Jack bauer and audrey raines relationship poems

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jack bauer and audrey raines relationship poems

Live Another Day - Set picture of Mary Lynn Rajskub, Kim Raver & Yvonne Strahovski .. I want someone to love me as much as Jack Bauer loves Audrey Raines. . Explore the best Peter MacNicol quotes here at OpenQuotes. Day WeddingFamily PortraitsMarriage AnniversaryFamily PicsLotion BarsWedding. The image cleared and it revealed that the sniper was Jack Bauer. Audrey couldn 't believe that Jack was alive, but Bill and Curtis Manning argued how he. Yahoo TV touched base with star Kim Raver — aka Jack Bauer's But there seems to be a lot left unsaid about her relationship with Mark.

In season 4, Jack sustains a wonderful relationship with Audrey Raines played by Kim Raverdaughter of the Secretary of Defense, who is still married to Brit financial wizard Paul Raines. But Audrey is back for season 5.

Audrey Raines

The smoldering glances of long-suppressed passion are about to erupt. Chloe is brilliant, a rule-bender, socially awkward at times, and has a dazzling instinct as a stone-cold killer of the bad guys. Is there anything I can do? I said I'm fine!

mission2moscow: Fantasies of a '24' Obsessive: Jack Bauer is Jewish!

I am trying not to think about what happened, I'm gonna process it later, okay? Edgar, I appreciate your concern. Just when I shot that guy, I thought I'd go all fetal position. But the truth is, I didn't feel anything. I hope I'm not some kind of a psychopath. Maybe it's a delayed reaction kinda thing.

Maybe you'll freak out about it in a few days. Edgar Stiles is Jewish. Hey, he's got an honors degree from New York University. Maybe he grew up in the Five Towns. Another nebbishy techno-geek, Edgar shines with his love for his mother.

Jack Bauer

When a nuclear bomb exploded near her home in Season 4, he desperately wanted to leave CTU to rescue her from the radiation. But his mother urged him to stay at work and, with tears in his eyes, he agreed. Such a good Jewish son! Tony Almeida is Jewish. Tony has to be Sephardic. If we save LA from a nuclear bomb, then you and I can get together for dinner and a movie? Try as I might, I can't find a Jewish angle on Ryan's character. He was Jack's boss as regional director of CTU.

He explained that the writers had inadvertently written one scenario-after-another which required Audrey to react in an emotional manner so that, by the time they realized that they had written one crying fit too many for her, it was too late and that the character had already been established as weak and self-indulgent in the minds of many fans of the show. I never bought that explanation because, as an actress, Kim Raver could've chosen to play those scenes in a calmer, more collected manner if she was inspired and talented enough to think outside the box.

My opinion on this is influenced by the anecdote Lauren Bacall shared in her memoirs where she related how director Howard Hawks instructed her to train her voice to speak in a low, deep manner so that, if he ever gave her a scene that was very emotional, she could still play it with a deep voice. Hawks' logic was that a whiny voice often reflects how a character has lost control of a situation.

If Bacall could play an emotional scene with a deeper voice, then it would show how her character was still calm and collected, despite the turmoil she is experiencing, and that that would demonstrate the strength of the character. The purpose of this example is to illustrate how actors can approach how they perform a scene from a wide variety of perspectives.

It was obvious while watching Season 4 that Kim Raver never read Bacall's memoir. If she did, she apparently learned nothing about the direction Hawks gave to Bacall in terms of how to modulate her speaking voice. Raver could have chosen not to play Audrey in such a sniveling, weepy manner and she simply did not do that.

As such, Kim Raver must ultimately take the blame for the negative first impression she made as Audrey by choosing to play her from a such conventional perspective and for not finding ways to give the character more gravitas and authority by having her react to the crisis around her in a more mature manner.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship poems

There are people who felt her character had been "improved" when she returned in Season 5, but I felt that those were shallow and cosmetic changes. Even if she wasn't crying as much as she was the previous season, she still rarely demonstrated any genuine sense of character or depth. This was reflected in the scene in Season 5 where Audrey interrogates the working class woman Diane Huxley Connie Brittonwho Jack had been living with for months while incognito after having staged his death at the end of Season 4.

I recall how Audrey was unable to set aside her emotions about Jack and ended up asking Diane intrusive and personal questions--not necessarily to understand what had happened to Jack while he was in hiding--but to find out whether Diane was having an affair with Jack. For someone who was supposed to be a DoD official, she demonstrated an utter lack of professionalism with the way she conducted that debriefing.

Moreover, as Season 5 progressed, as in the previous season, there really wasn't a strong raison d'etre for Audrey to even be around CTU, much less the show, anymore. This is reflected in the fact that Audrey had dwindling amounts of screen time in the concluding episodes of both Seasons 4 and 5. If she was truly an important character, she wouldn't have been relegated to the sidelines in the climactic hours of both of those seasons, left with only a handful of lines of dialogue in each segment.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship poems

I guess what I really don't like about the Audrey Raines character was the manner in which she and Jack turned out to be bad news together. They may have been passionately in love, but they brought out the worst qualities in each others' personalities.

While Audrey was a mass of simpering, narcissistic self-indulgence in the context of her relationship with Jack, Jack turned into an illogical, emotional, sentimental mess where she was concerned. Rather than inspiring Jack to rise to the occasion and be the best that he could be, her presence on the show made Jack selfish and self-involved at key moments, forgetting about the larger crisis at-hand and only concerned about whether he and Audrey would find happiness together.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship poems

This was exemplified by the subplot in Season 5 where it was suggested that Audrey might be a treasonous turncoat agent. Rather than remaining objective about the situation, Jack's character went into a total meltdown in order to defend his lover against all suggestions she might be evil.

His own interrogation of her was not so much to learn about her alleged treachery, but to find out whether she was having an affair with someone else during the year he was in hiding.

I always applaud stories where characters are able to show their vulnerabilities and weaknesses despite their overwhelming strength, but these moments merely demonstrated the level of blind co-dependency that characterized this relationship.

Teri, Kate, and Agent Walker never distracted Jack in such a destructive manner. The careless narcissism of the Audrey character is exemplified by her mercifully brief Season 6 story arc where she has become a catatonic mess after being captured and held hostage by the Chinese. This occurred after she foolishly went over to China, without any assistance or backup, to try and negotiate Jack's release after he was captured by the Chinese at the end of Season 5. So self-involved is her character that she never considers the dangers she has put herself, and those around her, in by embarking on such a dangerous mission alone.

Kim Raver's scenes in Season 6 demonstrate the extent to which both the show, and the Audrey character, had veered into camp territory.

Her frightened, childlike mannerisms and reactions to everything around her seemed to be an exaggerated metaphor for the character as a whole.

jack bauer and audrey raines relationship poems

For the first time, I found myself amused by the character because of the bad writing and the absolutely terrible, dreadful acting on the part of Kim Raver that was involved in demonstrating Audrey's catatonia. I still hoped that her character would be killed off that season--the last one to feature her so far--in order to rule out any risk of her ever returning to the "24" universe, but I guess Kim Raver has built up enough strong allies on that show that Audrey was allowed to survive at the end of that day.

Which brings us to the upcoming " There are plenty of other characters in the history of "24," other than Audrey, who would make valuable contributions to the new storyline. Carlos Bernard's Tony Almeida being one of them. While I hesitate to even hope that they would ever bring Kate Warner back, I would welcome them bringing Renee Walker back from the dead so that the underrated Annie Wersching can reprise that wonderful character and Jack's life can be redeemed by finally pairing him off with a woman who is his true equal.