Jack and algernon relationship

jack and algernon relationship

Mar 14, He didn't think he needed to be any different than what he already was; He had different views on marriage depending on where he was. Both men seem at ease with each other's company. Algy seems to poke fun at Jack and they bicker over marriage, manners, and gender roles. Feb 15, A look at the leading male characters Jack Worthing and Algernon of Algernon (Oscar Wilde): According to Algernon, relationships are.

But we are going to be christened this afternoon. For my sake you are prepared to do this terrible thing? To please me you are ready to face this fearful ordeal?

While there are much more correspondences than the ones highlighted above between Jack and Algernon as well as between Gwendolen and Cecily, we can also find some clear distinctions on second thoughts. One of them is the opposition being from the city vs. The relationship between Jack and Algernon and between Gwendolen and Cecily is best depicted with an analogy from phonetics: Firstly, the male duo will be examined.

We will then move on to discuss the female couple. Algernon and Jack 2. As stated in the introduction, both of them are handsome young men of approximately the same age. None of them is obliged to work. While Algernon is constantly concerned with eating Jack finds listening, talking and looking at things unbearable: Do you know it is nearly seven? It always is nearly seven. What shall we do after dinner?

Jack and Algernon, Gwendolen and Cecily: Two "minimal pairs"

Go to a theatre? Well, let us go to the Club? Well, we might trot round to the Empire?

jack and algernon relationship

It is so silly. Well, what shall we do?

jack and algernon relationship

It is awfully hard work doing nothing. How are you, my dear Earnest? What brings you up to town? What else should one bring anywhere? Your duty as a gentleman calls you back.

My duty as a gentleman has never interfered with my pleasures in the smallest degree. Jack Worthing has invented a younger brother Earnest. As Mr Bunbury and Earnest are always somewhere else and Algernon and Jack are the only ones who know them they are able to use the two entirely for their purposes. Both young men avoid their responsibilities with the help of the second identity.

Jack escapes from his position as guardian of Cecily, where he exhibits a high sense of duty and responsibility. Another crucial similarity between the two is their being in love with a young girl.

Despite their status as bachelors and the pleasures involved in this Jack and Algernon aspire to marry their loved ones.

Venn Diagram of Algernon and Jack by Kent Penicook on Prezi

Die spielerisch-tatenlose Tonlage saugt alle Antagonismen auf. Er ist statt dessen selbstreferentiell geworden.

jack and algernon relationship

In Act One, the cigarette box revealed the secrete of Jack " being Ernest" in the countryside. Jack tried hard to conceal everything about "Ernest", but Algy dug everything out.

Comparing to Jack, Algy was more frank about "being a Bunburyist" and had a sharp tongue which can tell from the conversation between he and Jack.

Interactions between the Characters, Algernon, Jack and Gwendolyn.

In Act two, two "Ernest" showed up at the same time. Here, we can see how Jack and Algy reacted. Later, Jack came with the bad news that his brother "Ernest" was dead. When Jack was told by Cecily that his brother was there at his home, he was shocked. Especially when he saw Algy pretending to be "Ernest"he was very angry and afraid that his lie was going to be exposed, so he warned Algy to leave. Worst of all, both Cecily and Gwendolen fell in love with "Ernest" and the two women came face to face this time.

The whole thing was mixed up and the two women became enemies. Here, Algy had a change when he fell in love with Cecily. First, he decided to chistened at once with the name "Ernest" and killed the "Bunbury", which was very different form what he said in Act One, "A man who marries without knowing Bunbury has a very tedious time of it.

Fortunately and ridiculously, the two women accepted them for Jack and Algy will marry them with the name "Ernest".