Houki and ichika relationship poems

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houki and ichika relationship poems

ichika, houki, stratos. (Houki's POV) "Hey Ichika, ready t. I was thinking, "I shouldn't do that, I shouldn't mess with his and Houki's relationship." I knock on her. Watching as Ichika constantly circled around a large balloon, trying in vain . Rin replied as both her and Glenn turned to see Houki standing there in a He wasn' t taking the fall for her, relationship or not. . "She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting" he finished offering a soft smile at the end of the poem. After reading this fanfict,there's one thing to say:This fucking rocks!At least Ichika isn't now in ground zero especially his relationship with speaking of Houki,her.

Possible Integration of Volume 8 onwards. Rated T for some cursing. But who knew I'd have to survive an Unwanted Harem, military operations, and society in general?

houki and ichika relationship poems

Then again, who said changing the world was easy? He has no choice but to fight if he ever wants to return home, against the titanic aliens known as Nova, he is the only one capable of decimating them. Can he defeat all of them and return home? Can he really trust anyone? Let the clash begin! Lily, now back from the dead, has vowed to guide Harry and keep him alive through the coming darkness.

Armed with a loving mother, knowledge, and another ally returned from Death, will Harry finally get the life he's always wanted? Chapters reposted and Beta'd Harry Potter - Rated: Men hate me for I pilot the machine of their oppressors. Women as I ruin the 'purity' of the IS pilots. I've been called many a title, but the only right one is Orimura Ichika, humble servant of the God Emperor of Mankind. Warhammer40k and Infinite Stratos meld.

Origins by krimmy2 reviews Ichika was thought to have died five years ago, but has now reappeared live and well. Hiding a dark secret and suppressing his real identity full of murders and lies.

He is fueled with motivation to seek out his love one who has been stolen from him.

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What actions will he be willing to take to save everything dear to him? How will the world react to this 'brother' of the IS?

houki and ichika relationship poems

Find out as Ichika travel through the globe and neighbourhoods alike as he will undergo through the IS brotherhood. An individual story between Ichika and Byakushiki. Cause and Mass Effect by claihm solais reviews Mass Effect is a great game. But the fun and games stop when it all becomes real Can one person really make a difference? I'm sure as hell going to try, because the Reapers aren't taking over this galaxy on my watch.

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Mystearica Fende has just started going to a new school - a private academy run by Fonists. While she thinks all she has to deal with is 'popular' girls and getting her work done on time, things start to escalate out of her control; but hey, at least she has a cute boy to keep her company, right? Tales of the Abyss - Rated: But new love with the Contractor, as well as a new threat, await the young woman in her return.

Momoyo, stricken with grief and depression over the event, sub-consciously creates an image of Yamato, to save herself. Rated M for Violence and Language. He was awaiting the nuclear fire that would end it all.

Infinite Stratos - Shinonono Houki - Character Theme

As it washes across him, he blanks out A story for a challenge sent to me by VA AU, all characters plus a few extras. Highschool of the Dead - Rated: T - English - Chapters: Just before the women could push her offer, Tatenashi walked up to Ichika, dragging him away as the women was left standing in the hallway in confusion.

Ichika was beside him, in a similar prince like outfit and a crown. The first door opening reviling Cecelia standing there in a large frilly blue dress. Ichika wasn't have any luck either, his body pressed against the wall of the stage as Laura aimed her shoulder canon directly at him. Her right hand extended for him to place the crown in her hand.

houki and ichika relationship poems

His eyes widened as the silverette was already firing, intending to knock him out until the bullet was deflected by a familiar orange shield. As that was happening, Glenn ran up the staircase case of the castle prop, stopping at the railing that looked over the audience. The audience was enchanted by his words, allowing him to step back, while the dress clad girls seemed to wonder how he was talking about. The girls only just figured out what he was doing as he spoke the last of his second poem.

Tatenashi watched from her seat in amusement, Glenn's acting was rather good, maybe she should use that some day. Turning back to the other male, Tatenashi's eyes narrowed as she noticed someone walking under the stage, placing themselves in Ichika's path as the boy left Charlotte behind. Below the stage, the ginger haired women instantly lashed out with the claw of her Is, the partially diploid Is catching the bluenette's ankle as she roughly pulled him under the stage and out of the sight of everyone in the room.

His eyes widened in shock at her words. His right hand clenching tightly as he was about to unleash his Is and cut this unknown women to pieces. Only to be stopped by a cold voice echoing around them. Both Ichika and the confused Autumn looked up to see the glowing icy eyes of the cyber wolf baring down on them. A snarl erupting from the metal jaw as the razor sharp teeth glinted the in the low light of the under stage.

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