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India and Afghanistan have a strong relationship based on historical and cultural Mr Karzai visited India in November to participate in HT Leadership. Flag bearers carry the Mexican and Brazilian flags out onto the pitch prior to the FIFA World Cup Brazil Group A match between Brazil and. during the visit of President Xi Jinping of China to India (September 18, ) I attach great importance and priority to our relations with China. and stable region, including peace, stability and prosperity Afghanistan.

An edict of Ashoka from Kandaharnow in the Kabul museum. Alexander took these away from the Aryans and established settlements of his own, but Seleucus Nicator gave them to Sandrocottus Chandraguptaupon terms of intermarriage and of receiving in exchange elephants. Their decline began 60 years after Ashoka 's rule ended, leading to the Hellenistic reconquest of the region by the Greco-Bactrians.

But despite many Afghans converting to Islam, the Muslims and Hindus lived side by side. During these eras, especially during the Mughal period —many Afghans began immigrating to India due to political unrest in their regions.

Although the NWFP became part of Pakistan inactive Pashtun support for the Indian freedom struggle led to great sympathy in India for the cause of Pashtun autonomy and freedom. Indian nationals stationed in Afghanistan have often faced continuous security threats in the country, with kidnappings and many attacks such as the February Kabul attack deliberately carried out on them.

Other than affirming "everlasting peace and friendship between the two Governments", the treaty provided for establishment of diplomatic and consular posts in each other's territories. After its fall, India together with the international community supported the coalition government that took control, but relations and contacts ended with the outbreak of another civil war, which brought to power the Taliban, an Islamist militia supported by Pakistan. The destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha monuments by the Taliban led to outrage and angry protests by India.

After the overthrow of the Taliban, India established diplomatic relations with the newly established democratic government, provided aid and participated in the reconstruction efforts.

India also seeks the development of supply lines of electricity, oil and natural gas. Also to give Afghan students scholarships. This has proved a viable alternative route for the duty-free movement of goods through the Chabahar port in Iran to Afghanistan. Both nations also developed strategic and military cooperation against Islamic militants.

Spanta between 29 June — 1 July In July the Indian embassy in Kabul was attacked by a suicide car bomb — the deadliest attack in Kabul since the fall of the Taliban in Venkateswara Rao when the attack took place. Both were killed in the blast.

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Guerilla war[ edit ] Dost Mohammad waged a guerilla war, being defeated in every skirmish he fought, but taunted Macnaughten in a letter with the boast: You may throw me hither and yon, but I shall not be hurt". Nasrullah Khanthe emir of Bukhara violated the traditional code of hospitability by throwing Dost Mohammad into his dungeon, where he joined Colonel Charles Stoddart.

The Afghans resented the British presence and the rule of Shah Shuja. As the occupation dragged on, the East India Company's first political officer William Hay Macnaghten allowed his soldiers to bring their families to Afghanistan to improve morale; [33] this further infuriated the Afghans, as it appeared the British were setting up a permanent occupation.

The nobles complained to each other, "Day by day, we are exposed, because of the English, to deceit and lies and shame. Soon the women of Kabul will give birth to half-caste monkeys-it's a disgrace!

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In his private quarters, he would take a bath with his Afghan mistress in the hot water of lust and pleasure, as the two rubbed each other down with flannels of giddy joy and the talc of intimacy. Two memsahibs, also his lovers, would join them". In —40, the entire rationale for the occupation of Afghanistan was changed by the Oriental Crisis when Mohammad Ali the Great, the vali governor of Egypt who was a close French ally, rebelled against the Sublime Porte; during the subsequent crisis, Russia and Britain co-operated against France, and with the improvement in Anglo-Russian relations, the need for a buffer state in Central Asia decreased.

Petersburg, Lord Clanricardethat Britain and Russia sign a treaty delimiting spheres of influence in Asia to end the "Great Game" once and for all. The chosen location was indefensible, being low and swampy with hills on every side.

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To make matters worse, the cantonment was too large for the number of troops camped in it and had a defensive perimeter almost two miles long. In addition, the stores and supplies were in a separate fort, yards from the main cantonment. In SeptemberMacnaghten reduced the subsidies paid out to Ghazi tribal chiefs in exchange for accepting Shuja as Emir and to keep the passes open, which immediately led to the Ghazis rebelling and a jihad being proclaimed.

The rascals have completely succeeded in cutting communications for the time being, which is very provoking to me at this time; but they will be well trounced for their pains. One down, t'other come on, is the principle of these vagabonds".

On 10 Octoberthe Ghazis in a night raid defeated the Thirty-fifth Native Infantry, but were defeated the next day by the Thirteenth Light Infantry.

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Macnaghten who just been appointed the governor of Bombay was torn between a desire to leave Afghanistan on a high note with country settled and peaceful vs. When Ackakzai sent his retainers to retrieve her, it was discovered that Burnes had taken the slave girl to his bed, and he had one of Azkakzai's men beaten.

The shops were plundered and the people all fighting. They murdered the whole of the guard one officer and 28 sepoysall my servants male, female, and childrenplundered the treasury He could not lie down, from the blood choking him", only being capable hours later to utter one word: His own judgement appears to be good, but he is swayed by the last speaker", criticising him for " In the following weeks the British commanders tried to negotiate with Akbar Khan.

Macnaghten secretly offered to make Akbar Afghanistan's vizier in exchange for allowing the British to stay, while simultaneously disbursing large sums of money to have him assassinated, which was reported to Akbar Khan.

Macnaghten's body was dragged through the streets of Kabul and displayed in the bazaar. Destruction of Elphinstone's army[ edit ] Remnants of an Army by Elizabeth Butler depicting the arrival of assistant surgeon, William Brydonat Jalalabad on 13 January On 1 Januaryfollowing some unusual thinking by Elphinstonewhich may have had something to do with the poor defensibility of the cantonment, an agreement was reached that provided for the safe exodus of the British garrison and its dependents from Afghanistan.

The departing British contingent numbered around 16, of which about 4, were military personnel, and over 12, were camp followers.