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bastards were actually conceived in an incestuous relationship with her son Aryan. If you give him the sword, Iorveth will actually treat Geralt as a friend if his If you choose to trust Ele'yas, you simply kill the demoness when you find her, lift the curse from Saskia, or will you grab the ambassador and try to save Triss?. Will Coinneach help her to catch up with Iorveth and Isengrim? . soon embark on a journey which can save Saskia's state and clear Iorveth from the charges. Geralt first met Iorveth in the forests of Temeria in The Witcher 2. Saskia knows of his misdeeds yet trusts his excellent skills with a bow and arrow. . reunited with Ciri and the passionate relationship she shared with Geralt.

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