Grandma and grandson relationship tips

New Grandma? Build a Strong Relationship with Your Grandchild in 6 Steps

grandma and grandson relationship tips

28 Marriage Tips from Grandmas You'd Be a Fool Not to Follow . and if I could give my grandchildren one piece of advice for their marriages. Whether you are a grandmother or grandmother-to-be for the first time, or have Here are 6 tips for building a better relationship with your new grandchild, while. Build a strong relationship with your grandkids and their parents by avoiding Avoid judging their parenting style and bite your tongue unless they ask for your advice. The parents of your grandchildren don't need you harping on their Many grandparents fall into the deep dark "I'm the best grandma or.

When you offer or accept the request to care for grandchildrengo in with your eyes wide open and set some boundaries. You may be willing to make some sacrifices for your grandchildren and welcome the opportunity to care for them, but don't feel you have to spend every possible moment with them.

Live your own life with balance and you'll be a great role model. When it comes to gifts for grandchildrenthe same rules apply. Don't allow yourself to be "guilted" into spending more money on grandkids than you can afford. If their parents rely on you to pay for extras or even basics, consider your own financial security and remember that even the little things add up.

grandma and grandson relationship tips

Have the intention of generosity, but be prudent. Otherwise, you may end up needing their help. Grandparents often say the difference between a grandparent and a parent is that what they do for grandchildren is a choice, not an obligation. Make good choices with your time and finances.

grandma and grandson relationship tips

Many grandparents fall into the deep dark "I'm the best grandma or grandpa" abyss. Competing grandparents only alienate their children and can ultimately make their grandchildren feel pressured and uncomfortable. When you set up relationships as competition, you're setting a dangerous precedent for your family and, quite frankly, being a lousy role model. Families have all kinds of varied relationships these days, which may result in kids having multiple grandparents.

The good news is that the more loving adults there are in children's lives, the better chances they have for success. So be glad there are other grandparents in the picture and know that your grandchildren can be close to all their grandparents.

You are all different people and will be different kinds of grandparents. One grandma may be the outdoor enthusiast ; another may be the one to teach a grandchild how to paint her nails.

One may have more money to spend, but another may have more time. Celebrate your differences and enjoy what you have in common. Also, if you or someone you know had a difficult pregnancy, keep the horror stories to yourself.

5 Don'ts of Grandparenting

Do encourage her to take good care of herself and to discuss any medical concerns with her doctor. The parents will appreciate your input, and your active participation will facilitate your own closeness to the child. After all, you will be using the name frequently in conversation, so you had better like it!

Let them do it their way. The same applies to the people they wish to notify, and when, about both the pregnancy and the birth. You being supportive and non-judgmental up until the time the baby comes will make the parents much more likely to want and welcome your active involvement after he or she is born.

While it is only natural for your primary focus to be on the newest member of the family, if there are older siblings in the home, it is important to spend quality time with them, too. I also played games with just the older kids and brought along not just a toy for the baby but picture books for his sister and brother to read with me. Love your new grandchild dearly, but respect the fact that he or she is not your own child.

Assuming the parents are not abusing or neglecting their children, it is their job, not yours, to set the rules and routines. Do you want to stay there, or would you rather be able to come and go as you please?

Avoid 5 Common Mistakes of Grandparenting, Connecting with Grandkids

Conversely, do you want all the work of entertaining them? Gransnetters on our forum have plenty to say on the subject of visiting: And don't forget to keep visas and passports up to date! Set up a home from home The degree to which you choose to do this may depend on space and finances, but having some familiar items dotted about will help the grandchildren to feel at home when they visit.

And it works both ways, so do ensure that they have reminders of you at their home: Our youngest grandchild is five; our oldest They are all at ease using the iPhone, even the five-year-old who chats away quite happily.

grandma and grandson relationship tips

It is most definitely not the same as having them in the same country, but it helps I guess. We can also zoom in or out and pan around. It's a practical help, to keep us in touch with our rapidly changing two-year-old granddaughter, as is having regular catch up times and following the Aussies on Facebook. Thank God for technology. He buys two copies of a children's book, then reads his copy to them on Skype while they look at their own copy.

Our son and daughter in law have created a 'garden' for Mark that is completely private and only available to see by invitation. We get an email everyday with any new photo about Mark or an update about him. It is truly the highlight of my day.