Graham russell and jodi relationship problems

Who is Graham Russell dating? Graham Russell girlfriend, wife

graham russell and jodi relationship problems

Graham Russell now lives in Utah in the mountains outside Salt Lake he has a recording studio with his wife, former model/actress Jodi, and. Singer-songwriter/guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell .. Jodi came too, and during the shooting, we became inseparable. As they sing with the band, the female (Jodi Russell - Graham Russell's and the various challenges they encounter in their relationship, interspersed with.

The first version begins with a couple driving to an airport. The man Graham Russell is "leaving for a tour" and asks the woman played by Graham Russell's real-life spouse, Jodi Russell to join him, as he give her anything she wants. So, won't you reconsider?

Come with me, I can give you anything. I've been there, all I want is you.

graham russell and jodi relationship problems

In front of the plane Graham Russell: But it's just one more tour, then I'll be back. The remainder of the video intersperses Russel Hitchcock and Graham Russell onstage with various scenes of the man and woman's relationship. Graham and Russell, who comprise Air Supply, leave their dressing room for the stage.

graham russell and jodi relationship problems

As they sing with the band, the female Jodi Russell - Graham Russell's real-life wife is shown packing and leaving their home, placing their photograph face down on the table in the process. Nevertheless, she changes her mind and does a u-turn on the freewayand now drives to the airport.

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She meets him at the side of the stage near the end of the song and they embrace. The plane seen in the video is a Learjet We did it in Battery Park, and it was a night shoot, and it just felt a bit strange. It started to rain and they had to cancel the shoot and carry on the next day.

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It has the performance you shot mixed with a love story of a soldier coming home. That sounds pretty cool. I never saw it. Well, they decided to go for a totally different concept with the other video. They chose me to be the leading guy, which I really resisted. I had been corresponding with this lovely young girl in Chicago named Jodi.

They flew her out, and she tested for the part and got it. It rained in Los Angeles during the time we were supposed to shoot, so we went to Utah because we had shows there, and the whole shooting company came out there. Jodi came too, and during the shooting, we became inseparable. We fell in love during the shoot.

Air Supply’s Graham Russell Recalls (And Sometimes Cringes At) Their Music Videos

You get your screen kiss in the middle of lasers. It really captured her nature, her youth, her vitality, her spirit.

graham russell and jodi relationship problems

It was real too! No CGI back then. It was in Arizona, we had gigs there, and it was mostly Russell because he had the vocal, and I was sort of ancillary.

They said, what do you want to do here? So they strapped me on the front of this moving train, and it was moving pretty fast, going through the mountains of Flagstaff. It was very cool. I was glad to hand the baton to Russell from that moment forward as far as romantic leads are concerned.

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Yeah, that was in Malibu. I lived there for ten years. And that was it. The proverbial desert scene — yes, I love it, I live in the desert now.

graham russell and jodi relationship problems

Yes, it was kind of a barren landscape. Was it your niche, a little too soft for the rock?

graham russell and jodi relationship problems

Your hits in the U. Did you find that to be true in other parts of the world as well? But it takes off somewhere every time, you know what I mean?