swan says. Swan says she doesn't know what the writers hold for the twosome.

Mike Warren

You know that they both have this weird little crushes on each other, but at the same time, neither is acting on it. I'm very interested to see how the writers are going to navigate that. Unsatisfied with the reason that they both owned one for protection, Abby demanded the truth from Mike. When Mike did not say anything, she broke up with him and left.

Paige Arkin

Paige sets Mike up with Abby in the hopes of Mike having a fun time. When he begins developing a relationship with Abby, she tells him to break it off because no one in Graceland is allowed to have serious long-term relationships with anyone outside the government.

graceland mike and paige relationship

In the last few episodes, the other roommates seem to believe that there is something more to Paige and Mike Briggs, Johnny and Jakes all make comments about it. In the finale, Paige and Mike kiss, but she thinks it's not really about her and leaves.

graceland mike and paige relationship

At the end of the episode she makes a toast to Mike's return to DC. When Mike returns to Graceland, he maintains a sexual relationship with Paige, despite also being in a relationship with Jessica. Paige at one point attempts to coerce Mike into sleeping with Jessica so she would approve something for their mission; Paige tells him to "do whatever he has to do" to "convince" Jessica, but he can't go through with it and ends his relationship with her.

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Paige and Mike's sexual relationship ends as well. Later, once Paige is removed from Sulla's compound, she blames Mike for not saving Lina, another girl. Paige feels guilty about almost getting Mike killed, and has trouble facing him.

When Mike is obsessed with the red birds, Briggs, and the Sarin gas, she initially is annoyed but comes to help him. Edit Mike first meets Charlie on his first day of Graceland.